Thursday, December 09, 2004

Insanely good house mix

Only have a few minutes so I need to make this quick-

I featured DJ INC a couple weeks ago on this site and he just dropped a new mix on PROTONRADIO

He played one set of dub/downtempo and another which is an amazing tech house mix that was recorded live at his Tempo night in Atlanta. This house mix is so good! I was listening at work and my computer was about ready to blow up. I personally think this mix rivals any mix from the Fabric series.

Here is the download link:

DJ INC 11/24/04 Live at Tempo

His website is TempoAtl


DJRoz said...

Just finished listening to that set...had me sending SPAM all morning.

Ben Silver said...

same here!

The EXACT style of house music I want to hear. His mixing is next level

Anonymous said...

you have great taste silver


Adi said...

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