Thursday, December 22, 2005

Get Minimal

Ferik-12/5/05 MicroMix

Thanks to Travis Williams for passing this one on. Some nice minimal tracks on this mix hosted on the archive.
Also- I changed the link to the music player I posted below. It is now a direct link so check it out.

Parte - A (00:00 > 33:55)
01a) Marco Nega - Muse (addicted & lost) [Mixomat]
02a) Fax - Desierto [Interdisco]
03a) Lusine - Flat
04a) Peter F. Spiess - Chirico [Textone]
05a) Sascha Dive present KeBT - Die schönheit (tis rmx) [Dive]
06a) Dubjack - Trebol 3 [Groovear]
07a) Ferik® - Ghost to ghost
08a) Omar Salgado - Rio Gallegos [Audio 808]

Parte - B (33:56 > 74:10)
01b) SCSI-9 - Sound gestretcht [Fragment]
02b) Killahertz - Official pillow [Fragment]
03b) psyCodEd - Chemtrails (Igor O. Vlasov rmx) [Zimmer]
04b) sgnl fltr - mikro 9 [AABTEK]
05b) Studio 1 Green (side B1 - 1996)
06b) Studio 1 Yellow (side B1 - 1996)
07b) GummiHz - Mood control [After Dinner]
08b) Jan Jalinek - Music to interrogate
09b) Leonel Castillo - Nebulosa [Groovear]

Monday, November 28, 2005

Lusine- LIVE

LUSINE- Live pa set (Ghostly International-Seatle)

I have been a fan of the Ghostly International label for a bit now and my favorite artist on the label is Lusine. I posted about him a while ago and if you check the archives you will see it. I love his sound and can't get enough of his "Serial Hodgepodge" LP. I stumbled across this live pa set today so check it out.

"Lusine has been making electronic music for over a decade now, having released on such labels as K7!/MAS, Hymen, U-Cover and now Ghostly International. His production has developed to the point where his lush interpretation of IDM sets the bench for scores of imitators. This visceral, melodic set combines Lusine's thick beats and atmospheric melodies into a head nodding and ass shaking utopia. Be sure to check out Lusine's latest full length on Ghostly International, "Serial Hodgepodge." He's got plenty of music in the archives for you to dig up so if you enjoy his set, be sure to seek out his equally impressive older releases."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series continues...

Ben Silver-Decepticon Shuffle MP3

This is part 5 of the series, and Spencer Lokken added part 4 this week.
Both will be added to

For this mix I used all sorts of assorted robotic funk and other tripped out electronic beats and blips but in the end, it is still a downtempo mix (sort of)
This one is a bit different than anything I have put together in the past.

Hope you like!

Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series Volume 5

Ben Silver- Decepticon Shuffle

1- Momma Gravy- John Pill (Pork)
2- Common Factor- In Between (Daniel Ibbotson Remix) (Soma)
3- Hardfloor- Who Spends Money on CandyGirls and Chocolate Chips? (Combination)
4- Visit Venus- The Big Tilt (Yomama)
5- Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- Take Off Da Hot Sweater (Combination)
6- Midnight Star- Electricity (Solar 1983)
7- Common Factor- In Between (Original) (Soma)
8- Visit Venus- Planet of The Breaks (Escape) (Yomama)
9- Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- L.A.F. 1 (Combination)
10- Momma Gravy- Russian New Year (Pork)
11- Baby Mammoth- Walk (Baby Mammoth Remix) (Sunshine)
12- Random Factor- Second Principles (20/20 Vison)
13- Jersey Street- Brand New Day (After Dark Remix) (Glasgow Underground)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Disco Biscuits re-edit/mashup and myspace....

I will add lots of new music over the weekend. I have been busy and/or slacking so a bit behind. I did join the plague that is myspace and god damn is that site addicting! Hit me up and do the add to friends thing.


I also added a flash player on the myspace page so you can stream music without downloading it. I added a few of the orchard lounge mixes and live clips from Camp Bisco. I also took a portion from the late night set we spun where we spun records and used a Roland SP-303 sampler full of sounds to layer clips of the biscuits over the music to create sort of a remix/mashup. Whatever you call it, it was done live and all triggered manually, not with a laptop. Here is an mp3 from the set and this part is about 10 samples of the Disco Biscuits song "Above The Waves" over the records "Raw" by Dexter:

Orchard Lounge- Raw/Above The Waves MP3

oh and as an added is my friends Sommers doing his trademark worm:

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Lesson In Sampling from ?uestlove

?uestlove- Sample Lesson Mix

?uestlove, the drummer from the Roots, is also a great DJ with a ridiculous record collection. There was a video online that showed his record room that was at least 20,000 deep. This mix features the original tracks that were sampled to make some of the greatest hits in hiphop history. Some of these songs never fail to put a smile on my face. Check it-

1. Arc Choir - "Jesus Walks" (Mapleshade) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Jesus Walks" (Roc-A-Fella))
2. Nu Birth - "You're What I'm All About" (?) (USED IN = Biggie Smalls - "Player Anthem (X-Ray))
3. The Whatnaughts - "I'll Erase Away Your Pain" (Priority) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Late" (Roc-A-Fella))
4. Main Ingredient - "Let Me Prove My Love To You" (RCA) (USED IN = Alicia Keys - "You Don't Know My Name" (J Records))
5. Silvia Striplin - "You Can't Turn Me Away" (Charly) (USED IN = Junior M.A.F.I.A. - "Get Money" (X-Ray))
6. The Temptations - "I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky" (Motown) (USED IN = Common - "The Corner" (Geffen))
7. Honey Cone - "Innocent Till Proven Guilty" (Fantasy) (USED IN = Common - "Testify" (Geffen))
8. DJ Rogers - "Faithful To The End" (RCA) (USED IN = Common - "Faithful" (Geffen))
9. Luchi DeJesus - "Round About Midnight" (?) (USED IN = KRS ONE - "A Friend" (Jive))
10. Dynasty - "Adventures In The World Of Music" (Solar/Sequal) (USED IN = Camp-Lo - "Luchini" (Profile))
11. Willie Mitchell - "Grovin'" (Hi) (USED IN = GZA - "Liquid Swords" (Geffen))12. Wendy Renay – "After The Laughter Come Tears" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Tearz" (Loud))
13. The Charmels - "I'll Never Grow Old" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Cream" (RCA))
14. Dione Warwick - "You're Gonna Need Me" (Invictions) (USED IN = Usher - "Throwback" (Arista))
15. Billy Cobham - "Heather" (Wounded Bird) (USED IN = Souls of Mischief - "93 Till Infinity" (Jive))
16. Beherd Wright - "Halboglabotribin'" (BMG) (USED IN = Snoop Dogg - "Gz & Hustlaz" (Death Row))
17. Jack Bruce - "Born 2 Be Blue" (Atco) (USED IN = Smith N Wesssun - "Buck Town" (?))
18. Aretha Franklin - "Call Me" (Rhino/Atlanta) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Selfish" (Capitol))
19. Quincy Jones - "Summer In The City" (A&M) (USED IN = Pharcyde - "Passin Me By" (Delicious Vinyl))
20. Joe Simons - "Before The Nite's Over" (?) (USED IN = Outkast - "So Fresh & So Clean" (Arista))
21. Peabo Bryson - "Born 2 Love" (Unknown) (USED IN = Nas - "2nd Childhood" (Sony))
22. The Chi-Lites - "That's How Long I Love You" (Unknown) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Dec 4" (Roc-A-Fella))
23. Abdel Halim-Hefes - "Khasiaraya-Gar" (EMI Arabia) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Big Pimpin'" (Roc-A-Fella))
24. Labi Siffre - "I Got The" (Mr Bongo) (USED IN = Eminem - "My Name Is" (Aftermath)/Jay Z - "The Streets Is Watching" (Roc-A-Fella))
25. Samuel Johnson - "My Music" (Columbia) (USED IN = Jadakiss - "We're Gonna Make It" (Ruff Ryders/Interscope))
26. Milt Jackson - "Olinga" (CTI) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour" (Jive))
27. War - "Magic Mountain" (Rhino) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Potholes In My Lawn" (Tommy Boy))
28. Ahmad Jamal - "Swahililand" (20th Century) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Stakes Is High" (Tommy Boy))
29. Gap Mangione - "Diana In The Autumn Wind" (GRC) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Fall In Love" (Capitol)/Jaylib - "Official" (Stones Throw))
30. David McCallum - "The Edge" (Capitol) (USED IN = Dr Dre - "Next Episode" (Aftermath))
31. Creative Source - "I Can't See Myself Without You" (Sussex/Polydor) (USED IN = Freeway - "What We Do" (Unknown))
32. Average White Band - "Love Your Life" (Rhino) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Check The Rhyme" (Jive))
33. Funkadelic - "Let's Take It To The People" (Westbound) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Everything Is Fair" (Jive))
34. Ronnie Foster - "Mystic Brew" (Blue Note) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation" (Jive))
35. The Chi-Lites - "Are You My Woman?" (Brunswick/Eugene) (USED IN = Beyonce - "Crazy In Love" (Columbia))
36. The Meters - "Oh Calcutta!" (Josie) (USED IN = Amerie - "One Thing" (Sony))
37. McCoy Tyner - "Impressions" (Milestone/OJC) (USED IN = Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours" (Mercury))
38. Nirvana - "Indiana" (White) (USED IN = The Roots - "Dynamite" (Geffen))

