Friday, September 30, 2005

Mashup+Tweaked+Chopped= you need these mixes


Strepsil is no stranger to this site and his first "Smokey" mix was posted here a while ago. I really love what he does with his mixes because his mashups are extremely creative and he uses tracks that are not usually used in mashup sets. Most of the tracks he uses are glitchy IDM beats that I love. I am not sure what he is using but my guess would be Ableton Live because some of the tracks are messed with so much... it is fucking awesome! You need to hear what he does with Vanilla Ice on his "70 minutes of badness" mix. I don't know how he did it or where he found it but there is a totally re-edited track that has parts of "havin a roni" and "ice ice baby" completely with a glitchy beat behind it about 17 minutes in. That is one of the coolest and most original sounds I have heard on a mix in ages.
Here are 3 mixes...he has more posted here

"Smokey" MP3
00:00 (02:48) Bonobo :: Sugar Rhyme
02:48 (02:21) Console :: My Dog Eats Beats
05:09 (02:15) Bonobo :: The Plug
07:25 (02:21) Kinobe :: Bopalong
09:46 (01:44) Tosca :: Fuck Dub (Haaksman Mix)
11:30 (02:24) Boards Of Canada :: Aquarius
13:55 (02:53) Aim :: From Here To Fame (feat. YZ)
16:48 (03:14) Amon Tobin :: Nighlife
20:03 (02:33) Wiseguys :: Poontang
22:37 (02:04) Jorge Ben Jor :: Chove Chuva
24:42 (02:07) Wookie :: Scrappy
26:50 (01:46) Wookie :: Back Up Back Up Back Up
28:36 (03:10) Riton :: Take Control / Sisqo :: Thong Song (acapella)
31:47 (02:58) Manitoba :: People Eating Fruit
34:46 (02:38) Múm :: I'm 9 Today
37:24 (01:35) Amon Tobin :: Sordid
39:00 (01:59) Boards Of Canada :: Pete Standing Alone
40:59 (03:29) Bonobo :: Silver
44:28 (01:54) Riton :: Departure
46:23 (01:37) Wiseguys :: Casino
48:00 (01:43) Múm :: The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie
49:44 (02:26) Bomb The Bass (feat. Justin Warfield) :: Bug Powder Dust
52:10 (01:49) Boards Of Canada :: Smokes Quantity
54:00 (02:20) Tosca :: Ocean Beat
56:21 (03:25) Cujo :: Cat People
59:47 (01:54) Riton :: Put That On My Momma
61:41 (01:17) Neil Hefti :: Batman Theme
62:58 (03:19) Two Lone Swordsmen :: Section / Ol' Dirty Bastard :: Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)
66:18 (01:45) Kinobe :: Slip Into Something More Comfortable
68:04 (03:35) Wiseguys :: Nil By Mouth

