Monday, December 27, 2004

Brothers Past and Lotus NYE

Brothers Past- Live 10/24/03 MP3's

So this NYE should be a great one. I am flying to Philly to catch some shows on the 29th and the 30th and them I am DJ'ing on NYE at the TLA which is a nice sized venued. The two bands I am playing with are Lotus and Brothers Past. Both hail from Philly and both bands play their own version of live electronic one shape or another. I am going to be playing a variety of styles of music ranging all the way from Downtempo to Tech House and I will be spinning before the show, between bands, and at setbreak.

The Lotus website says: "Lotus is a five-piece instrumental band based in Philadelphia. Their music is heavily tempered by electronic styles such as deep house and drum n' bass, but inside the sonic layers seep heavy doses of funk, jazz, and world music. Their high-energy live shows feature tightly composed material balanced with stretched out improvisation. The sounds shift from spiritual and meditative, to jubilant and energetic, from dark dance floor burners, to spaced-out waves of ambience." They also have a great new album out titled, "Nomad", that I highly recommend checking out. There also is a cool live video on their site.

Read more about Brothers Past HERE The band is a nice mix of indie rock vocals and nasty drum and bass, house, and other electronic style jamming. They have a wide array of toys including crazy synths, Laptops, and Kaoss pads that they use to warp the sounds and their drummer is an absolute machine. At times you you will not believe a human is dropping the beats you hear. Along with their own great originals you may even catch a Radiohead, Cure, or even a cover of The Clash but with their own twist. You can also grab the all instrumental "Dance Sampler" at this site HERE

Friday, December 24, 2004

A classic Ninja Tune

Bonobo- Dial M For Monkey

"Pick Up" MP3

I have been quite busy the last couple weeks hence the limited number of posts. I am looking forward to a NYE DJ gig in Philly playing before and between sets of the bands Lotus and Brothers Past at the TLA. More about that later. I had a Chrismukkah dinner tonight with Ninja Tune's finest, Bonobo, playing softly in the background. I never seem to get tired of his music and it is a staple in any downtempo set I play. I also have used his tracks on downtempo mixes which you can find on the OrchardLounge site.

NinjaTune says:
From the opener, "Noctuary," with it’s creepy stoned-Hammer feel, through the headnod sitar-funk of "Flutter," on into the Rhodes-meets-Gamelan of "D Song," the first third of the record sets out the tone for what is to follow – all beautfiully melodic and perfectly assembled but with enough of a creeping undertow to stop the music becoming empty or saccharine. "Change Down" is all double bass folk and cut-up drums, "Wayward Bob" is a devilish waltz, while single "Pick Up" is a straight funk ‘n’ flute throw down. "Something For Windy"sounds like a dub of a postman on his rounds, "Nothing Owed" is epic pastoralia, while "Light Pattern" rounds things off with what sounds like the theme to the best TV programme never made.

With all instruments played, sampled and sequenced by Green’s own fair hand, there is a consistency here, both within the tunes and across the record that crate diggers can only dream of. There is real development, the building of moods and feelings, a genuine attempt to make great music which is incidentally computer music. He may make a monkey of himself, but he’s no musical mug…

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kevin Yost

Kevin Yost- One Starry Night

"Outa Space" MP3

Kevin Yost is a rare breed- Jazz musician, house producer, and amazing DJ. There are many producers who also DJ but are not very good it, Yost is not one of them. Every time I have seen him play his mixing is beyond belief and that is because he has been DJ'ing since he was a little kid. Another reason I respect him is because when he plays out he can fill an entire set with original tracks and remixes he has done. Some of his tracks are borderline jazz with a house beat, others are on the techy side with nice keyboard riffs throughout. Don't be fooled by the jazz however, Yost can bang out the main room like the best of them.

When the producer is an accomplished musician it makes the sound so nice and rich. You can hear his musical talent oozing out of every drum beat and piano solo. In a time when anybody can make beats on their computer it is nice to hear someone like Kevin Yost who is a true musician recording the old fashioned way.
Check out his website, for more info and make sure to pick up his albums. "One Starry Night" and "Road Less Traveled" are two of my all time favorite house albums.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Welcome Tourist

B Fleischmann- Welcome Tourist (Morr Music) 2003

"Grunt" MP3

Bernhard Fleischmann "wants to criticize a state of mind that subordinates human beings to a logic of economic utilization." An interesting statement to say the least and his music I guess could be deemed political....if it had words. B Fleischmann's music is primarily instrumental and is in the same class as Fourtet, Squarepusher, and Amon Tobin, which many people label as IDM. Fleischmann uses melodic piano riffs to balance out static sounds and drill-and-bass style drum programming on some of the tracks. The album has moments that make me feel like I am listening to Kid A without the vocals and remixed by Fourtet. My favorite tracks on the album start out slighlty dissonant with odd effects and end up as soothing, jazzy compositions.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Insanely good house mix

Only have a few minutes so I need to make this quick-

I featured DJ INC a couple weeks ago on this site and he just dropped a new mix on PROTONRADIO

He played one set of dub/downtempo and another which is an amazing tech house mix that was recorded live at his Tempo night in Atlanta. This house mix is so good! I was listening at work and my computer was about ready to blow up. I personally think this mix rivals any mix from the Fabric series.

