Wednesday, March 30, 2005

new Tosca album

Tosca- JAC (preview)

Well, the album isn't out yet and I do not have any mp3's but you can preview the forthcoming Tosca album right here.
Also check out the G-stoned site for info on all of the g-stone recording artists...they are all great.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Daddy G

Daddy G- DJ Kicks (K7)

The Meters "Just Kissed My Baby >
Nusrat Fateh Ali-Kahn "Mustt Mustt" (Massive Attack Remix) MP3

The DJ Kicks series is one of my favorite compilations because I love just about every artist that has been chosen to make a mix. The purpose is for the artist to create a mix cd of tracks they love and not necassarily what is new and what they need to put out there. Kruder and Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation, Chicken Lips, all the way to Underworld have contributed mixes to K7. New Order and many others have created mixes for the "Back To Mine" series which is the same idea and is equaly good. The newest was compiled by Daddy G, a founding member of Massive Attack. I love his mix because it is loaded with dub tracks, both old and new. He also uses quite a few Massive Attack remixes which perfectly compliment the dub and reggae. He rounds out the album with tracks by ranging from Aretha Frankilin to Lil Kim.

I really like this review of the CD: RIGHT HERE

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Fela Kuti-The Underground Spiritual Game Mixed By Chief Xcel

"Look and Laugh" MP3

Fela Kuti is one of my all time favorite artists. This pioneer of Afrobeat music also was a man with a message. His music was the medium he used to carry his political viewpoints. If you are not familiar with Fela Kuti I highly suggest taking some time and learning about his life. For a music class in college I wrote a thesis comparing Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, and Marvin Gaye by the messages in their music. Whether it be his 40 wives, getting arrested countless times for smoking marijuana in public, or performing in his underwear, Fela was a character. This new album released on Quannum features some of his finer moments mixed together by Chief Xcel. Since many of his songs were over 15 minutes long, Xcel takes segments from various songs and pieces them together.

Pitchfork said:
"The Underground Spiritual Game is an unbroken set of Kuti's music taken from throughout his career, meticulously compiled and mixed by Chief Xcel. Xcel is one half of Blackalicious, a hip-hop act that have themselves begun realizing the full potential of discourse inherent in their genre, and Xcel hopes to continue making his way through Fela Kuti's enormous output. Though touted as a "remix" of Kuti's work, The Underground Spiritual Game leaves the original sounds relatively untouched. Instead, Chief Xcel seamlessly melds selections from 11 of Kuti's tracks, occasionally adding effects, and inserting spoken snippets of Fela speaking. It's put together in a manner that stands as a testament to Kuti's political views, but pays equal homage to his musical impact."

Monday, March 21, 2005

Misch Masch

Tiefschwarz- Misch Masch

"Unit Four-Body Dub (Tiefschwarz Remix)MP3"

The Orchard Lounge households have always loved Tiefschwarz. "Thru A Little Window" was one of the tracks that always would be played if we were DJ'ing or just at home hanging out. Their original tracks and remixes are always great. Fast, funky, and always fun to listen to. Ali and Basti Schwarz who are Tiefschwarz have been generating a nice buzz in the last year or so. In 2004 they released a double cd comp containing a mixed cd and a cd of their remixes.

About Dancemusic said:
"Disc 1 of Misch Masch is a colorfully vivid exploration into the brothers' celebrated styling of minimal electro tech/house. Overflowing with deep and rumbling techno tracks from Derrick May, Drama Society, Kiki, and many more, Tiefschwarz most certainly brings the throbbing Berlin club experience directly to the listener. The transitions are not as extensive as a standard DJ mix might normally be, but the showcase here appears to be on the individual tracks themselves.

Disc 2 is a non-mixed collection of distinguished Tiefschwarz remixes and kicks off with their electro-groovy take on Micatone's Plastic Bags & Magazines. The compilation furthers itself by spotlighting the duo's (often funky) tech remixes of Truby Trio, Hell, DJ Tal, Unit 4, amid others; shining remixes include Lopazz - Blood, Tiefschwarz - Blow (Dub), and Lost n Alive - Feels Like Love. Both compilations are extremely well produced and arranged; fans of Tiefschwarz will be proud to add Misch Masch to their collection."

Friday, March 18, 2005

New Mix, New Website!