00:00 (02:09) Barrington Levy :: Under Mi Sensi
02:10 (02:03) Zero 7 :: In The Waiting Line
04:14 (02:02) Squarepusher :: Plaistow Flex Out / Shaggy & Rik Rok :: It Wasn't Me (acapella)
06:16 (02:12) Arovane :: Eleventh!
08:28 (02:38) Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna :: Clearcut (Arovane Mix)
11:07 (02:07) Wai Wan :: Yesterday
13:14 (03:00) Rae & Christian :: Salvation
16:14 (02:44) Wai Wan :: Blue
18:59 (01:48) Tommy Hools :: Les Reprouves
20:47 (01:36) Mr Scruff :: Ug / Beanie Man :: Romie (acapella)
22:24 (02:35) Cabbageboy :: I.Cabbage
25:00 (02:11) Monkey-Ken & Dj Seto feat Hazaed & Daddy Shadow :: Taiyou Ga Arukagiri / Orchestra & Choir of Bulgarian Radio :: Polegnala E Pschenitza
27:11 (02:07) S.I. Futures :: Assault on Precinct 14
29:19 (02:17) Tipper :: Pins And Needles
31:37 (01:34) Kid Loco :: A Grand Love Theme
33:12 (02:50) Jega :: Intron.IX / Les Rythmes Digitales :: Kontake
36:02 (03:04) Wai Wan :: The Deep
39:07 (03:03) D'Angelo :: Devils Pie
42:10 (02:21) Thievery Corporation :: 2001 Spliff Odyssey
44:32 (02:00) Finlay Quaye :: Even After All
46:32 (02:28) John Tejada :: To The Northern Sky
49:01 (02:16) Indian Ropeman :: 66 Meters
51:18 (02:49) Björk :: Isobel
54:07 (02:33) Thievery Corporation :: The Foundation
56:40 (02:31) Bonobo :: The Plug (Quantic Mix)
59:11 (04:06) Leila :: Feeling
"70 Minutes of Badness"
00:00 (01:15) Intro
01:15 (02:38) Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Nr-Limnic
03:53 (02:46) Crunch :: Crunky
06:39 (03:04) Brothomstates :: Adozenaday
09:43 (01:24) The Rip-Off Artist :: Hydrocracking
11:07 (01:12) Dabrye :: Smoking The Edge
12:19 (03:10) Tipper :: Tip Hop
15:29 (02:53) Bit Meddler :: Shitmix 2000
18:22 (03:26) Dean Martin & Julie London :: Sway (The Rip-Off Arist Remix)
21:48 (01:07) Jan Jelinek :: Tendency
22:55 (03:06) Radioactive Man :: Uranium (extended)
26:01 (01:04) Inva Mulla Tchako, from the Fifth Element OST :: Diva Dance (Il Dolce Suono)
27:05 (01:00) Riton :: Just Enough (skit)
28:05 (01:41) Dabrye :: Truffle No Shuffle
29:46 (02:01) Electromagnetic Beam :: Unknown
31:47 (01:27) LFO :: Nurture (Surgeon Mix)
33:14 (02:20) Atom Heart :: Naturalist 3/4
35:34 (02:01) Abfahrt Hinwill :: Trilogy
37:35 (02:06) Animals On Wheels :: Modular Existence
39:41 (00:45) Astrobotnia :: Everyone
40:26 (01:23) Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup (BoC Vegetarian Soup Mix)
41:49 (01:36) Proswell :: 0eo
43:25 (02:18) Bola :: Versivo
45:43 (01:41) L'Usine :: Scratch
47:24 (02:07) Bauri :: The Slacker Journal
49:32 (02:10) Christian Kleine :: Beyond Repair
51:42 (02:58) Mr Oizo :: Monophonic Shit
54:40 (02:32) Two Lone Swordsmen :: Forevereverb
57:12 (02:57) Björk and Matmos :: An Echo A Stain (Odd Duck Remix)
60:09 (02:00) Isan :: Paintchart / Cassetteboy :: JOliver
62:09 (02:21) Aphex Twin :: Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix)
64:30 (01:57) Sir Mixalot :: Baby Got Back
66:27 (02:30) Cold Fusion Mafia :: Sentinel / Tweet :: Oops Oh My (acapella)
68:57 (01:03) Outro

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Endtroducing Orchestra

Might as well keep the DJ Shadow links rolling. This video is incredible! According to his website, Brian is from Madison, WI and went to school at UW (like me)

Brian_ Udelhofen-The Shadow Percussion Project

From Archive:
The after-school percussion group at Minnetonka High School, Minneapolis, rehearsed for months and can now play two tracks from DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing' album. The music was arranged by 25 year-old geographer/law student/vibraslap enthusiast Brian Udelhofen, who teaches the group. The Shadow Percussion Project page links to this amazing video [65mb WMV] of the group's live performance in May 2005. They play 'Building Steam with a Grain of Salt' and 'Changeling'. What's amazing is how much like the record they sound (given the rather fuzzy audio), at least on 'Building Steam'. The drummers recreate the glitchy MPC-60 loop editing pretty much perfectly. Medals all roun

DJ Shadow vs. Radiohead vs. George W.

DJ Shadow- Terror Remix of Radiohead's Gloaming MP3

I guess this has been out since the election but I had never heard this Radiohead remix by DJ Shadow until today. I have been on a Shadow-binge for the last few weeks and bumping Endtroducing constantly. Also grabbed an album called "Lost and Found" which is a comp of the original tracks Shadow sampled to create Endtroducing. So today a google search led me to this site and nearly soiled my shorts when I saw Radiohead and DJ Shadow in the same sentence. The remix of "The Gloaming" contains many vocal samples of our President using such words as "terror" and "weapons". Last year if you spent over $15 on his website, you were sent the vinyl (photo on the left) which is shaped like Dick Cheney's head.
I love this remix and I think you will also. Now get up off yo ass and buy the deluxe edition of Endtroducing, one of the greatest albums ever recorded. You can buy direct from his website: HERE Also he has some great DVD's- Scratch (an essential DVD to own), Freeze, In Time On Time, and the Product Placement tour (with Cut Chemist and Z-Trip)...all are awesome!

My Field Trip To Planet 9

Justin Warfield- My Field Trip To Planet 9

"Ellis Dee" MP3
"Dip Dip Diving" MP3
"K Sera Sera" MP3

Justin Warfield's early '90's album "My Field Trip To Planet 9" was one of the cassette tapes that never, ever left the tape deck in my car when I was in High School. The beats are so great on this album with touches of psychedlic rock and jazz. I knew all of the words to some of the songs but most likely didn't have a clue what they meant. Also there is one song with about 20 shout outs at the end of "dip dip diving" and my friends and I could recite all of the names in order at any time. It is too bad Justin Warfield seems to have dropped off the face of the earth because I haven't seen or heard anything about him in years. I gave you 3 tracks from this album because it is a tough one to find.

Trouser Press said:
Los Angeles native Justin Warfield was still in his teens when he contributed three tracks to a 1991 compilation produced by Quincy Jones' son. He was barely 20 when My Field Trip to Planet 9 was released, and that record's promise, combined with his youth, led many to expect great things of the psychedelicized rapper. What should have been expected of his youth was some malleability and capriciousness; all his next record of Sgt. Pepper-influenced psychedelic rock shares with the debut is its reflexive title.
Produced by Prince Paul, My Field Trip to Planet 9 is a joyously atypical hip-hop record: Warfield's trippy guitar loops take the place of shopworn soul/funk samples, he goes by his given name rather than a contrived street handle and his view of pop culture is as expanded as his chemically assisted mind — Ravi Shankar and Joanie Loves Chachi both get namechecked. Warfield's plain-spoken raps seek to lull rather than rouse, and his delivery sounds like a mid-afternoon stoner monologue that just happens to rhyme.
Dispensing with hip-hop, Warfield turned to rock with the four-piece Supernaut. Much of the material is as original as Lenny Kravitz — which is to say not very — and the lyrics are not much more intelligible. "Serpent's tongue just grazed the fire/Demon-shed tongue drip cornshoe dire" goes "Moontower." Warfield is a charmer, though, and both records' shortcomings can be written off as the miscalculations of an overenthusiastic rookie.
Warfield has since moved back into rap and on into electronica, working on tracks with Bomb the Bass, Cornershop, Placebo and the Chemical Brothers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Adam Fucked Jerry (Garcia)

"Adam Fucked Jerry" MP3

R@TTOE! AKA Right At The Tip Of Evil are a group of kids I have known for a few years and they never fail to make me laugh. Scott R@ttoe gave me a track that Adam R@ttoe made and said that I NEEDED to hear it and if I didnt laugh, I have no sense of humor. The track he made was titled "Adam Fucked Jerry" and is about his backstage mauling of the one and only, Jerry Garcia. With a title like that, I knew this one would be crazy. I thought I would give you a taste of the crazy R@ttoe's with this one and you can check out their website HERE. They put up a clip from my NYE DJ Set where I custom made a "Right at the tip of evil" sample and layered it over one of my records. Watching their reaction when I played it that night was priceless!

"...I took Jerry Garcia backstage after the sickest drums and space ever"

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Skream August 2005 Mix

So today I was turned on to a new word "dubstep". I have been listening to it for ages and one of my favorite dub infused d'n'b producers, Big Bud, has many tracks that could be labeled as dubstep. I was checking out a great site today called Blackdown today which features an interview and awesome mix by Skream. Check it out-

Croydon's Skream has has a massive impact on dubstep since he first appeared in Hatcha sets three or four years ago. But with his "Midnight Request Line" (Tempa) currently being rewound by Roll Deep on their Rinse show the hype around his music has never been bigger...
The rest and the interview is on the Blackdown site so go on over. Move along now.

*all tracks original Skream productions unless stated*

Tortured Soul
Sunship "Almighty Father (Skream remix)"
Midknight Requestline
Smiling Face
Lightning Dub (Elektronica)
Digital Mystikz "Ancient Memories (Skream remix)
"Loefah "Indian Dub (Skream remix)
Where Am I?
Deeper Feelings
Untitled (a little taster)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kid 17

I thought this was cool:

Everything in its right place- 17 Seconds" MP3


"A recent buzz on the internet among Radiohead fans involving their most experimental album Kid A stated that if you played the songs on Kid A on 2 sources with a 17 second gap between them, the majority of the songs would synch up to create a wall of harmonic sound. As it is, the songs do have a tendency to harmonise quite well if you get the 17 second gap right. For example, on the opening tack "Everything in its Right Place", the vocals from the 2 sources will blend together to create a non stop barrage of vocal harmony."

Saturday, September 03, 2005

4 short video clips from last weekend...

STILL buzzing from last weekend so I thought I would share a few video clips from the festival.

1)My set>Brothers Past
This is a clip of the segue from my first set into the Brothers Past set. The audio is on the post below but here you can see Rick the drummer playing guitar.

2) Orchard Lounge using samples of The Disco Biscuits over records
The next 3 are from the late night Orchard Lounge set. In this clip I am layering samples of guitar and also vocals from "Above The Waves" from 3/13/99 which is a classic Biscuits song. Since we were playing after them and also at their festival to their fans, it was fitting to try to do something cool with their music.

3) Orchard Lounge playing Planet Rock
Amazing song and Spencer nailed the mix into it. Listen closely to the deep, low end sounds coming from the sampler too.

4) Orchard Lounge playing Radiohead remix
This Radiohead remix is a great record and I sampled Thom Yorke's voice and was looping that also while I mixed into the next record. Funny Tozzi banter as well haha.