Friday, October 14, 2005


video for "sister"

When I saw the name JUSTIN WARFIELD in my URB I nearly lost it. I used to be love his rap album "My Field Trip To Planet 9" in the early '90's and I recently posted a few mp3's from that album on this site. On that post I wondered what happened to the guy since he hadn't released anything in so long. So Justin is back with Adam12 to form their new group She Wants Revenge. The album isn't out yet so I posted the link to their new video. These guys are going to be HUGE! There are at least 6 songs that could be hit singles. Joy Division, DepecheMode, Happy Mondays, The Smith's, and New Order obviously are influences on the two of them. They fall in the same category as modern bands like Interpol, The Killers, and The Bravery and I am enjoying what I have heard by S.W.R. as much or more as the other modern bands I listed. You need their album. Yes, NEED.

She Wants Revenge

Justin Warfield says:

"Our music is a modern extension of a time in the late 70’s and early 80’s when music was colliding in ways it never had before. We’re talking about New Order hearing what Arthur Baker and Bambatta were doing in New York and what was going on with Chicago house, then taking that back to the UK and incorporating that into their dark Northern view of punk rock. Then there’s the birth of early hip-hop in NYC coinciding with the club music coming out of Danceteria, Nels, The Palladium, The Latin Quarter, and The Mudd Club. You had Madonna, Basquiat, Blondie, John Lurie, the New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew. Liquid Liquid, James Black and ESG all in the same time and place - it’s unheralded. There’s been no other time in the culture of art and music where you could you be dancing to a Nile Rogers disco classic at Studio 54, then hop in a cab and ten minutes later be watching The Voidoids at Max’s Kansas City with Warhol, Bowie and Schnabel in attendance. This is what we are doing today - only there are no flashing camera’s or Legs Mc Neil’s following us around documenting the shit we’re doing"….Not yet maybe, not yet.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dead Can Dance...alive again

"Nierika" Live in Dublin MP3

Dead Can Dance is a band that like the Talking Heads, Grateful Dead, and Pixies, I never thought I would ever see live. Pixies I have now seen three times, Jerry Garcia has no plans to come back to life and the Talking Heads most likely will never play together again. Last night I was lucky enough to witness a true spectacle that is Dead Can Dance, live at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. When I was in college I had many amazing experiences with DCD as the counteract so it will always bring back memories for me when I hear them. The song I posted, "Nierika", was also used on a short film I made for one of my film classes at UW. The show was at an Opera house and it actually was very much like a modern...yet Baroque opera in some ways. Lisa Gerard was like an angel with a voice that literally is heaven. Dressed in an all white gown she played the dulcimer and on some songs stood onstage solo and brought the house down. Some of what she sang were hymn's from the 1400's and it was so powerful, tears filled the eyes of many people around us. Rounding out the vocals is Brenden Parry who compliments Lisa perfectly. They only sang together on a few songs, usually it is one or the other. Brenden's songs reminded me a little of Peter Gabriel but with an even bigger voice. He has such a presence onstage and some of the songs he sang had such a dark and gloomy feel that you couldn't help but feel the pain. Others were uplifting with the percussion and strings behind the vocals leading the crowd to the light and after each song a massive applause from the crowd.

You can purchase every show from their world tour on their website: DCD
Also I HIGHLY suggest checking out the film "Toward The Within" which contains some unbelievable live footage.

Bio from their 4 disc set they released:
"1981-1998 reveals why Dead Can Dance was such an influential group and why their music remains very much alive. From the opening notes of "Frontier," the first piece Lisa Gerard and Brendan Perry improvised together, Dead Can Dance opened a doorway into worlds at once ancient and alien, frightening and glorious. 1981-1998 compiles the output of Dead Can Dance from their seven studio albums, live performances, and sundry collections. Through their many stylistic shifts, it reveals the music of ecstasy, a state of spiritual release that can be as serene as a Gregorian chant and as intense as a Persian dervish. But then, Dead Can Dance always had two sides. There were Perry's Jim Morrison-meets-Sinatra vocal croons, and there was the uncanny and passionate Gerrard, whose Middle Eastern, Bulgarian, and Gregorian singing styles created a transcultural dialect of the imagination. Perry surrounds Gerrard in a gothic architecture of synthesizers, strings, the Chinese hammered dulcimer called the yang ch'in (played by Gerrard), bouzoukis, and hurdy-gurdys. As ancient as its sources, Dead Can Dance is as modern as the end of time, which is where a lot of this music still sounds like it's headed. 1981-1998 follows the pair from their beginnings in Australia to their final studio album, the African-Indian derived Spiritchaser. Among the gems are their last song together, "The Lotus Eaters," recorded just before their final split, and a Gerrard composition called "Bylar." Performed here by Dead Can Dance, this rapturous piece was previously available only on The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 2, in a version by Gerrard. In concert, Dead Can Dance was almost a religious experience and that aspect is nearly captured on the final disc of this box in a DVD of their live concert film, Toward the Within. Also included are some videos."
-John Diliberto

Friday, September 30, 2005

Mashup+Tweaked+Chopped= you need these mixes


Strepsil is no stranger to this site and his first "Smokey" mix was posted here a while ago. I really love what he does with his mixes because his mashups are extremely creative and he uses tracks that are not usually used in mashup sets. Most of the tracks he uses are glitchy IDM beats that I love. I am not sure what he is using but my guess would be Ableton Live because some of the tracks are messed with so much... it is fucking awesome! You need to hear what he does with Vanilla Ice on his "70 minutes of badness" mix. I don't know how he did it or where he found it but there is a totally re-edited track that has parts of "havin a roni" and "ice ice baby" completely with a glitchy beat behind it about 17 minutes in. That is one of the coolest and most original sounds I have heard on a mix in ages.
Here are 3 mixes...he has more posted here

"Smokey" MP3
00:00 (02:48) Bonobo :: Sugar Rhyme
02:48 (02:21) Console :: My Dog Eats Beats
05:09 (02:15) Bonobo :: The Plug
07:25 (02:21) Kinobe :: Bopalong
09:46 (01:44) Tosca :: Fuck Dub (Haaksman Mix)
11:30 (02:24) Boards Of Canada :: Aquarius
13:55 (02:53) Aim :: From Here To Fame (feat. YZ)
16:48 (03:14) Amon Tobin :: Nighlife
20:03 (02:33) Wiseguys :: Poontang
22:37 (02:04) Jorge Ben Jor :: Chove Chuva
24:42 (02:07) Wookie :: Scrappy
26:50 (01:46) Wookie :: Back Up Back Up Back Up
28:36 (03:10) Riton :: Take Control / Sisqo :: Thong Song (acapella)
31:47 (02:58) Manitoba :: People Eating Fruit
34:46 (02:38) Múm :: I'm 9 Today
37:24 (01:35) Amon Tobin :: Sordid
39:00 (01:59) Boards Of Canada :: Pete Standing Alone
40:59 (03:29) Bonobo :: Silver
44:28 (01:54) Riton :: Departure
46:23 (01:37) Wiseguys :: Casino
48:00 (01:43) Múm :: The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie
49:44 (02:26) Bomb The Bass (feat. Justin Warfield) :: Bug Powder Dust
52:10 (01:49) Boards Of Canada :: Smokes Quantity
54:00 (02:20) Tosca :: Ocean Beat
56:21 (03:25) Cujo :: Cat People
59:47 (01:54) Riton :: Put That On My Momma
61:41 (01:17) Neil Hefti :: Batman Theme
62:58 (03:19) Two Lone Swordsmen :: Section / Ol' Dirty Bastard :: Shimmy Shimmy Ya (acapella)
66:18 (01:45) Kinobe :: Slip Into Something More Comfortable
68:04 (03:35) Wiseguys :: Nil By Mouth

