Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jamie Lidell is crazy

Jamie Lidell- Multiply (Warp)

LIVE VIDEO with beatboxing, loops, and vocals

The video speaks for itself. Period. Not much I can really say other than the fact that this guy is completely insane and extremely talented.

Angry Ape said:
Not something you’d typically associate with the esteemed Warp Records, the new Jamie Lidell album has to be one of the most exhilerating releases from the electronic giants back catalogue.

Lidell was formerly one half of techno-funk outfit Super_Collider with Cristian Vogel, and anyone who heard his singing contribution to Matthew Herbert’s Big Band project, will know the strength, diversity and passion of Lidell’s emotive vocal range.

Multiply is a genre-crossing beast of an album, that combines and moulds elements of soul, funk, electronica, rock, electro and disco - all focused around the main settings of Lidell’s seductive Superfly vocals. Imagine an amalgam of soul classics Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Prince and Sly Stallone, overlaid and met with twisted electronic influences.

Fans of Taylor Savvy, Har Mar Superstar and Beck (Midnite Vultures) will adore this LP, although Multiply is a more dense composition than anything created by his peers. A refreshing approach to electronica, Lidell is completely and utterly in a league of his own.


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