Monday, December 27, 2004

Brothers Past and Lotus NYE

Brothers Past- Live 10/24/03 MP3's

So this NYE should be a great one. I am flying to Philly to catch some shows on the 29th and the 30th and them I am DJ'ing on NYE at the TLA which is a nice sized venued. The two bands I am playing with are Lotus and Brothers Past. Both hail from Philly and both bands play their own version of live electronic one shape or another. I am going to be playing a variety of styles of music ranging all the way from Downtempo to Tech House and I will be spinning before the show, between bands, and at setbreak.

The Lotus website says: "Lotus is a five-piece instrumental band based in Philadelphia. Their music is heavily tempered by electronic styles such as deep house and drum n' bass, but inside the sonic layers seep heavy doses of funk, jazz, and world music. Their high-energy live shows feature tightly composed material balanced with stretched out improvisation. The sounds shift from spiritual and meditative, to jubilant and energetic, from dark dance floor burners, to spaced-out waves of ambience." They also have a great new album out titled, "Nomad", that I highly recommend checking out. There also is a cool live video on their site.

Read more about Brothers Past HERE The band is a nice mix of indie rock vocals and nasty drum and bass, house, and other electronic style jamming. They have a wide array of toys including crazy synths, Laptops, and Kaoss pads that they use to warp the sounds and their drummer is an absolute machine. At times you you will not believe a human is dropping the beats you hear. Along with their own great originals you may even catch a Radiohead, Cure, or even a cover of The Clash but with their own twist. You can also grab the all instrumental "Dance Sampler" at this site HERE


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