Friday, September 29, 2006

OL live at Camp Bisco remastered audio!!!

I already posted about how Bethany and I represented the OL at Camp Bisco which was in NY. Just got the audio of 2 of the 3 sets and Rich Steele who is a fantastic sound engineer, remastered the sound for us. They sound GREAT!!!

Orchard Lounge (Silver and B) 8/25/06 Camp Bisco SET 1

Ben Silver (OL) 8/25/06 Camp Bisco SET 2

The first set is Orchard Lounge and was a tag team set. I spun first and then Bethany "Queen B" spun second.

The second set was a solo set that I did. I used 2 turntables, 2 cdj's, 1 live-Loop machine called a PVDJ Grabber and 1 Sampler, a Roland SP303. Lots of loops done on the fly and also a ton of samples. The video of this set is on youtube and linked a few posts down.

I do not have a tracklist yet but some of the artists were Rauschwerk, Protossov, NIN, Jeff Devas, Shiloh, Hardfloor/Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk and MANY more. The sets are sort of a midtempo and downtempo combo and heavy on the psychedelic.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Skeet Spirit-A Crunk Tribute To Radiohead

DJ Gyngyvytus- Skeet Spirit-A Crunk Tribute To Radiohead

Website with full album downloads

I never thought I would say Crunk and Radiohead in the same sentence, but thanks to DJ Gyngyvytus, I got no SIZZURUPRISES. Talk Show Hoes...YEAH! WHAT! OKAYYYY! Fitter Hyphier. The track names alone were enough to make me impatient while waiting for the download. 8 tracks of Crunked out beats and Radiohead inspired melodies. Kind of like what would happen if Lil Jon found his inner emo side. The album is FREE on the link above. YEAH! WHAT! OKAAAY!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

TV On The Radio live

Youtube rules.
TV On The Radio was on Letterman last week and they played an incredible version of "Wolf Like Me" from their new album Return To Cookie Mountain. I had the show on my DVR but I accidentaly had erased it but thanks to youtube, I was able to watch it again. WOW! I have loved this band ever since Spencer interviewed Atmosphere and Slug said his favorite music to listen to was TVOTR. This was when the ep was out and the first LP was about to drop and I saw them play at the Fireside Bowl. Such a great band and David Sitek is channelling that shoegazer energy of My Bloody Valentine. Tunde's vocals layer perfectly over Sitek's wall of sound and the combination hits like a ton of bricks.
"I'm gonna give it....2 snaps up!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New live house set from 1/3 of Orchard Lounge...

Lokken and Foss 8/12/06 Live from Sonotheque Part 1

Lokken and Foss 8/12/06 Live from Sonotheque Part 2

Spencer from OL recently played at one of our favorite spots around, Sonotheque, along with our friend Lee Foss. The two talented jocks tag teamed all night and they switched after 4 records all night long. I think Spencer and Lee are two of the finest DJ's Chicago has to offer and here is a chance to hear them dropping their newest tracks which are all smoking. If you have never been to Sonotheque in Chicago, make a point of checking it out. Great soundsystem, great environment, and great music.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Video of one of my sets at Camp Bisco..

Ben Silver-OrchardLounge Set 2 at Camp Bisco

ALSO...You can watch this video on YouTube.
Here are the links since it is in 4 parts on youtube:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Well, I wasn't going to post this but I will put it up for a couple days until I have the soundboard or mixer>DAT>WAV audio of the sets. Bethany and I represented the OL all weekend and we had a blast!

Camp Bisco V was held at Hunter Mountain in NY and we were lucky enough to be on the bill with The Disco Biscuits, The Roots, RJD2, Juan Maclean, Thievery Corporation, Shpongle, New Deal, Brothers Past, Future Rock, and MANY MANY more.

This is a quicktime movie of a set I did on Friday 8/25/06 during the daytime with 2 decks, 2 cdj's, a Roland SP303 sampler, PVDJ Grabber Looper, and LOTS of samples. All midtempo-y stuff and pretty psychedelic to fit the mood.

This is just a compressed version so fast download. Once I have all of the audio I will overlay the audio over the video of the whole weekend and make a DVD (for fun)
The festival was a massive success and 5500-7000 people were there. GREAT TIME!