Monday, November 28, 2005

Lusine- LIVE

LUSINE- Live pa set (Ghostly International-Seatle)

I have been a fan of the Ghostly International label for a bit now and my favorite artist on the label is Lusine. I posted about him a while ago and if you check the archives you will see it. I love his sound and can't get enough of his "Serial Hodgepodge" LP. I stumbled across this live pa set today so check it out.

"Lusine has been making electronic music for over a decade now, having released on such labels as K7!/MAS, Hymen, U-Cover and now Ghostly International. His production has developed to the point where his lush interpretation of IDM sets the bench for scores of imitators. This visceral, melodic set combines Lusine's thick beats and atmospheric melodies into a head nodding and ass shaking utopia. Be sure to check out Lusine's latest full length on Ghostly International, "Serial Hodgepodge." He's got plenty of music in the archives for you to dig up so if you enjoy his set, be sure to seek out his equally impressive older releases."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series continues...

Ben Silver-Decepticon Shuffle MP3

This is part 5 of the series, and Spencer Lokken added part 4 this week.
Both will be added to

For this mix I used all sorts of assorted robotic funk and other tripped out electronic beats and blips but in the end, it is still a downtempo mix (sort of)
This one is a bit different than anything I have put together in the past.

Hope you like!

Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series Volume 5

Ben Silver- Decepticon Shuffle

1- Momma Gravy- John Pill (Pork)
2- Common Factor- In Between (Daniel Ibbotson Remix) (Soma)
3- Hardfloor- Who Spends Money on CandyGirls and Chocolate Chips? (Combination)
4- Visit Venus- The Big Tilt (Yomama)
5- Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- Take Off Da Hot Sweater (Combination)
6- Midnight Star- Electricity (Solar 1983)
7- Common Factor- In Between (Original) (Soma)
8- Visit Venus- Planet of The Breaks (Escape) (Yomama)
9- Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- L.A.F. 1 (Combination)
10- Momma Gravy- Russian New Year (Pork)
11- Baby Mammoth- Walk (Baby Mammoth Remix) (Sunshine)
12- Random Factor- Second Principles (20/20 Vison)
13- Jersey Street- Brand New Day (After Dark Remix) (Glasgow Underground)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Disco Biscuits re-edit/mashup and myspace....

I will add lots of new music over the weekend. I have been busy and/or slacking so a bit behind. I did join the plague that is myspace and god damn is that site addicting! Hit me up and do the add to friends thing.


I also added a flash player on the myspace page so you can stream music without downloading it. I added a few of the orchard lounge mixes and live clips from Camp Bisco. I also took a portion from the late night set we spun where we spun records and used a Roland SP-303 sampler full of sounds to layer clips of the biscuits over the music to create sort of a remix/mashup. Whatever you call it, it was done live and all triggered manually, not with a laptop. Here is an mp3 from the set and this part is about 10 samples of the Disco Biscuits song "Above The Waves" over the records "Raw" by Dexter:

Orchard Lounge- Raw/Above The Waves MP3

oh and as an added is my friends Sommers doing his trademark worm: