Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Welcome Tourist

B Fleischmann- Welcome Tourist (Morr Music) 2003

"Grunt" MP3

Bernhard Fleischmann "wants to criticize a state of mind that subordinates human beings to a logic of economic utilization." An interesting statement to say the least and his music I guess could be deemed political....if it had words. B Fleischmann's music is primarily instrumental and is in the same class as Fourtet, Squarepusher, and Amon Tobin, which many people label as IDM. Fleischmann uses melodic piano riffs to balance out static sounds and drill-and-bass style drum programming on some of the tracks. The album has moments that make me feel like I am listening to Kid A without the vocals and remixed by Fourtet. My favorite tracks on the album start out slighlty dissonant with odd effects and end up as soothing, jazzy compositions.

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