Here is the download link:

DJ INC 11/24/04 Live at Tempo

His website is TempoAtl

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Below The Bassline

Ernest Ranglin- Below The Bassline (Island Jamaica Jazz)

Surfin' MP3

I love jazz guitar and also good roots dub albums so when I first listened to Ernest Ranglin I knew I was in for a treat. Ranglin was born in Jamaica in 1932 and was influenced by the American Jazz guitar great, Charlie Christian as well as all of the Caribbean styles of music. He began to make his mark with Clu J's Blues Blasters. He was there when the very first Ska recordings were made. He would go on to play an important role with the Skatalites, help define the Treasure Isle Rock Steady sound, blaze a new trail for a style called Reggae with Studio One and influence the success of Jamaican music all around the world. And while all this was going on...Ernest Ranglin would also become known, on a world-wide basis, as one of the greatest Jazz guitarists of all time.

In 1996 he released "Below The Bassline" which is a collection of classic Jamaican songs played to perfection by his amazing lineup of musicians including Idris Muhammed on drums. Ranglin's amazing guitar playing perfectly compliments Ira Colman's dub basslines creating a Jamaican jazzy sound.

You can buy this album anywhere and you can read more about Ranglin HERE

Monday, December 06, 2004


So I am still recovering from the Matthew Dear and Swayzak LIVE night in Chicago on Saturday. Too lazy to write anything today but I was turned on to this cool website:


Very nice design and the site has some really nice and mellow tracks which are a bit on the drum and bass side.

Urban Cruising MP3

Nullseeker MP3

Hassevop MP3

Mier MP3

Numantic MP3

Restricted MP3

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Secret Frequency Crew

Secret Frequency Crew- Forest Of The Echo Downs (Schematic)

"Neon Bridge" MP3

One of the best downtempo/IDM albums I have all year is the debut album by Secret Frequency Crew (thanks for the recomendation sk8s) They have just the right blend of organic, analog sounds and mechanical, glitchy madness. The album is very Shpongle-esque (I bet a few people know what that means) This track is featured on my new, new downtempo dj mix that I haven't uploaded yet.

Boomkat Says:
DJs Matthew Brown, Matt Friedman, and Adrian Michna have been operating under the Secret Frequency Crew banner for some time, taking in deep, atmospheric instrumental electronica with a love of 80's melodies and a crafted blend of guitars, trombones, bass and piano thrown in for widescreen listening. "Forest Of The Echo Downs" also at times delves into more complex, heavily percussive territory and reduced digital territory, sizzling into the twilight.

Available at most shops.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Lost Highway revisited

Smashing Pumpkins- "Eye" MP3

I watched David Lynch's Lost Highway again over the weekend. I am so obsessed with David Lynch and I love everything he has done. Lost Highway is a strange one and the film is basically a rock and roll puzzle piece of subjective, often disturbing art. One of Lynch's traits that I adore is his use of sound. Whether it be the loud, abrasive sounds he uses during a scary scene, or the ambience created by Angelo Badalamenti, it always fits perfectly. Lynch went above and beyond himself when he asked Trent Reznor to produce the soundtrack to Lost Highway. One of the best soundtracks of all time with great tracks by NIN, David Bowie, Rammstein, Badalamenti, and a great tune by Smashing Pumpkins. The Pumpkins tune, "Eye", is one of my favorite songs by them and Billy's voice sounds great over the electronic beat. This is by no means a new or rare track, but it is a great song that you probably forgot you had.

You can buy the Lost Highway soundtrack at any of your favorite local shops.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Undiscovered, Unreleased, Untitled

David Hammond- "Untitled" MP3 (UNRELEASED)

For every famous musician there are thousands who work hard but will
never get their big break. Sometimes it is not knowing the right
people, other times not having the right resources to create the
masterpiece that will put them on the map. In the world of electronic
music there are so many important producers out there who may never be household names, but still supply quality tracks on a regular basis. Now, with the rise of computer sofware and home editing tools, anybody can be a bedroom producer and send their favorite dj tracks to rock in the clubs.

The quantity may be increasing but quality is still the most important
factor. A good friend of mine, David Hammond, stopped by the other
day with some new tracks he has been working on. If there is one
person I know that should be signed to multiple labels and have many
records out it is David. He has been producing electronic music for
many years before any of the computer based software was even around
and he is an amazing bassist, guitarist, and keyboard player.