00:00 (02:09) Barrington Levy :: Under Mi Sensi
02:10 (02:03) Zero 7 :: In The Waiting Line
04:14 (02:02) Squarepusher :: Plaistow Flex Out / Shaggy & Rik Rok :: It Wasn't Me (acapella)
06:16 (02:12) Arovane :: Eleventh!
08:28 (02:38) Bomb The Bass & Lali Puna :: Clearcut (Arovane Mix)
11:07 (02:07) Wai Wan :: Yesterday
13:14 (03:00) Rae & Christian :: Salvation
16:14 (02:44) Wai Wan :: Blue
18:59 (01:48) Tommy Hools :: Les Reprouves
20:47 (01:36) Mr Scruff :: Ug / Beanie Man :: Romie (acapella)
22:24 (02:35) Cabbageboy :: I.Cabbage
25:00 (02:11) Monkey-Ken & Dj Seto feat Hazaed & Daddy Shadow :: Taiyou Ga Arukagiri / Orchestra & Choir of Bulgarian Radio :: Polegnala E Pschenitza
27:11 (02:07) S.I. Futures :: Assault on Precinct 14
29:19 (02:17) Tipper :: Pins And Needles
31:37 (01:34) Kid Loco :: A Grand Love Theme
33:12 (02:50) Jega :: Intron.IX / Les Rythmes Digitales :: Kontake
36:02 (03:04) Wai Wan :: The Deep
39:07 (03:03) D'Angelo :: Devils Pie
42:10 (02:21) Thievery Corporation :: 2001 Spliff Odyssey
44:32 (02:00) Finlay Quaye :: Even After All
46:32 (02:28) John Tejada :: To The Northern Sky
49:01 (02:16) Indian Ropeman :: 66 Meters
51:18 (02:49) Björk :: Isobel
54:07 (02:33) Thievery Corporation :: The Foundation
56:40 (02:31) Bonobo :: The Plug (Quantic Mix)
59:11 (04:06) Leila :: Feeling
"70 Minutes of Badness"
00:00 (01:15) Intro
01:15 (02:38) Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Nr-Limnic
03:53 (02:46) Crunch :: Crunky
06:39 (03:04) Brothomstates :: Adozenaday
09:43 (01:24) The Rip-Off Artist :: Hydrocracking
11:07 (01:12) Dabrye :: Smoking The Edge
12:19 (03:10) Tipper :: Tip Hop
15:29 (02:53) Bit Meddler :: Shitmix 2000
18:22 (03:26) Dean Martin & Julie London :: Sway (The Rip-Off Arist Remix)
21:48 (01:07) Jan Jelinek :: Tendency
22:55 (03:06) Radioactive Man :: Uranium (extended)
26:01 (01:04) Inva Mulla Tchako, from the Fifth Element OST :: Diva Dance (Il Dolce Suono)
27:05 (01:00) Riton :: Just Enough (skit)
28:05 (01:41) Dabrye :: Truffle No Shuffle
29:46 (02:01) Electromagnetic Beam :: Unknown
31:47 (01:27) LFO :: Nurture (Surgeon Mix)
33:14 (02:20) Atom Heart :: Naturalist 3/4
35:34 (02:01) Abfahrt Hinwill :: Trilogy
37:35 (02:06) Animals On Wheels :: Modular Existence
39:41 (00:45) Astrobotnia :: Everyone
40:26 (01:23) Meat Beat Manifesto :: Prime Audio Soup (BoC Vegetarian Soup Mix)
41:49 (01:36) Proswell :: 0eo
43:25 (02:18) Bola :: Versivo
45:43 (01:41) L'Usine :: Scratch
47:24 (02:07) Bauri :: The Slacker Journal
49:32 (02:10) Christian Kleine :: Beyond Repair
51:42 (02:58) Mr Oizo :: Monophonic Shit
54:40 (02:32) Two Lone Swordsmen :: Forevereverb
57:12 (02:57) Björk and Matmos :: An Echo A Stain (Odd Duck Remix)
60:09 (02:00) Isan :: Paintchart / Cassetteboy :: JOliver
62:09 (02:21) Aphex Twin :: Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix)
64:30 (01:57) Sir Mixalot :: Baby Got Back
66:27 (02:30) Cold Fusion Mafia :: Sentinel / Tweet :: Oops Oh My (acapella)
68:57 (01:03) Outro

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Endtroducing Orchestra

Might as well keep the DJ Shadow links rolling. This video is incredible! According to his website, Brian is from Madison, WI and went to school at UW (like me)

Brian_ Udelhofen-The Shadow Percussion Project

From Archive:
The after-school percussion group at Minnetonka High School, Minneapolis, rehearsed for months and can now play two tracks from DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing' album. The music was arranged by 25 year-old geographer/law student/vibraslap enthusiast Brian Udelhofen, who teaches the group. The Shadow Percussion Project page links to this amazing video [65mb WMV] of the group's live performance in May 2005. They play 'Building Steam with a Grain of Salt' and 'Changeling'. What's amazing is how much like the record they sound (given the rather fuzzy audio), at least on 'Building Steam'. The drummers recreate the glitchy MPC-60 loop editing pretty much perfectly. Medals all roun

DJ Shadow vs. Radiohead vs. George W.

DJ Shadow- Terror Remix of Radiohead's Gloaming MP3

I guess this has been out since the election but I had never heard this Radiohead remix by DJ Shadow until today. I have been on a Shadow-binge for the last few weeks and bumping Endtroducing constantly. Also grabbed an album called "Lost and Found" which is a comp of the original tracks Shadow sampled to create Endtroducing. So today a google search led me to this site and nearly soiled my shorts when I saw Radiohead and DJ Shadow in the same sentence. The remix of "The Gloaming" contains many vocal samples of our President using such words as "terror" and "weapons". Last year if you spent over $15 on his website, you were sent the vinyl (photo on the left) which is shaped like Dick Cheney's head.
I love this remix and I think you will also. Now get up off yo ass and buy the deluxe edition of Endtroducing, one of the greatest albums ever recorded. You can buy direct from his website: HERE Also he has some great DVD's- Scratch (an essential DVD to own), Freeze, In Time On Time, and the Product Placement tour (with Cut Chemist and Z-Trip)...all are awesome!

My Field Trip To Planet 9

Justin Warfield- My Field Trip To Planet 9

"Ellis Dee" MP3
"Dip Dip Diving" MP3
"K Sera Sera" MP3

Justin Warfield's early '90's album "My Field Trip To Planet 9" was one of the cassette tapes that never, ever left the tape deck in my car when I was in High School. The beats are so great on this album with touches of psychedlic rock and jazz. I knew all of the words to some of the songs but most likely didn't have a clue what they meant. Also there is one song with about 20 shout outs at the end of "dip dip diving" and my friends and I could recite all of the names in order at any time. It is too bad Justin Warfield seems to have dropped off the face of the earth because I haven't seen or heard anything about him in years. I gave you 3 tracks from this album because it is a tough one to find.

Trouser Press said:
Los Angeles native Justin Warfield was still in his teens when he contributed three tracks to a 1991 compilation produced by Quincy Jones' son. He was barely 20 when My Field Trip to Planet 9 was released, and that record's promise, combined with his youth, led many to expect great things of the psychedelicized rapper. What should have been expected of his youth was some malleability and capriciousness; all his next record of Sgt. Pepper-influenced psychedelic rock shares with the debut is its reflexive title.
Produced by Prince Paul, My Field Trip to Planet 9 is a joyously atypical hip-hop record: Warfield's trippy guitar loops take the place of shopworn soul/funk samples, he goes by his given name rather than a contrived street handle and his view of pop culture is as expanded as his chemically assisted mind — Ravi Shankar and Joanie Loves Chachi both get namechecked. Warfield's plain-spoken raps seek to lull rather than rouse, and his delivery sounds like a mid-afternoon stoner monologue that just happens to rhyme.
Dispensing with hip-hop, Warfield turned to rock with the four-piece Supernaut. Much of the material is as original as Lenny Kravitz — which is to say not very — and the lyrics are not much more intelligible. "Serpent's tongue just grazed the fire/Demon-shed tongue drip cornshoe dire" goes "Moontower." Warfield is a charmer, though, and both records' shortcomings can be written off as the miscalculations of an overenthusiastic rookie.
Warfield has since moved back into rap and on into electronica, working on tracks with Bomb the Bass, Cornershop, Placebo and the Chemical Brothers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Adam Fucked Jerry (Garcia)

"Adam Fucked Jerry" MP3

R@TTOE! AKA Right At The Tip Of Evil are a group of kids I have known for a few years and they never fail to make me laugh. Scott R@ttoe gave me a track that Adam R@ttoe made and said that I NEEDED to hear it and if I didnt laugh, I have no sense of humor. The track he made was titled "Adam Fucked Jerry" and is about his backstage mauling of the one and only, Jerry Garcia. With a title like that, I knew this one would be crazy. I thought I would give you a taste of the crazy R@ttoe's with this one and you can check out their website HERE. They put up a clip from my NYE DJ Set where I custom made a "Right at the tip of evil" sample and layered it over one of my records. Watching their reaction when I played it that night was priceless!