Ben Silver- Warp Zone (March 2005)

You can download this and two other new mixes on our brand spanking new

1) Booka Shade- Double Identity (Get Physical Music)
2) Sieg Uber Die Sonne- Hot (Tyrant)
3) Afrilounge- The Dude (Get Physical Music)
4) Natural Rhythm- The Jive (Natural Rhythm Remix)
5) Random Factor- Back To Me (20/20 Vision)
6) Jordan Vesteyo & Sneak-E Pete -Valentino's Revenge (Blunted Funk)
7) DJ T- Robot Riot (Electric Re:Repress)(20/20 Vision)
8) Jeff Bennett- The Phone Call (Morris Audio)
9) Martinez- Machine Script (Get Physical Music)
10) Dan Berkson- Easy (Gourmet Recordings)
11) Silver City- The Galactic Ride (Ralph Lawsom Mix) (Get Physical Music)
12) Kevin Yost- Gentle Storm (iRecords)
13) David Duriez- The Why (Gourmet Recordings)
14) Depeche Mode- Policy Of Truth (Captiol mix- Francois K 1990)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

2 new live sets to download

The Bays- Live at Jazz Cafe London 2005
You have to register with an email address so do it and grab this show. They have otehr mp3 shows as well and each is has a unique sound. The Bays are one of my favorite live-electronic all improv bands. They do not record, do not have set song structures, and they say they do not rehearse. They sound just like a DJ and it is all on the the fly. The keyboard player, Jamie Odell, also owns Freerange records. I have posted about them in the past.

The other:

BIG BUD- Feb 2005 DJ MIX
My main man BIG BUD who just put a DJ mix online. Big Bud is one of my favorite drum and bass producers. He incorporates dnb, dub, and downtempo into his work and his album on Good Looking "Infinity plus Infinity" is one of my all time faves. Sound-Trax has all of his info including samples of his new double-cd set he is puttng out!!! I can't wait for that!Apparently one disc is nasty dnb and the other dub and other beats.
01….Motive………..7″ special……………………(shout)
02….Motive………..Saviour dUb………………..(soundtrax)
03….Big Bud……….Children of jah…………….(soundtrax)
04….Syncopix…………Fade away………………(Brand:Nu)
08….Visionary…….She makes me feel……….(31 records)
09….Ill Logic +Raf………..Fever…………………(Dispatch)
10….Logistics………Inside my Soul……………(Hospital)
11….Ill Logic +Raf… step 2 glory……….(Double Zero)
12….Basic Operations…….Earsoul…………….(Advanced)
13….Cyantific………….Reincarnation dUb……(Hospital)
14….Calibre/High Contrast…..Mr. Majestic…….(Signature)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Serial Hodgepodge

Lusine- Serial Hodgepodge

"Ask You" MP3

Many of the posts I have made lately feature German or UK based labels so I thought I would American this time. Ghostly International which is based out of Michigan is one of America's top labels for abstract electronic music that touches on many different genres. Matthew Dear and Dabrye are two of the more popular artists on the label but the guy who has been does it for me the most is Lusine. His most recent LP, Serial Hodgepodge is an amazing release and the track hosted is one I would play early on in one of my downtempo DJ sets.

Ghostly said:

"After relatively low-profile full-lengths on labels such as Isophlux and Hymen, Lusine (sometimes known as L’usine or Lusine Icl) releases his most accomplished album to date on Ghostly. Jeff McIlwain, the man behind Lusine, continues to shame the bloated IDM market with beats that kick and hiccup under fluttering melodies, confidently exhibiting the power of suggestion rather than overt display, in arrangements thick with emotion and complexity.

Serial Hodgepodge serves as a defining fusion of instinct and intellect, as the sense of funk and dance genres in Lusine’s meticulous programming prohibit anyone from sitting still, while the myriad other elements flickering across the mix offer great things to those who read between the lines. The range of moods amongst the album’s tracks also suggest an inextricable link to the psychological strength of music. Percussive hits converse with one another while vocal samples pique the individualistic responses of a Rorschach test.

Previously, the music of Lusine was treasured only by those fortunate enough to have discovered it; with Serial Hodgepodge, McIlwain’s talents will undoubtedly find a larger, more eclectic and responsive audience. Hodgepodge offers not only something to immediately captivate anyone who hears it, but also innumerable layers of detail to be discovered through dozens of listens, placing it among the most wholly rewarding albums to be found in any genre in recent memory."

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Chocolate Elvis Dubs

Tosca- The Chocolate Elvis Dubs

"Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth Version 3)"

For me it gets no better than the masters of downtempo, Kruder and Dorfmeister. They have influenced just about anybody who is affiliated with the downtempo scene whether it is a producer, DJ, or just the blunted guy stuck to his couch. The K+D Sessions album is still one of the top downtempo releases of all time. Aside from DJ'ing, remixing, and releasing countless quality albums on their g-stone recordings label together, they also have multiple side projects that are just as good.

One of the side projects for Richard Dorfmeister is Tosca which also includes Rupert Huber. The duo released the singles "Chocolate Elvis" and "Fuck Dub" in 1996. A triple-pack of remixes -- from Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth and others -- appeared in early 1997. Tosca has put out many other "must have" albums but I will get to that in some other post in the future. The other side project, Peace Orchestra, is also too good to lump into one post. The track I chose is the one of the Baby Mammoth remixes which I really like.

Here is a bonus video clip of the K+D 2001 summer sessions