There are so many unsigned, unnoticed producers out there who need to
be heard. The MP3 I uploaded is an untitled, unfinished demo David
gave me to play out when I DJ.
If you own a label and are looking for new talent, email David: HERE

Saturday, November 27, 2004

LIVE VIDEOS: Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Steve Bug

Squarepusher and Kraftwerk live in Rome Videos

Steve Bug live at GOA Video

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I managed to eat a plate at 3 in the morning that was the same size as the plate I had with the actual dinner. Since I am away from home and have no access to my records or the capability to upload to my server I thought I would give you a little sweet apple pie for desert. Not only does this site give you mp3's, but also rare videos for you to check out.

The first video is a live clip of Kraftwerk doing their thing with a crazy wall of images projected over them. They look like four German robots sent from the future to rock the crowd with their mechanical music. Another video is of Squarepusher assualting the crowd with his bass virtousity and nasty experimental beats. Also links to a techy three part live set by DJ/Producer Steve Bug. Bug started two of my favorite record labels- Poker Flat and also Dessous Recordings. Three great artists and now your chance to witness them live with your own eyes rather than just ears.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"if you like'll love The Egg"

The Egg- Forwards LP (2004)

"Funky Dube" MP3

Since I have posted about a few bands already that I like that play electronic-style music I thought I would post about the band that started it all for me, The Egg. Not only are they of my favorite bands, but they are a band that really got me into electronic music. I picked up their extremely funky album "Albumen" in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. I personally think this is one of the greatest electronic albums ever put out by a live band. Two years later they released "Travelator" which sounds even less like a band, and more like a full scale electronic artist production. By this time I was convinced that I was the biggest fan of this band in all of the US and I was literally force-feeding it to anybody who would listen. I was lucky enough to see them live when I was in London and their live show was an audio visual extravaganza. They wear all white and project films that they made over them while they play and everything is in synch. $$$$

Their sound has matured a bit over the years and they dropped one of the best downtempo tracks I have ever heard, "venice beach" on Twisted's wonderful "Backroom Beats" compilation. This lead to a downtempo ep titled "mellowmania" which is also very good. This year the band released their LP "Forwards" which is my pick for most underrated album of the year. If you liked AIR's "Talkie Walkie", you will LOVE this. It ranges from moody, well produced instrumentals, to New Order style vocals, to some light, Indie rock vocal tracks, and a few fast and funky tracks that put them map.

Buy their albums, watch clips, and learn more about this great UK band: HERE

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Please Be Seated

The New Deal- Please Be Seated EP (Sound and Light)

"Wind Over The Crickets" MP3

(I used the large image of this flyer because I was at that show and it was the last show I saw at Thai Joe's before it was shut down.) The New Deal is a band from Toronto that plays live house music without loops or overdubs. They are often lumped in with the jamband scene because of their ability to drop incredible improvised jams to get the dancefloor rocking. The New Deal is Jamie Shields on keys, Dan Kurtz on bass, and Darren Shearer and drums. They are a sight to see live because Jamie produces one great melody after another and alternates the lead with Dan who lays down the heavy, super low frequency bass notes. Darren is very machine-like with his drumming and sometimes it is hard to decipher whether a dj is playing or if the band is jamming.

Aside from their fantastic live show, they also know how to take advantage of their studio time. Their second album "Gone Gone Gone" was one of my favorite albums of last year. They perfectly replicated what they can do live and they also added vocals to some of the tracks. They had music left over from the recording session and released a wonderful EP of lush, downtempo tracks titled "Please Be Seated". In my opinion this is the band's finest work and each of the tracks show the band's versatility.

Buy their albums, find tourdates, and watch videos: HERE

Sunday, November 21, 2004

old school shuggie

Shuggie Otis Plays The Blues (Songs from 1969-1971)

"Me and My Woman" MP3

David Byrne and his fantastic Luaka Bop label brought an obscure gem back to life when he re-released the Shuggie Otis masterpiece, "Inspiration Information". Fans of all styles of music embraced the album and it was hailed a long, lost classic. Shuggie Otis, son of blues legend Johnny Otis, was introduced to the world on his father's comeback album in 1968 when Shuggie was only 13 years old. He quickly gained media attention and Rolling Stone called him a new guitar hero. Unfortunately Shuggie's career was a short one, and after releasing only a couple albums and then later playing with Frank Zappa, he retired from music at the age of 22. Inspiration Information, with the top 5 hit "Strawberry Letter #23", is what Shuggie is best known for, however he was ripping blues numbers for years before he released his solo albums. "Shuggie Otis Plays The Blues" is a collection of blues numbers that Shuggie recorded between 1969-1971, starting when he was only 15 years old. He was a true multi-instrumental musical prodigy and a master of the guitar. The song I chose features some his best vocals and rockin' guitar solo.

Support your favorite local music shop and buy this album. It should be available everywhere.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

You've Been Spiked

Chris Joss- You've Been Spiked (cristal)

"You've Been Spiked" MP3

Thievery Corporation and their Eighteenth Street Lounge label definetely know how to make the olive rattle inside of your martini. Always a fine blend of tasteful, loungey beats with a nice moody ambience. Chris Joss is one of the artists on the label and the Frenchman is a multi-instrumentalist who is also an autonomous studio producer. His new album, "You've Been Spiked", originally released on Cristal Recordings, has not left my stereo in days and is steadily climbing the ranks of my "best of 2004" list.

ESL said:
"With its thick funky bass lines, wah-wah guitars, and Rhodes and Hammond riffs pulsating overtop rootsy drums, this album is a vibrant tribute to 1960's and 1970's dance music. Obscure samples, turntable scratching, retro-futuristic ambience, and the lush vocals of the enigmatic Cosmika join in to complete a resolutely cinematic soundscape.

Now Chris Joss' You've Been Spiked is re-released by ESL Music as an enhanced-multimedia disc that includes two bonus tracks selected from The Man With The Suitcase and the video for the raucous keyboard infected breakbeat swinger "Discothèque Dancing." With You've Been Spiked Chris Joss realizes a brilliant mix between old school and new school. Vintage psychedelic 60's boogie, Blaxploitation funk, car chase soundtracks, atmospheric easy listening, and hip-hop breakbeats combine seamlessly to create an unforgettable sonic experience."


Friday, November 19, 2004

Plant Life funk

Plant Life – The Return of Jack Splash (counterfeit)

Plant Life- Luv 4 The World (Why They Gotta Hate?) MP3

I only have a few minutes as I get ready to go out to see Tortured Soul play but I wanted to flip a quick bit o funk for you. Plant Life just dropped a new album "Return of Jack Splash" which is a great dose of new funk. Usually when I get funky it is with older records from the '70's so it is nice to hear some fresh new grooves. The album has been getting great feedback from everybody so make sure to pick it up.
The promo said:
"Plant Life set out to break down the barriers between hip hop, soul, rock and good old fashioned funk music. In the tradition of legendary funk and soul godfathers like James Brown, George Clinton, Sly Stone & Prince, Plant Life serves up a healthy dose of sensuality and politics while providing a groove strong enough to shake the system to its core. With a heavy funk influence, The Return, has traces of 70's funk, 80's electro, 90's b-boy aesthetics and futuristic ideals."

Thursday, November 18, 2004

bangers and mash

Justin Sloe- Not For Chinstrokers MP3

The whole DJ "mash up" craze has died down considerably since everyone and their mother made a mediocre mash using the accapela's from Jay-Z's "Black Album". Danger Mouse brought it to the mainstream with his mashup of The Beatles "White Album" and Jay-Z's "Black Album" creating his own "Grey Album". This video that somebody made with tracks from the Grey Album is great:GreyVideo

Long before Danger Mouse and the zillion other bootleggers on the internet were making mashup's, DJ Z-Trip was pulling it off impeccably live. He owned the first Scratch tour with his impressive blends of rock, hiphop, scratching, and more, sometimes playing up to 3 tracks at once and 100% on the fly. It may be a bit old now, but Z-Trip and DJ P's mash-up masterpiece, "Uneasy Listening" is a great party jam.

I hadn't heard a mix of mash-ups that has impressed me in a long time until I heard this new mix by DJ Justin Sloe. He really nailed the blends and he uses a nice mix of hiphop, downtempo, and rock. MJ (the billie jean demo!), Biggie, Hall and Oates, Chic, Fat Boys...even Khia is up on this piece! The whole Blondie>The Doors>Method Man segment is incredible. This is one of the most creative dj mixes of the year.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

taking a cover to a new level

Rewind 3- Original Classics Rewound (Ubiquity Records)

Jeremy Ellis- "Chameleon" MP3

I picked up a great double vinyl comp from Ubiquity titled "Rewind V.3". The album is a compilation of cover songs produced by modern day artists who recorded new versions of songs that inspired them. Everyone from Gil Scott Heron to the Monkees get a re-working by such producers and bands such as DJ Greyboy, Antibalas, and P'Taah. The track that stood out for me is Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon" because Jeremly Ellis did the unthinkable- he didnt just record a new version of the tune, he re-created it, note for note.
Ubiquity said:
"Jeremy Ellis aka Ayro is mad or a genius, or possibly both. Who else would take it upon himself to reproduce the epic "Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock note for note, drum fill for drum fill, every phrase and sound - that's what he did on the Rewind 12", the version featured here is edited down to 8 minutes to allow for a few more tracks to squeeze on the comp! Ex-Detroit buddy Recloose said, "It's unreal how spot on this is! What a feat!" Why do it? Why not! If Frank De Jojo can do "Turn Off The Lights" and 4Hero "Les Fleurs" why shouldn't the talented keyboard player and programmer from the Motor City show he's got the patience and the chops?…"

Buy this record or cd here: Ubiquity Records

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hammond heroes

Johnny Lewis Quartet- Shuckin' and Jivin' (1972) Jaro Records
Johnny Lewis- Live Dance Set (1975)

"Cissy Strut" MP3

Good old Luv n' Haight remastered and released "Shuckin' and Jivin' on cd which is another gem they have given a new breathe life. D. W. Smith from Luv n' Haight has a great quote in the liner notes. He says: "There are two kinds of rare records: those that everybody has heard about and only a few people actually have, and those that only a few people have even heard about. Shuckin' and Jivin' falls into the latter category. It's a burning record of early 70's jazz funk, but until now, has been hard to come by."

The cd is made up of the full original album plus two bonus tracks from the 1975 Live Dance Set- "Cissy Strut" and "Them Changes". Every song on the album was recorded live with Johnny Lewis on tenor, alto, baritone sax, trumpet, fluegal horn, mmeloponium, and conga drums. Kenneth Drake is on drums, Joe Villa on guitar, and James "Moody" Thompson demolishing the Hammond B3 organ and Horner Clavinet. The quartet has a nice balance of soulful, quiet songs such as "Willow Weep For Me" but also brings the funk with originals like "Shuckin' and Jivin". I chose to put up their live cover of the Meter's clasic "Cissy Strut" because Moody Thompson rides that B3 solo to the next level.

Buy this one from Luv n' Haight or dig to China trying to find it now.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sieg Uber Die Sonne

SIEG UBER DIE SONNE - +1 (Multicolor Germany)

"You better send me home" MP3

Buy it here

Having friends who have similar musical interests make life so much more fun. My friend Evan had been hyping this Sieg Uber Die Sonne album for a minute now and he was right. I finally got around to picking it up and I can't get "you better send me home" out of my head. I also really like the 12"of "hot" remixed by Swag. They have a midtempo funky sound which has both elements of modern tech house and also 1980's electrofunk. It seems like every week there is a new German artist blowing my mind and they sure are not showing any signs of slowing down.
The track I chose "You Better Send Me Home" has a hypnotic melody and some really interesting sounding vocal samples. The effect on the keys is tweaked nicely and I love how the bassline drops out and comes back in towards the end.

Friday, November 12, 2004

More Downtempo Videos!

Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- "Complex Dinner Wardrobe" VIDEO (combination records)

Bonobo "Flutter" VIDEO (Ninja Tune)

Bonobo "Pick Up" VIDEO (Ninja Tune)

I nearly lost my cookies when I found this video online by Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk. I have already posted about them and am borderline obsessed so you can imagine how surprised I was to see a video for one of their acid break songs. The video is a pretty cool fractal-like digital design that has a striking resemblence to one of the Transformers. I assure you that this website is the only website you will find that would have a link to this video!

Also in the mix are two videos from one of the best downtempo producers out there, Bonobo. If you don't already have his album "Dial M For Monkey" you need to wake up and cop it. I think it is one of the best albums of the last few years. He has a very organic sound, full of live instruments and basslines like butter. The two videos I linked can also be found on the terrific "Zentv DVD" that Ninja Tune put out. Go buy that one for sure because Amon Tobin, Blockhead, and many more are also featured. Bonobo is also a fantastic dj and he also has been touring as with a live band. Sit back, turn up your speakers, and watch these videos.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Love Acid!

Luke Vibert- Yoseph (Warp)


James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Luke Vibert is gaining speed. The man with a million aliases is dropping hot new albums left and right. So lets see, he has a new glitchy/IDM album under the "Wagon Christ" moniker, he put out a 2cd drum and bass album as "Plug", and he released one of my favorite albums of 2004, Kerrier District, which is mid-tempo acid disco funk. Kerrier District is a must-have album and I will add something from it in the future. Late last year he released his homage to the famed Roland TB-303 with his album, Yoseph, on WARP. (See the Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk post below for a picture of a TB-303) I love the album and there is a really cool video for the hypnotic track- "I Love Acid". Easily my favorite song on the LP and Spencer used the track on his award winning downtempo mix "Land Of Nod" which you can download from

...the way it makes me move...


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar

Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones-
Introducing The Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar Of Joe Jones (Prestige) 1968

"Light My Fire" MP3

I received quite a few emails from people who liked the "sweetback" mp3 I posted last week so I thought I would add another by my main man, Boogaloo Joe. It is too bad Boogaloo Joe was never a full time musician. He only plays in church now and I know that there have been obsessed fans who have tried hard to get him to play another show. He only released a handful of albums in his brief career and every album is fantastic. His solos are light speed yet extremely precise and full of soul. This one is dedicated to O-Dub over at Soul Sides because he dropped his own deep cover of "Light My Fire" on his site about a week ago. It is such a great song, and Boogaloo Joe kicks it up a few notches by ripping into the solo.

In 1967 Boogaloo Joe Jones released his first album as a band leader. "Introducing The Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar of Joe Jones" is actually two seperate albums, "Mindbender" and "My Fire" released in 1967 and 1968 respectively. They were later packaged together as an LP and he proves he not only can play jazz standards but also can rock out with the best of them. "St. James Infirmary" and "Ivan The Terrible" are also quality tracks from this album. It is a tough piece of vinyl to find but you may get lucky in a shop somewhere if somebody was crazy enough to sell this one.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Electro-Funk Saturday

Tyrone Brunson "Fresh" 1984 (Believe In A Dream Records)-MP3

I have four framed records hanging above my turntables. One of the records is the original Boogaloo Joe Jones "Sweetback". Herbie Hancock "Crossings" and Grant Green's "Main Attraction" have also made "the wall". My favorite album based solely on the looks of the album cover has got to be my copy of the 1984 electro-funk LP "fresh" by Tyrone Brunson. Tyrone, wearing a flaming red suit and matching hat, is rocking out with his bass on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building. He is even wearing a mesh black glove with the fingers cut off. He has everybody in the neighborhood dancing and you can tell by the grin on his face. I also am convinced that the kid next to him is Theo Huxtable's long lost cousin.

Tyrone's first single, "The Smurf" is one of the funkiest songs of all time. It is up there with The Whitefield's Brothers' "50 yards of soul" as one of the songs that makes my neck sore the next day. His deep bombing of the bass and totally 80's funky electro synth grooves can liven up any party. I didn't use "The Smurf" because I figured a lot people have already heard it. It is hard not to find copies of the single in the budget bins at the record store. Two years later he released "Fresh", and the funk remained the same.

If you really need your voltron fix, this mix I made earlier in the year will get you popping. Every track on the mix was released from 1982-1985. Vocoder heavy skate-town jams and also instrumental tracks which are some of the early roots of techno. Cybotron is an alias of detroit techno legend Juan Atkins. is where to find this one and more.

Ben Silver- Linoleum Streets MP3

01. Paul Hardcastle- Forest Fire (1985)
02. Newcleus- Cyborg Dance (1985)
03. Tom Browne- Rockin' Radio (1983)
04. Man Parrish- Hip Hop Be Bop (1982)
05. Cybotron- Clear (1983)
06. Paul Hardcastle- Rainforest (1985)
07. Man Parrish- Boogie Down Bronx (1984)
08. Project Future- Ray Gun-Omics (1983)
09. Paul Hardcastle- Central Park (1985)
10. Hashim- Al Naafiysh (1983)
11. Jonzun Crew- Space Is The Place (1983)
12. Freestyle- Party Has Begun (1984)
13. Paul Hardcastle- Sound Chaser (1985)
14. Ice T- Reckless (1984)

Friday, November 05, 2004

Is your name Michael Diamond?...nah I'm Clarence

So I am still drunk from the Beastie Boys show I saw tonight. The show was fantastic and after 20+ years as a band, the beastie can still drop the funky k-nowledge. Mix Master Mike was absolutely on fire scratching like Rush Limbaugh on a cloud of vicodins and mashing beats all night long. Just about every song was flipped towards the end and everything from RUN DMC to DMX beats were mixed in. They played a lot from Paul's Boutique and Check your Head which was a nice treat. They also picked up their instruments and funked out some of their instrumentals with Money Mark on keys. The highlight for me was when they came out into the crowd for Intergalactic and they happened to appear only a few feet in front of us. I could literally reach out and touch MCA as he growled into the mic. Being 6 feet from 3 guys I have worshipped almost my entire life was an incredible experience. I have been in the front row for countless concerts and have met many of my musical idols, but seeing the King Ad-Rock, Mike D (no, he is not related to Screech) and MCA spitting rhymes that close to me was truly something else.

You can thank me later for these goodies:

This first track is some of the funkiest beastie boys I have heard:

Pauls Boutique Show Vinyl "Untitled Track" MP3

Paul's Boutique Show Vinyl "High Plains Drifter"

Check Your Head Show Vinyl "Untitled 1"

De La Soul - Squat (Scratch Perverts Remix)

I would also suggest checking out this website HERE
It lists every sample that they used making Paul's Boutique. Pretty insane how many samples were used for that album.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Performance Is The Product


The Bays- Live electronic music done the right way

Track 3 From Jena, Germany 2004 MP3

Download the full show and learn more about The Bays

There are many bands in the US that play improvisational music with an electronic edge to it. The Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, The New Deal, Brothers Past, Lotus, and Signal Path are a handful of bands who have been known to drop the beats mid-jam. Even though they may have some electronic elements to their sound, I wouldn't classify it as "electronic music". I have been listening to a band out of the UK called The Bays and every time I listen I forget that they are a band, it is a live show, and it is all improv. EVerything from downtempo to tech house, they sound like a live pa or a dj's record...and a good record at that.