"...I took Jerry Garcia backstage after the sickest drums and space ever"

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Skream August 2005 Mix

So today I was turned on to a new word "dubstep". I have been listening to it for ages and one of my favorite dub infused d'n'b producers, Big Bud, has many tracks that could be labeled as dubstep. I was checking out a great site today called Blackdown today which features an interview and awesome mix by Skream. Check it out-

Croydon's Skream has has a massive impact on dubstep since he first appeared in Hatcha sets three or four years ago. But with his "Midnight Request Line" (Tempa) currently being rewound by Roll Deep on their Rinse show the hype around his music has never been bigger...
The rest and the interview is on the Blackdown site so go on over. Move along now.

*all tracks original Skream productions unless stated*

Tortured Soul
Sunship "Almighty Father (Skream remix)"
Midknight Requestline
Smiling Face
Lightning Dub (Elektronica)
Digital Mystikz "Ancient Memories (Skream remix)
"Loefah "Indian Dub (Skream remix)
Where Am I?
Deeper Feelings
Untitled (a little taster)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kid 17

I thought this was cool:

Everything in its right place- 17 Seconds" MP3


"A recent buzz on the internet among Radiohead fans involving their most experimental album Kid A stated that if you played the songs on Kid A on 2 sources with a 17 second gap between them, the majority of the songs would synch up to create a wall of harmonic sound. As it is, the songs do have a tendency to harmonise quite well if you get the 17 second gap right. For example, on the opening tack "Everything in its Right Place", the vocals from the 2 sources will blend together to create a non stop barrage of vocal harmony."

Saturday, September 03, 2005

4 short video clips from last weekend...

STILL buzzing from last weekend so I thought I would share a few video clips from the festival.

1)My set>Brothers Past
This is a clip of the segue from my first set into the Brothers Past set. The audio is on the post below but here you can see Rick the drummer playing guitar.

2) Orchard Lounge using samples of The Disco Biscuits over records
The next 3 are from the late night Orchard Lounge set. In this clip I am layering samples of guitar and also vocals from "Above The Waves" from 3/13/99 which is a classic Biscuits song. Since we were playing after them and also at their festival to their fans, it was fitting to try to do something cool with their music.

3) Orchard Lounge playing Planet Rock
Amazing song and Spencer nailed the mix into it. Listen closely to the deep, low end sounds coming from the sampler too.

4) Orchard Lounge playing Radiohead remix
This Radiohead remix is a great record and I sampled Thom Yorke's voice and was looping that also while I mixed into the next record. Funny Tozzi banter as well haha.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Orchard Lounge LIVE from camp bisco!

More photos here

Well, just got back from one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had. We were asked to spin in NY at the Disco Biscuits' festival called Camp Bisco. The festival was just perfect and there were close to 6000 people there. I spun a set at 6:00 of downtempo/acidy stuff which ended with the band Brothers Past coming out and jamming over my last record to begin their set. I also got to test out my new 303 sampler which was fully loaded for the weekend and you can hear it on this recording of the short set:

Ben Silver- First set>BP 8/26/05 live at Camp Bisco

Later on that night The Disco Biscuits blew up the stage as usual. I have been seeing that band for 7 years now and also was at the first 2 Camp Bisco's in 1999 and 2000. To go from a die-hard fan to actually playing at their festival was a dream come true for me. They played until 1am and we were lucky enough to get the time slot after them from 1am-2am!!!! It was an amazing experience. Spencer and I spun a set of tech house with loads of samples and I even was layering samples I made of the disco biscuits over the records.

The personal highlight of the festival musically for me was from 5:45-7:30am on Sunday morning. Somehow they were able to get GOD...I mean Simon Posford to play at the festival late night Saturday after the biscuits. He played one set as Hallucinogen and one set along with Benji Vaughn as Younger Brother. Posford has many aliases and my favorite has always been his Ambient/Psy-Dub project Shpongle. I have posted about Shpongle in the past and I still consider "Are You Shpongled?" to be one of the greatest electronic productions ever created. Their LIVE set as Younger Brother was so good that 4 days later I am still in shock. It was one of the greatest musical experiences I have ever had and for a chunk of the set I was sitting on a fold up chair 20 feet away from them studying what they were doing while having my mind blown to shreds. Yes, it was THAT good. I will do a seperate post about Younger Brother next.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

video of THE BAYS!!!

Only have a few minutes but wanted to post this:


also there is a new show on their site

So someone out there figured out how to change the file names so I could save the video clips from the BBC Documentary I posted a while back. The .ram was changed to .mov and then I was able to burn it for personal use. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN SAVE AND BURN THIS BAYS VIDEO??!?!?!?!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

warped hiphop and IDM mix with extra glitch

Phocas on Decks August05 - Tactic and DJ Candlewax

1. Cepia – L2 – Ghostly International
2. Dabrye – The Lish – Ghostly International
3. Alias – Shoes Cars – Anticon
4. Shadow Huntaz – Figure Of Speech Inst. – Skam
5. Ludacris – Southern Hospitality – Def Jam
6. Ghislian Poirier – Don’t Smile, It’s Postmodern – Chocolate Industries
7. Slicker – Knock Me Down Girl Inst. – Hefty
8. Diamond Ice – Iceberg – Metatronix/Beta Bodega
9. Jay Z – The Bounce Inst. – Roc-A-Fella
10. Kardinal Offishal – Hurricane (Like Its Hot) – Unknown
11. Yin Yang Twins – Wait (TheWhisper Song) Inst. – TVT
12. Liberty – Being Nobody (Richard X Rmx Inst.) – Astralwerks
13. DJ/Rupture – Little More Oil feat. Sister Nancy – Tigerbeat6
14. M.I.A. – Pull Up The People – XL
15. 1 Thing Over (Amerie, Dabrye)
16. Chok Rock – Buzz – Warp
17. Outkast – She Lives In My Lap – Arista
18. RJD2 – Takeoff Inst. – Bustown Pride
19. Platinum Pied Pipers – Now Or Never – Ubiquity

Just came across this mix which was posted on a messageboard this week and I have been bumping it in my office all week. Really nice mix of hiphop, some glitchy IDM tracks, and other assorted styles. Check it

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jamie Lidell is crazy

Jamie Lidell- Multiply (Warp)

LIVE VIDEO with beatboxing, loops, and vocals

The video speaks for itself. Period. Not much I can really say other than the fact that this guy is completely insane and extremely talented.

Angry Ape said:
Not something you’d typically associate with the esteemed Warp Records, the new Jamie Lidell album has to be one of the most exhilerating releases from the electronic giants back catalogue.

Lidell was formerly one half of techno-funk outfit Super_Collider with Cristian Vogel, and anyone who heard his singing contribution to Matthew Herbert’s Big Band project, will know the strength, diversity and passion of Lidell’s emotive vocal range.

Multiply is a genre-crossing beast of an album, that combines and moulds elements of soul, funk, electronica, rock, electro and disco - all focused around the main settings of Lidell’s seductive Superfly vocals. Imagine an amalgam of soul classics Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Prince and Sly Stallone, overlaid and met with twisted electronic influences.

Fans of Taylor Savvy, Har Mar Superstar and Beck (Midnite Vultures) will adore this LP, although Multiply is a more dense composition than anything created by his peers. A refreshing approach to electronica, Lidell is completely and utterly in a league of his own.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

2 places you should visit now...

I have been busy and out of town hence the lack of posts. I have a ton of new music to share so I will be adding a bunch of stuff soon. Here are two places to visit today-

Velvet Pants

My good friend Wes started his site off recently and it is all about music, films, life, and other assorted bullshit. I highly suggest checking it right now because he has a live set by METRO AREA recorded at Smartbar on my birthday 2 years ago. That night was one of the most fun nights I ever had in Chicago. Friends from all over came to Chicago to party down and we started with a roof deck party and ended up at Smartbar seeing Metro Area for the first time and stayed until almost sunrise. The set is impeccably mixed and contains rare tracks from the late 70's and 80's that you most likely have never heard.

The other is HEAVY which has been sending me incredible cds every month. Each cd is packed with new music from a variety of artists and the packaging is really nice looking. Make sure to sign up on their site to try it out.
Here is the info:

"If you like knowing about new music first, HEAVY.COM
puts out a compilation CD called the Sumosonic every month that has anything from indie rock, alternative, reggae, electro, hip hop, trance... pretty much any genre that cool tunes exist in. Now they're giving out Sumosonics for free so if you want some free music go to this link: HEAVY FREE OFFER

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well, I have been out of town and have had no time to update the site but next week I will be adding a lot. We have a bunch of gigs this week and weekend so if you are in the Chicago-land area, stop by and say hello!

7/27- Orchard Lounge at Betty's Blue Star 9pm-4am FREE (flyer is below)
7/28- I am spinning at SMARTBAR as part of the Future Sound Of Chicago. If you can make it, email me to be added to the guestlist. Also we are playing Moonshine that night.
7/30- Daytime party at Moonshine from 3pm-10pm...flyer below!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Numb Project

The Numb Project – Soundbridge Sessions (2 Discs)
Hexagon Records 92016

"Submarine" MP3
"Visions Of Ions" MP3

My favorite thing about having this website is when people read the site and turn me on to music that I dig. The Numb Project is Chris Calarco, an extremely talented producer who's tracks are right up my alley. I highly suggest buying his music and below are the links to do so. Some of the tracks remind me of Bonobo, others have a slightly Luke Vibert acid feel, but all have a very unique and original sound. "Submarine" will be a perfect addition to a future downtempo/IDM DJ set and I can't wait to play it.

"Boasting 21 tracks and over 2 hours and 20 minutes of hypnotic, downbeat electronica The Numb Project was released in 2002 on Pittsburgh’s Hexagon Records. A double disc, Soundbridge Sessions, is an alternatingly accessible and cryptic ride through downtempo breaks, rhythmic hypnosis, idm tingles and even some pop/funk-styled electronica. Ripe with heavy, dark beats that recall DJ Krush or Ninja Tune, The Numb Project creates an atmosphere where haunting melodies slip between the throbbing, pulsing grooves. Samples melt into white noise and tonal washes before easing back into structured, electro rhythms. Disc one runs 12 tracks and is more accessible to the casual electronic listener than the second disc’s more enigmatic and paced textures. Disc 2 is highlighted by some delightful dub a la Bill Laswell. Fans of Canada’s Interchill label will recognize a familiar, numb aesthetic.
Influenced by all forms of electronic and organic music, producer Chris Calarco, lives in Portland, OR and can be reached by email. - buy it!

Monday, June 27, 2005

DJ T live set

DJ T - Clubnight 06.18.05 (YOUFM)

Found this live set from the Get Physical Music man, DJ T. It is a 2 hour mix with some incredible tracks. Here is the tracklisting exactly as it is posted on the 4four site:

21:00 / 0:35 Uhr Animal Magic (DJ T. Rmx) - Will Saul (Simple - Promo)
21:06 / 0:41 Uhr El Capitan (Anja Schneider Rmx) - Mambotur (Multicolor - MCR 141.0)
21:10 / 0:45 Uhr Angel (As Rough As A Diamond Rmx) - Samim & Michal feat. Lil' Dirty Ghetto Bastard (Tuning Spork - SPORK 14)
21:15 / 0:50 Uhr Funky Voodoo Mama - Bearback (Tuning Spork Family Affair - TUNINGSFA 001)
21:20 / 0:55 Uhr Rising - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 028-6)
21:30 / 1:05 Uhr Laboratory - Märtini Brös (Promo)
21:34 / 1:09 Uhr I Feel Space - Lindstrom (Feedelity - FEED 004)
21:37 / 1:12 Uhr Our House (Papa) - International Pony (Columbia - 828 766 90 471)
21:44 / 1:19 Uhr Swap (Carsten Jost Dub) - Lawrence (NovaMute - 12 NOMU 152)
21:50 / 1:25 Uhr Glitter - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 004-3)
21:54 / 1:29 Uhr Esplanade 97 (Instrumental) - Francisco feat. Adam Bourke (Nature - NAT 2131)
21:58 / 1:33 Uhr Too Hot - Sebo K (Mobilee - 1)
22:03 / 1:38 Uhr Jack My Body - Hell (Cocoon - COR LP 010)
22:07 / 1:42 Uhr Partymakers - Hugg & Pepp (Cocoon - COR LP 010)
22:10 / 1:45 Uhr Triple Identity - Booka Shade (Get Physical Music - GPM 029)
22:15 / 1:50 Uhr Picadilly Circus - Willzoid (Get Physical Music - Promo)
22:20 / 1:55 Uhr The Big Mean Machine - Richard Bartz vs. Steril (Kurbel - 34)
22:25 / 2:00 Uhr Move Your Body - Savas Pascalidis (International Deejay Gigolos - GIGOLO 143)
22:32 / 2:07 Uhr Promo - Afrilounge (Get Physical Music - Promo)
22:33 / 2:08 Uhr A Guy Called Jack - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 004-3)
22:37 / 2:12 Uhr Muscle Cars (DJ T. Rmx) - Mylo (Breastfed - Promo)
22:44 / 2:19 Uhr Cosmic Sandwich (Domink Eulberg Rmx) - Steve Barnes (MBF - LTD 12006)
22:49 / 2:24 Uhr I Can Feel That (Wighnomy's & Robag Wruhme's Kisslekk Rekks) - Pascal Feos (Omychron - OMY 002-6)
22:54 / 2:29 Uhr Audiomaut - Audio Werner (Hartchef - HCF 05)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jazz Influenced Electronic Music

Kevin Yost- Future Flashback CD

"truth be told" MP3

I just got the new Kevin Yost cd in the mail and it is REALLY good. If you don't know who Yost is, check him out. He is one of my favorite house producers with an extensive jazz background which shines through on his records. He also is an amazing DJ and has been dj'ing since he was like 11 or 12 years old. Some of his tracks have a jazzy sound packed with live instrumentation, others are dark and techy dancefloor burners impeccably produced. He also just finished a tour with a live band where they played live jazz and house.

his new artist album is labeled as "Jazz Influenced Electronic Music" which instantly made me want to buy it. What surprised me, in a good way, is that it is not just "jazzy house" like so much of the jazz influenced stuff out there. This is REAL jazz with great solos and a lot of improvisation. Some parts have a Miles Davis-esque solo, other parts Chick Corea style riffs, all of which played by Yost. Many tracks have a clasic, straight ahead jazz sound which you don't hear quite as much in electronic music. The result is classic jazz instrumentation and arrangements combined with modern production techniques. He says in the liner notes that he wanted to evolve as a musician and producing a jazz album as a one-man band is the proof. says:
"Kevin Yost spent the past year in intense musical reflection, juxtaposing the modern sounds of electronica with classic jazz (his original passion). "Future Flashback" is the next level of this brilliant fusion created by Kevin. His first full length album since the 2000 release of "Road Less Traveled" this 14 track album will feature live orchestration as well as a wide variety of studio collaborations. Kevin has promised to make this his best yet and it is expected to be an undoubted masterpiece. Sax & Flute - Howard Burns Vocals - Kristen Mountz"

Buy this album direct from (and pick up some other stuff too!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kraftwerk still rules

Kraftwerk LIVE- Minimum Maximum 2cd set 2005

"Planet Of Visions" (Ljubljana) MP3

A couple weeks ago I had my mind blown by Kraftwerk again in Chicago. The show was absolutely unbelievable musically and also visually. The men who are machines do as much as possible to look like they are doing nothing. They stand on stage, motionless and expressionless, as the beats peak and the visuals mesmerized the crowd. At one point a screen came down and when it went back up there were four actual robots on stage playing instead of humans. What I loved about the show is how every song was remixed to sound fresh. Some of the songs are 30+ years old so to hear a modern techno edge was cool. Kraftwerk are the originators, the grandfathers, the dinosaurs of electronic music. If it wasn't for them, the early 1980's in Detroit would have sounded a lot different.

Odd that they have been around forever and had not released an official live album until now but here it is- the double LIVE cd set- "Minimum Maximum". The cd's are packed full of songs taken from various venues on their 2004 World Tour. All of the songs are here in their full, tweaked out glory. I read that a double DVD set is also coming but I could not find a release date. That will be huge!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shpongle Live

Shpongle Live -Eilat Desert Israel 10/24/2002

This one won't be up very long so grab it right away. The man, the myth, the legend Simon Posford along with Raja Ram are Shpongle. If you have never heard Shpongle, I highly suggest checking out their albums. The first, "Are You Shpongled?" is an album I consider to be one of the best electronic albums ever produced. It is an extremely influential album and it doesn't sound like anything that has ever been recorded. There is so much going on that when listening with headphones your brain feels like it is on a roller coaster. "Tales of the Inexpressible" had a much more tribal and ethnic vibe to it with many live instruments but still with all of the crazy studio trickery the first album had. The new album is "Nothing Lasts...but Nothing is Lost" and it is coming shortly. This live set is great and it is different than the studio albums with a stripped down, dubby sound.



Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hustlin' Spirit

Spencer Lokken- Hustlin' Spirit
(The mix is in the MIXES section of the site)

We just added a new house mix to the Orchard Lounge site. Spencer dropped another electro techy masterpiece and I have been playing it while working the last few weeks and I really dig the mix. I love that Tiefschwarz remix at the end especially. Nice work spencer! Also he was featured in UR magazine this month and you can read a shortened version HERE and the full length article on the newstands.

01.bebel gilberto - tanto tempo (kruder's bebel i'm nebel rmx)
02.booka shade - vertigo
03.bgb - a crack in the glass
04.jori hulkkonen - you're my excuse for being me
05.cpen - follow the shine
06.john dahlback - wonder
07.jersey devil social club - italo bassline
08.dubious - afterhours
09.alan braxe & fred falke - chrystal city
10.daniel wang - echo by midnight
11.luke vibert - let's dance and freak
12.unit 4 - body dub (tiefschwarz rmx)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

United States of Audio

United States of Audio MIX

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro 3" (BTTB 2005)
Southside Break Crew - "Time To Rock The Party" (Swedish Brandy 2003)
Boca 45 - "Air Drums" (Hombre 2001)
EPMD - "So Watcha Sayin'" (Fresh 1989)
Steinski + Mass Media - "It's Up To You (Instrumental)" (Ninja Tune 1992)
Young Holt Trio - "Wack Wack" (Brunswick 1967)
Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental)" (Sleeping Bag 1988)
Edan - "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme (acapella)" (Lewis 2004)
The Orb - "Perpetual Dawn" (Island 1991)
Original Concept - "Can U Feel It? 88!" (Def Jam 1988)
Coldcut - "Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life" (Ninja Tune 1998)
Martin Brew - "Sand Steppin" (Fat City 1999)
The Nilsmen - "The Sandstep" (RJR 196x)
Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 2)" (Stax 1971)
Selectah - "Wede Man" (Hoody 1993)
James Brown - "Good Foot (Part 1)" (Polydor 1972)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Super Rappin'" (Enjoy 1979)
DJ Dren - "Old Skoolin Part 2" (33Throwdown 2004)
De La Soul - "A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday (Disco Fever Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1991)
Jackie Wilson - "Light My Fire" (Brunswick 1969)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "Creator (Instrumental)" (Elektra 1991)
LL Cool J - "Illegal Search" (Def Jam 1989)
Young MC - "Know How (Instrumental)" (Delicious Vinyl 1989)
Time Zone - "The Wildstyle" (Celluloid 1983)
The Ballistic Brothers - "Peckings" (Junior Boys Own 1995)
Sugarloaf Gangsters - "Samba Swat" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Food - "Importance Of Body Rhythm" (Ninja Tune 1992)
DJ Prao-D + Boogie B - "Breaks Seminar pt. 6" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Revolution - "Juggle Me (Part 2)" (Ground Control 2000)
Bonobo - "Pick Up" (Ninja Tune 2003)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

late Link day

I asked for links and was slow posting them because I felt that just adding a link wasnt enough. I got a number of emails that were very detailed and with great music so rather than just listing now, I will try to do a more in depth post about a few of them. I still included some links here but I will add more about quite a few. Stuff like The Numb Project deserves more than just a link! Also a bunch of mew mp3's will be added shortly. Cheers

Here are some of the random links people sent:
new live trio with the same name. (highly recomended) - click on syntac.
Derek James is based out of the thriving Williamsburg music scene in Brooklyn, New York. The music has bounce, catchy pop/rock hooks, and character soaked in eclectic New York City flavor with Beatle-esque production. Some fans describe music as Jack Johnson meets Coldplay.

Download page:
where to buy it cdbaby page:

Plaid Video

Friday, May 20, 2005

People Places and Things

Slide Five- People Places and Things

"Polestar" MP3

I just downloaded this album from after a long hiatus. I have always dug these guys ever since I picked up their funky first album almost 10 years ago. "People Places and Things" is an amazing album and those basslines stick in my head for days after listening to them. This album is all live instruments and Dave Warrin is AMAZING on that Juno bass and keys.

allmusic said:
Like so many groups that started with the "acid jazz" sound, Slide Five moved into the electronic realm. This album mixes the live sound of the first album with electronics, creating trance-like, danceable tracks. Some of the standout material on the album comes from the previously unreleased EP Flash, namely the gumption-filled track "Heavy Rotation." Dave Warrin's keys and Guy Gershoni's subtle percussion work on "11 O'Clock" would make Herbie Hancock proud. Smooth drum'n'bass tracks like "Inhaler" and the space jazz of "KC Doppler" keep the listener hooked. Sometimes sacrificing groove for experimentation, it remains a vital and innovative soundtrack for space-age hipsters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Octo Muck

Baby Mammoth- Octo Muck
"Finale" MP3

Ever since I got the Fabric 18 DJ mix in the mail I have been on a Baby Mammoth and Momma Gravy bender. If you don't have the mix OR if you have no idea what I am even talking about when I say Fabric, do yourself a favor and check out the Fabric website. Baby Mammoth must drive the record store clerks nuts because it is so hard to classify their style. I saw someone online call it "downtempo dub house". All of their albums are worth checking out but my two faves are "Swimming" which is a pretty chill album and "Octo Muck" which is on the house side. Needless to say, I am hooked and I had a tough time choosing one song from this album.

allmusic says:
Amidst heavy competition, Baby Mammoth is the Pork label's most prolific act, packing in five full LPs of blunted instrumental hip-hop between their debut in late 1996 and the end of the decade. Like other Pork acts Fila Brazillia and Solid Doctor, the duo of Mark Blissenden and Andrew Burdall specialize in earthy breaks and ambient atmospheres, more slanted to the instrumental edge of acid jazz than other producer-based trip-hop acts. The pair first met Pork label-head Dave Brennand and associate Steve Cobby (aka Fila Brazillia) at a club in Hull, where both band and label are based. The relationship blossomed with the release of Baby Mammoth's debut, 10,000 Years Beneath the Street, in 1996. Blissenden and Burdall then released two albums the following year (as well as an EP and single). Baby Mammoth settled down to a more languid release schedule with one LP release each year in 1998 (Another Day at the Orifice), 1999 (Swimming) 2000 (Motion Without Pain), and 2001 (Seven Up). After a year long break, the band returned with Octo Muck in 2003. A year later, Blissenden teamed with labelmates Steve Cobby and Robert Ellerby from Beige for the Fabric 18 mix CD.

p.s. email links

Monday, May 16, 2005

LINK DAY....a new idea for this site

The first ever Silver's Boogaloo LINK DAY!

I have been getting a lot of emails from artists and labels who would have sent some great music for me to check out and possibly add to this site (I love that btw, keep em coming!). I have a lot that I have yet to go through but I do plan on listening to everything and I will add many of them to this site. However, I thought just for fun for one day I would let you pick what you what is posted so the fellow boogaloo posse and orchard lounge rejects from all over can download your picks. I thought this could be fun because the possibilities are endless as to what some of you weirdo's could submit and a long ass list of music links would make the work day fly by!
(PLEASE NOTE- If you send me a serious submission regarding your music I DO take it seriously and that does not have to be part of this and can be used in a real post in the future. )

soooooo....this is my idea:

a) YOU email a LINK of something you think would be fitting for this site. Actually, send whatever you want regardless of the style. It can be a demo from your band, it can be a DJ mix you saw online, it can be The Fat Boys eating pizza, it can be your answering machine message...I don't care. ANYTHING GOES nawmsayin?

b) The submission has to say "LINK DAY" in the subject heading so I can distinguish between links for this link day and normal submissions.
My email is bensilver at gmail

c)The ONLY rule is the link has to be for media that is already hosted online and active. That means if I add your link, an mp3/stream/video/photo/etc will download or play. If the link is to a site that has media than that is ok also. If you would like me to, I can use your name or I can leave it anonymous. You can also include text if you would like to accompany the link.

So if there is a DJ mix that you have been digging, a funny video that your office likes, or a track you have been working on and you would like to give it a test run, this is your chance. I am curious to see what you guys are into.

I will post all of the links on Monday, May 23

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Lee Foss- Underdrive

I have been digging this new mix by my friend Lee Foss who has great, eclectic taste in music and is awesome DJ. Enjoy!

1) The Paul Simpson Connection – Treat Me (Pablova Raban Dubmental Mix) (Easy Streat Records)
2) BGB – A Crack In the Glass (Dessous Recordings)
3) Phonique – For the Time Being (AlexKid’s Cold Mix) (Dessous Recordings)
4) Putsch 79 – Asian Girls (Clone)
5) Pauli Jylhankagas – Clutz (Klakson)
6) Bangkok Impact – Bounce Baby (Vynalogica)
7) Justus Kohncke – Jet (Kompakt)
8) Mathew Jonson – Folding Spaces (Substatic)
9) Sasse – Soul Sounds (Dirt Crew Solid Diamond Remix) (Mood Music Records)
10) Mr. Cisco – Mixage (Klakson)
11) Dieter Schmidt – Morse Code From the Cold War (Kitsune Music)
12) Dole & Kom – The Ultimate (Neuton Music)
13) Agoria – al 11eme marche (rollercoaster mix) (Pias Recordings)
14) Marco Passarani – Criticize (Instrumental) (Peacefrog)
15) Dominik Eulberg – Gasthof “Zum Satten Bass” (Fruhshopper mix) (Trapez)
16) Dave DK – Rave Your Mind (Dirt Crew Remix) (Television Records)
17) Analord – Crying in Your Face (Rephlex)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Pirate Radio Bootlegs

Mastermix-Rare Pirate Radio Bootlegs

Well, as you can see I am obsessed with the Old School and I have been scouring the online world to find sites like this Mastermix site. Sites filled with loads of mixes, videos, and other rare items from the parachute pant days are like the holy grail to me. I have already watched the BBC documentary on hiphop from 1984 enough times to memorize lines. As of 4:00 I am still the highest bidder on Uncle Rico's Time Machine which I am planning on using to zap back to 1982 so I can rock out at Planet Rock. In the meantime, relive the glory by downloading all of these rare radio mixes from the early '80's. Some are from NYC radio, a few are DMC battle sets, and the rest are misc. artifacts from a great period in American history. The music is all over the place and they don't discriminate when it comes to styles. Late disco, Mann Parrish style electro breaks, rock, jazz, and more. I wish the full live Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince live from Union Square was still available but it isn't(and yes, this is the same show used on "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" although this is the full 21 minutes so you havent heard it!)


(and if you want more Breakin' style beats, don't sleep on the "Linoleum Streets" mix you can download from OrchardLounge in the mixes section)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Smells like drum and bass?


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" MP3
"The Saw" MP3

Five years ago in Madison I picked up a cd by an artist I had never heard of. The cover said, "Ethereal Drum 'N' Bass", which jumped out at me so I checked it out. I had no idea know what ethereal dnb meant, but it sounded like something I would like. Nonex consists of keyboardists/programmers El Topo and Volker Bertelmann, drummer/programmer Piid and vocalists La Trek and Sam Leigh Brown. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1999 by Shadow Records.

The album is darker than the majority of "atmospheric dnb" releases of the late '90's/ early '00's. Some of the tracks have a glitchy, IDM feel which at times resembles Squarepusher or Amon Tobin. I used the song "Something For Your Mind" on a downtempo DJ mix I made and I decided to put up two more for you to check out. I couldn't pass on their Nirvana cover with the female vocalist but I don't feel it is a good representation of what the LP is like so I chose two.

Monday, April 25, 2005


De-Phazz- "Detunized Gravity" MP3

Jazzy, electronic, downtempo, trip hop....whatever you want to call it, De-Phazz is quality. German musician Pit Baumgartner is the center of De-Phazz and Pit has done it all. Started off Dj'ing, has done remixes for everyone from Kool & the Gang feat. Lauryn Hill, Boy George, Kurtis Blow, A-ha, to Ella Fitzgerald (Verve USA). He owns record labels including Phazz-A-Delic records and he has been releasing great music with De-Phazz for years. De-Phazz is a proper balance of live instruments, dubby production techniques, and always features great guest musicians. All of their albums are worth checking out and there also is a "best of" out.

Buy De-Phazz from eMusic

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Words Like Weapons

So the members of the Orchard Lounge crew are very excited because we are booked to play at Camp Bisco which is a summer festival with many bands and DJ's. The stars of the show are a band that we have had many amazing experiences with, The Disco Biscuits, who will headline each night with their patented sound of techno-rock trance-fusion.

Here is the announcement

The band Brothers Past is also on the bill and they are not just a great band but are great people as well. I was lucky enough to be able to grace the decks in between their sets on NYE in Philly and they blew the roof off the sucka! Brothers Past has been touring relentlessly promoting their phenomenal new studio album, "This Feeling's Called Goodbye."

Brothers Past- "Words Like Weapons" MP3

I am completely blown away by what these guys can do in the studio. I am a sucker for a quality studio album because when you lock great musicians in a room with a bunch of toys and let them experiment you see what they are truly capable of. The album is not filled with long, noodly jams like some jamband albums. Instead it is packed with emotional lyrics and vocals, great melodies, and cool sounds. It is a very mature album and I think fans of many different styles of music, from indie rock to electronic, would find something they like.

Brothers Past's site says:

Some more information about This Feeling's Called Goodbye: It was produced and mixed by Jon Altschiller, who has worked with many great artists on numerous projects, including Lenny Kravitz (Live DVD), the Dave Matthews Band (Live at Red Rocks), Phish (Picture of Nectar and Rift), John Mayer (Any Given Thursday), Ben Folds Five (Naked Baby Photos) and the coming Simon and Garfunkel release. Mastered by the renown Fred Kevorkian with everyone present at his studio at Absolute Audio.

BUY the album from their site and check the tourdates because they will be coming to your town.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

TONS of old school videos


Go nuts! Schooly D,UTFO, Eric B and Rakim, Planet Rock, LL, and way more.

BBC History of Hip Hop 1984

This site has the amazing 1984 BBC documentary History of Hip Hop. The footage is amazing and I would love to find this on DVD. If anyone knows where to find a copy or can figure out a way to download the clips let me know.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Conquering The Sun

Sieg Uber Die Sonne- +1 (Multicolor)

"Cleaning Windows" MP3

These days any time a sound emerges in the world of house music there is a new name for the genre. Tech house, tribal house, deep house, vocal house, blah blah blah. Now the choice word (for me to POOP on!) is "telectro" which is a fusion of tech house and electro. I love both styles but I don't see the need for another genre of house music. So just to challenge the labelers I chose a track that could be considered just about anything. It has funky guitars, a minimal beat, and quirky German electro-pop vocals.

German producers Sieg Uber Die Sonne have released some very interesting albums with a wide range of sounds. I used their slamming track "Hot" from the 2001 album, (-)x(-)=(+), on my most recent DJ mix, Warp Zone. You can download the mix from In 2004 they released another mathematical themed album, +1, which is a nice blend of electro-pop vocal tracks and instrumental tech house songs. "You Better Send Me Home" is another solid track from the album that I was going to upload but the "cleaning windows" track is so bizarre that I had to use it. "Stop The Plug-ins" is a dark, driving techy track with a bassline that doesn't quit. The harder edged tracks they produce are a nice contrast to some of the lighter songs on the album

Forced Exposure said:
"Amazing, how clever Sieg Über Die Sonne arrange the sounds on their fourth album -- nearly 10 years after their debut. As if it is the most self-evident innovation in the musical world, +1 compresses the most moving dancefloor styles and renovates the greyed coating of Electrofunk almost in passing. Meanwhile both musicians Pink Elln and Dandy Jack (formerly with homebase Frankfurt) reside in Berlin, which one may notice by the first-class production of +1. The contact to Chilean Jorge González who wrote, sang and arranged all vocals on +1 -- partly live in the Sun Electric studio Berlin, partly via digital media, exists since the mid-Nineties and he already had given his voice to the club hits 'You'll Never Come Back' & 'I'm Not A Sound' (among others) from their third album = (+) (multiColor). Jorge's professional approach to melody lines is remarkable, as well as his charming handling of language."

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

L'usine vs. Snoop

L'usine and Snoop Dogg Mash-up
"It's Hot Like The Sun" MP3

"Drop it like it's hot" has been tired for a while but when layered over a track by Ghostly International's finest, L'usine, it sounds fresher than ever. This will be used in the next downtempo set I play for sure.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

new Tosca album

Tosca- JAC (preview)

Well, the album isn't out yet and I do not have any mp3's but you can preview the forthcoming Tosca album right here.
Also check out the G-stoned site for info on all of the g-stone recording artists...they are all great.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Daddy G

Daddy G- DJ Kicks (K7)

The Meters "Just Kissed My Baby >
Nusrat Fateh Ali-Kahn "Mustt Mustt" (Massive Attack Remix) MP3

The DJ Kicks series is one of my favorite compilations because I love just about every artist that has been chosen to make a mix. The purpose is for the artist to create a mix cd of tracks they love and not necassarily what is new and what they need to put out there. Kruder and Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation, Chicken Lips, all the way to Underworld have contributed mixes to K7. New Order and many others have created mixes for the "Back To Mine" series which is the same idea and is equaly good. The newest was compiled by Daddy G, a founding member of Massive Attack. I love his mix because it is loaded with dub tracks, both old and new. He also uses quite a few Massive Attack remixes which perfectly compliment the dub and reggae. He rounds out the album with tracks by ranging from Aretha Frankilin to Lil Kim.

I really like this review of the CD: RIGHT HERE

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Fela Kuti-The Underground Spiritual Game Mixed By Chief Xcel

"Look and Laugh" MP3

Fela Kuti is one of my all time favorite artists. This pioneer of Afrobeat music also was a man with a message. His music was the medium he used to carry his political viewpoints. If you are not familiar with Fela Kuti I highly suggest taking some time and learning about his life. For a music class in college I wrote a thesis comparing Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, and Marvin Gaye by the messages in their music. Whether it be his 40 wives, getting arrested countless times for smoking marijuana in public, or performing in his underwear, Fela was a character. This new album released on Quannum features some of his finer moments mixed together by Chief Xcel. Since many of his songs were over 15 minutes long, Xcel takes segments from various songs and pieces them together.

Pitchfork said:
"The Underground Spiritual Game is an unbroken set of Kuti's music taken from throughout his career, meticulously compiled and mixed by Chief Xcel. Xcel is one half of Blackalicious, a hip-hop act that have themselves begun realizing the full potential of discourse inherent in their genre, and Xcel hopes to continue making his way through Fela Kuti's enormous output. Though touted as a "remix" of Kuti's work, The Underground Spiritual Game leaves the original sounds relatively untouched. Instead, Chief Xcel seamlessly melds selections from 11 of Kuti's tracks, occasionally adding effects, and inserting spoken snippets of Fela speaking. It's put together in a manner that stands as a testament to Kuti's political views, but pays equal homage to his musical impact."

Monday, March 21, 2005

Misch Masch

Tiefschwarz- Misch Masch

"Unit Four-Body Dub (Tiefschwarz Remix)MP3"

The Orchard Lounge households have always loved Tiefschwarz. "Thru A Little Window" was one of the tracks that always would be played if we were DJ'ing or just at home hanging out. Their original tracks and remixes are always great. Fast, funky, and always fun to listen to. Ali and Basti Schwarz who are Tiefschwarz have been generating a nice buzz in the last year or so. In 2004 they released a double cd comp containing a mixed cd and a cd of their remixes.

About Dancemusic said:
"Disc 1 of Misch Masch is a colorfully vivid exploration into the brothers' celebrated styling of minimal electro tech/house. Overflowing with deep and rumbling techno tracks from Derrick May, Drama Society, Kiki, and many more, Tiefschwarz most certainly brings the throbbing Berlin club experience directly to the listener. The transitions are not as extensive as a standard DJ mix might normally be, but the showcase here appears to be on the individual tracks themselves.

Disc 2 is a non-mixed collection of distinguished Tiefschwarz remixes and kicks off with their electro-groovy take on Micatone's Plastic Bags & Magazines. The compilation furthers itself by spotlighting the duo's (often funky) tech remixes of Truby Trio, Hell, DJ Tal, Unit 4, amid others; shining remixes include Lopazz - Blood, Tiefschwarz - Blow (Dub), and Lost n Alive - Feels Like Love. Both compilations are extremely well produced and arranged; fans of Tiefschwarz will be proud to add Misch Masch to their collection."

Friday, March 18, 2005

New Mix, New Website!

Ben Silver- Warp Zone (March 2005)

You can download this and two other new mixes on our brand spanking new

1) Booka Shade- Double Identity (Get Physical Music)
2) Sieg Uber Die Sonne- Hot (Tyrant)
3) Afrilounge- The Dude (Get Physical Music)
4) Natural Rhythm- The Jive (Natural Rhythm Remix)
5) Random Factor- Back To Me (20/20 Vision)
6) Jordan Vesteyo & Sneak-E Pete -Valentino's Revenge (Blunted Funk)
7) DJ T- Robot Riot (Electric Re:Repress)(20/20 Vision)
8) Jeff Bennett- The Phone Call (Morris Audio)
9) Martinez- Machine Script (Get Physical Music)
10) Dan Berkson- Easy (Gourmet Recordings)
11) Silver City- The Galactic Ride (Ralph Lawsom Mix) (Get Physical Music)
12) Kevin Yost- Gentle Storm (iRecords)
13) David Duriez- The Why (Gourmet Recordings)
14) Depeche Mode- Policy Of Truth (Captiol mix- Francois K 1990)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

2 new live sets to download

The Bays- Live at Jazz Cafe London 2005
You have to register with an email address so do it and grab this show. They have otehr mp3 shows as well and each is has a unique sound. The Bays are one of my favorite live-electronic all improv bands. They do not record, do not have set song structures, and they say they do not rehearse. They sound just like a DJ and it is all on the the fly. The keyboard player, Jamie Odell, also owns Freerange records. I have posted about them in the past.

The other:

BIG BUD- Feb 2005 DJ MIX
My main man BIG BUD who just put a DJ mix online. Big Bud is one of my favorite drum and bass producers. He incorporates dnb, dub, and downtempo into his work and his album on Good Looking "Infinity plus Infinity" is one of my all time faves. Sound-Trax has all of his info including samples of his new double-cd set he is puttng out!!! I can't wait for that!Apparently one disc is nasty dnb and the other dub and other beats.
01….Motive………..7″ special……………………(shout)
02….Motive………..Saviour dUb………………..(soundtrax)
03….Big Bud……….Children of jah…………….(soundtrax)
04….Syncopix…………Fade away………………(Brand:Nu)
08….Visionary…….She makes me feel……….(31 records)
09….Ill Logic +Raf………..Fever…………………(Dispatch)
10….Logistics………Inside my Soul……………(Hospital)
11….Ill Logic +Raf… step 2 glory……….(Double Zero)
12….Basic Operations…….Earsoul…………….(Advanced)
13….Cyantific………….Reincarnation dUb……(Hospital)
14….Calibre/High Contrast…..Mr. Majestic…….(Signature)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Serial Hodgepodge

Lusine- Serial Hodgepodge

"Ask You" MP3

Many of the posts I have made lately feature German or UK based labels so I thought I would American this time. Ghostly International which is based out of Michigan is one of America's top labels for abstract electronic music that touches on many different genres. Matthew Dear and Dabrye are two of the more popular artists on the label but the guy who has been does it for me the most is Lusine. His most recent LP, Serial Hodgepodge is an amazing release and the track hosted is one I would play early on in one of my downtempo DJ sets.

Ghostly said:

"After relatively low-profile full-lengths on labels such as Isophlux and Hymen, Lusine (sometimes known as L’usine or Lusine Icl) releases his most accomplished album to date on Ghostly. Jeff McIlwain, the man behind Lusine, continues to shame the bloated IDM market with beats that kick and hiccup under fluttering melodies, confidently exhibiting the power of suggestion rather than overt display, in arrangements thick with emotion and complexity.

Serial Hodgepodge serves as a defining fusion of instinct and intellect, as the sense of funk and dance genres in Lusine’s meticulous programming prohibit anyone from sitting still, while the myriad other elements flickering across the mix offer great things to those who read between the lines. The range of moods amongst the album’s tracks also suggest an inextricable link to the psychological strength of music. Percussive hits converse with one another while vocal samples pique the individualistic responses of a Rorschach test.

Previously, the music of Lusine was treasured only by those fortunate enough to have discovered it; with Serial Hodgepodge, McIlwain’s talents will undoubtedly find a larger, more eclectic and responsive audience. Hodgepodge offers not only something to immediately captivate anyone who hears it, but also innumerable layers of detail to be discovered through dozens of listens, placing it among the most wholly rewarding albums to be found in any genre in recent memory."