From British Council:

The Bays are Andy Gangadeen (drums), Jamie Odell (keyboard), Simon Richmond (CDs & FX) and Chris Taylor (Bass). Intentionally avoiding the influence wielded by record companies and commercial sponsors, The Bays' coined the slogan: "Performance is the Product" to sum up their philosophy. Recordings of their music cannot be bought. The Bays can only be heard live in concert or via mp3 download from the Internet.

The quartett has developed a completely unique approach to club music making and live concerts: all sounds, all songs are improvised on the spot without prior discussion or arrangement. Thus, no two concerts are ever the same. The Bays are about spontaneity and response within the group. Each musician relies on his/her awareness of the other musicians and, from a completely "blank canvas", they together create all the colours and patterns of the finished performance. No one person dominates or indulges in solos.

The Bays never rehearse as a group, yet they are all about teamwork. They practice individually, only bringing ideas together during the concert itself. This creates a unique tension which gives the performance a "first take" vibe. Bays concerts include a wide variety of styles such as breakbeat, house, electro, garage, drum&bass, hip hop, dub, ambient, funk, techno and ragga. For the past three years, The Bays have been included in the line-ups of numerous important festivals including Lowlands, Drum Rhythm, Big Chill, Pukkelpop, Ministry of Sound, Eurosonic, Glastonbury, Roskilde und Dour.

British Council Article

VIDEO of The Bays

"I don't belong here"


Well after a very frustrating night, I don't want to think about politics for a long time. To make things even worse, the election is STILL not over so I will be bombarded with nonsense for days or weeks regarding the impending doom. I am disappointed with the youth for only a 17% voter turnout after all of these terrific programs to motivate the young people to vote. The youth of today could have determined this election and props to those who did vote but only 1 in 5 is pathetic.
Oh well.
Sometimes I feel that maybe "I don't belong here" even though I love this country.

To take your mind off of politics for a few minutes, check out this cool flash animation video to the acoustic version of Radiohead's Creep.

CREEP video

Sunday, October 31, 2004

"from dub til dawn"

DJ INC- Sittin Here Chillin (From Dub Til Dawn)

You gotta love free online dj mixes that are really, really good. I know I love making mixes and sharing online as well hoping to turn someone on to new music. One DJ who has put some absolutely brilliant mixes online is DJ INC out of Atlanta. Check out his site:
TempoATL for more info.

He recently put up a 2 cd mix inspired by the Back To Mine Series. The first disc appropriately titled, "dub" features everything from Kruder and Dorfmeister to Pink Floyd. The second disc, "Dawn" picks up the tempo a bit with some nice minimal techy beats. Great album to have on while working. Keep up the good work mr. inc!


Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- "Take Off Da Hot Sweater" (Combination) 2002

"Fireresistant Swimmingtrunks" MP3

One of the most popular and well-known German techno artists, Hardfloor is comprised of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker. Their slamming acid squelches from the TB-303 give Hardfloor their signature acid sound. After years of techno releases and extensive touring as Hardfloor, Oliver and Ramon created a new sound for themselves. A side project under the alias "Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk" created a different vibe with elements of hiphop, downtempo, and deep, acid breaks.

The 1999 album "Electric Crate Digger" has always been one of my favorites. The beats are funky and the songs build and climax with some serious TB-303 squelching. In 2002 they dropped "Take Off Da Sweater" which follows the same formula of acid break goodness.

You can purchase both albums from amazon or check their website: DDPNP

I have used tracks from Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk on two different downtempo DJ mixes that I am hosting online on
You can download both "Ethereal World" and "Lucid Lessons" which are part of the Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rocker's Hifi "Sexy Selector"

Rocker's Hifi "Sexy Selector" (Different Drummer)

Sexy Selector Mp3

Yes, I am a Kruder and Dorfmeister addict. I don't think there are two more important figures in the world of downtempo than K+D. Not only have they released some of best albums of their genre as "K+D", they have also collaborated with other artists. Tosca and Peace Orchestra are both side projects you need to check out if you haven't already. They are masters in the studio and also behind the decks.

Richard Dorfmeister released a solo album last year titled "Richard Dorfmeister Presents...A Different Drummer Selection". The Different Drummer label celebrated its 10th birthday with Richard Dorfmeister mixing modern dub tracks from the label roster, spanning 1992-2002. This album is a masterpiece and the track that really sticks out in my mind is "sexy selector" by the Rockers Hifi. The bassline rumbles and the washed out synths produce a nice brain massaging dub workout.

online DJ mix of the week:

Highskool2 mix mp3

I don't know much about this one other than it is early 90's hiphop....I mean rap and the mix is DOPE!

High Skool ClassiksVolume 2

Wake Up Intro
Nas-It Aint Hard To Tell(Danger Mouse Remix)
Run DMC-Ooh Watcha Gonna Do
Masta Ace-Music Man
Mobb Deep-Hit It From The Back
Jamalski-Jump Spread Out
Das Efx-Jussusmen(Pete Rock Remix)
Cypress Hill-Hand On The Glock
KRS-One-I Cant Wake Up
Black Moon-Who Got The Props
Special Ed-The Mission
Jamalski-Put It On(EPMD Remix)
Ice Cube-Givin Up The Nappy Dug Out
House Of Pain-Jump Around(Pete Rock Remix)
Stezo-It's My Turn
Eazy E-Gimmie That Nutt
KRS-One-HipHop Vs. Rap(Spinbad Remix)
Beastie Boys-Finger Lickin Good
Kwest Tha Madd Ladd-101 Things To Do While Im With Your Girl
Stetsasonic-Talkin All That Jazz
Ice Cube-Wicked
Ice Cube-No Vaseline
Nice and Smooth-Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
UMC's-Blue Cheese
Tim Dog and KRS-One-I Get Wrecked
Ice-T-New Jack Hustler
Cypress Hill-Lick A Shot
Ultramagnetic MC's-Poppa Large
UMC's-One To Grow On
Naughty By Nature-Scuffin Those Knees
X-Clan-Funkin' Lesson
RBL Posse-Dont Give Me No Bammer Weed
Eric B and Rakim-No Omega
Organized Konfusion-Releasing Hypnotical Gases

Ivan "Boogaloo Jones"- Sweetback

Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones- Sweetback (Luv N Haight) 1975

"Sweetback" MP3

***I just uploaded the mp3 again so if you only have the 3 minute version that was up previously, get the full track that is up now!! This song rocks****

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I am obsessed with this guy. I picked this up on cd in college when I was really getting into jazz guitar. I love stuff released in the mid to late 70's especially. This album truly changed my life. I liked it so much I went out and bought a guitar and started taking lessons hoping that someday, maybe, I could play as funky Boogaloo Joe. The entire album rips- the first track, "Confusion", has an insanely fast and furious guitar solo that could make any jamband kids' head float away. The last song is a stellar cover of Stevie Wonder's "You Got it Bad, Girl".

The crown jewel, for me at least, is "Sweetback". Literally my favorite song of all time. Nothing beats the guitar solo he drops in the middle. Also, DJ Greyboy just put out a remix.



Putsch 79 (Clone Records)

Putsch 79 "Man Enough" MP3:

So some people call it "the metro area" sound, some say disco and others swear it is electro. At any rate, the late 70's/early 80's sound is back and asses are-a shaking. I was turned on to Putsch 79 just a few weeks ago and the album hasn't left my car since. I choose the track titled "Man Enough" to wet your mouth.


Putsch '79 is Sami Liuski and Pauli Jylhänkangas. They were born in eastern Finland in year… Yeah you guessed it, 1979. Nowadays Sami lives up north near the arctic circle in Rovaniemi and Pauli lives in Tampere. Sami and Pauli have known each other since high school where they both got interested in electronic music. They started their musical careers by playing guitar and toying around with computer music software. Pauli has also played in various bands as a guitarist.

Despite the cold surroundings Pauli and Sami live in, Putsch '79 is all about warm grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines and smooth chords with occasional influences from techno and house. Combining old and new they try to create layers and layers of depth to their music with lots of references to good old disco and funk. Some of the contemporary artists Putsch '79 is influenced by one can mention Chicken Lips, Metro Area, Daniel Wang, Kelley Polar Quartet and Legowelt.

To create the distinctive Putsch '79 groove, a lot of the synthesizers are played live. The bleeps coming from vintage analogue synthesizers and effects boxes are the thing for Putsch '79 music and the boys are not afraid to use real live instruments in their music either, mostly sampling Pauli's guitar and bass playing. Of course computer editing and plug-ins are inevitable for Putsch '79 sound in todays digital world. Putsch '79 records are released on Clone Records, also coming from Holland. So far there have been three 12” ep's: 1300, Asian Girls and a limited (200 copies) release cx14. The Putsch ’79 full length album PUTSCH (2x12” and cd) is coming out in February 2004. Gigs will follow soon, but the dates are to be settled.

Here you can read an interview with Putsch 79: