Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Lesson In Sampling from ?uestlove

?uestlove- Sample Lesson Mix

?uestlove, the drummer from the Roots, is also a great DJ with a ridiculous record collection. There was a video online that showed his record room that was at least 20,000 deep. This mix features the original tracks that were sampled to make some of the greatest hits in hiphop history. Some of these songs never fail to put a smile on my face. Check it-

1. Arc Choir - "Jesus Walks" (Mapleshade) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Jesus Walks" (Roc-A-Fella))
2. Nu Birth - "You're What I'm All About" (?) (USED IN = Biggie Smalls - "Player Anthem (X-Ray))
3. The Whatnaughts - "I'll Erase Away Your Pain" (Priority) (USED IN = Kanye West - "Late" (Roc-A-Fella))
4. Main Ingredient - "Let Me Prove My Love To You" (RCA) (USED IN = Alicia Keys - "You Don't Know My Name" (J Records))
5. Silvia Striplin - "You Can't Turn Me Away" (Charly) (USED IN = Junior M.A.F.I.A. - "Get Money" (X-Ray))
6. The Temptations - "I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky" (Motown) (USED IN = Common - "The Corner" (Geffen))
7. Honey Cone - "Innocent Till Proven Guilty" (Fantasy) (USED IN = Common - "Testify" (Geffen))
8. DJ Rogers - "Faithful To The End" (RCA) (USED IN = Common - "Faithful" (Geffen))
9. Luchi DeJesus - "Round About Midnight" (?) (USED IN = KRS ONE - "A Friend" (Jive))
10. Dynasty - "Adventures In The World Of Music" (Solar/Sequal) (USED IN = Camp-Lo - "Luchini" (Profile))
11. Willie Mitchell - "Grovin'" (Hi) (USED IN = GZA - "Liquid Swords" (Geffen))12. Wendy Renay – "After The Laughter Come Tears" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Tearz" (Loud))
13. The Charmels - "I'll Never Grow Old" (Stax/Altanta) (USED IN = Wu Tang Clan - "Cream" (RCA))
14. Dione Warwick - "You're Gonna Need Me" (Invictions) (USED IN = Usher - "Throwback" (Arista))
15. Billy Cobham - "Heather" (Wounded Bird) (USED IN = Souls of Mischief - "93 Till Infinity" (Jive))
16. Beherd Wright - "Halboglabotribin'" (BMG) (USED IN = Snoop Dogg - "Gz & Hustlaz" (Death Row))
17. Jack Bruce - "Born 2 Be Blue" (Atco) (USED IN = Smith N Wesssun - "Buck Town" (?))
18. Aretha Franklin - "Call Me" (Rhino/Atlanta) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Selfish" (Capitol))
19. Quincy Jones - "Summer In The City" (A&M) (USED IN = Pharcyde - "Passin Me By" (Delicious Vinyl))
20. Joe Simons - "Before The Nite's Over" (?) (USED IN = Outkast - "So Fresh & So Clean" (Arista))
21. Peabo Bryson - "Born 2 Love" (Unknown) (USED IN = Nas - "2nd Childhood" (Sony))
22. The Chi-Lites - "That's How Long I Love You" (Unknown) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Dec 4" (Roc-A-Fella))
23. Abdel Halim-Hefes - "Khasiaraya-Gar" (EMI Arabia) (USED IN = Jay Z - "Big Pimpin'" (Roc-A-Fella))
24. Labi Siffre - "I Got The" (Mr Bongo) (USED IN = Eminem - "My Name Is" (Aftermath)/Jay Z - "The Streets Is Watching" (Roc-A-Fella))
25. Samuel Johnson - "My Music" (Columbia) (USED IN = Jadakiss - "We're Gonna Make It" (Ruff Ryders/Interscope))
26. Milt Jackson - "Olinga" (CTI) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour" (Jive))
27. War - "Magic Mountain" (Rhino) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Potholes In My Lawn" (Tommy Boy))
28. Ahmad Jamal - "Swahililand" (20th Century) (USED IN = De La Soul - "Stakes Is High" (Tommy Boy))
29. Gap Mangione - "Diana In The Autumn Wind" (GRC) (USED IN = Slum Village - "Fall In Love" (Capitol)/Jaylib - "Official" (Stones Throw))
30. David McCallum - "The Edge" (Capitol) (USED IN = Dr Dre - "Next Episode" (Aftermath))
31. Creative Source - "I Can't See Myself Without You" (Sussex/Polydor) (USED IN = Freeway - "What We Do" (Unknown))
32. Average White Band - "Love Your Life" (Rhino) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Check The Rhyme" (Jive))
33. Funkadelic - "Let's Take It To The People" (Westbound) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Everything Is Fair" (Jive))
34. Ronnie Foster - "Mystic Brew" (Blue Note) (USED IN = Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation" (Jive))
35. The Chi-Lites - "Are You My Woman?" (Brunswick/Eugene) (USED IN = Beyonce - "Crazy In Love" (Columbia))
36. The Meters - "Oh Calcutta!" (Josie) (USED IN = Amerie - "One Thing" (Sony))
37. McCoy Tyner - "Impressions" (Milestone/OJC) (USED IN = Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours" (Mercury))
38. Nirvana - "Indiana" (White) (USED IN = The Roots - "Dynamite" (Geffen))

Friday, October 14, 2005


video for "sister"

When I saw the name JUSTIN WARFIELD in my URB I nearly lost it. I used to be love his rap album "My Field Trip To Planet 9" in the early '90's and I recently posted a few mp3's from that album on this site. On that post I wondered what happened to the guy since he hadn't released anything in so long. So Justin is back with Adam12 to form their new group She Wants Revenge. The album isn't out yet so I posted the link to their new video. These guys are going to be HUGE! There are at least 6 songs that could be hit singles. Joy Division, DepecheMode, Happy Mondays, The Smith's, and New Order obviously are influences on the two of them. They fall in the same category as modern bands like Interpol, The Killers, and The Bravery and I am enjoying what I have heard by S.W.R. as much or more as the other modern bands I listed. You need their album. Yes, NEED.

She Wants Revenge

Justin Warfield says:

"Our music is a modern extension of a time in the late 70’s and early 80’s when music was colliding in ways it never had before. We’re talking about New Order hearing what Arthur Baker and Bambatta were doing in New York and what was going on with Chicago house, then taking that back to the UK and incorporating that into their dark Northern view of punk rock. Then there’s the birth of early hip-hop in NYC coinciding with the club music coming out of Danceteria, Nels, The Palladium, The Latin Quarter, and The Mudd Club. You had Madonna, Basquiat, Blondie, John Lurie, the New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew. Liquid Liquid, James Black and ESG all in the same time and place - it’s unheralded. There’s been no other time in the culture of art and music where you could you be dancing to a Nile Rogers disco classic at Studio 54, then hop in a cab and ten minutes later be watching The Voidoids at Max’s Kansas City with Warhol, Bowie and Schnabel in attendance. This is what we are doing today - only there are no flashing camera’s or Legs Mc Neil’s following us around documenting the shit we’re doing"….Not yet maybe, not yet.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dead Can Dance...alive again

"Nierika" Live in Dublin MP3

Dead Can Dance is a band that like the Talking Heads, Grateful Dead, and Pixies, I never thought I would ever see live. Pixies I have now seen three times, Jerry Garcia has no plans to come back to life and the Talking Heads most likely will never play together again. Last night I was lucky enough to witness a true spectacle that is Dead Can Dance, live at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. When I was in college I had many amazing experiences with DCD as the counteract so it will always bring back memories for me when I hear them. The song I posted, "Nierika", was also used on a short film I made for one of my film classes at UW. The show was at an Opera house and it actually was very much like a modern...yet Baroque opera in some ways. Lisa Gerard was like an angel with a voice that literally is heaven. Dressed in an all white gown she played the dulcimer and on some songs stood onstage solo and brought the house down. Some of what she sang were hymn's from the 1400's and it was so powerful, tears filled the eyes of many people around us. Rounding out the vocals is Brenden Parry who compliments Lisa perfectly. They only sang together on a few songs, usually it is one or the other. Brenden's songs reminded me a little of Peter Gabriel but with an even bigger voice. He has such a presence onstage and some of the songs he sang had such a dark and gloomy feel that you couldn't help but feel the pain. Others were uplifting with the percussion and strings behind the vocals leading the crowd to the light and after each song a massive applause from the crowd.

You can purchase every show from their world tour on their website: DCD
Also I HIGHLY suggest checking out the film "Toward The Within" which contains some unbelievable live footage.

Bio from their 4 disc set they released:
"1981-1998 reveals why Dead Can Dance was such an influential group and why their music remains very much alive. From the opening notes of "Frontier," the first piece Lisa Gerard and Brendan Perry improvised together, Dead Can Dance opened a doorway into worlds at once ancient and alien, frightening and glorious. 1981-1998 compiles the output of Dead Can Dance from their seven studio albums, live performances, and sundry collections. Through their many stylistic shifts, it reveals the music of ecstasy, a state of spiritual release that can be as serene as a Gregorian chant and as intense as a Persian dervish. But then, Dead Can Dance always had two sides. There were Perry's Jim Morrison-meets-Sinatra vocal croons, and there was the uncanny and passionate Gerrard, whose Middle Eastern, Bulgarian, and Gregorian singing styles created a transcultural dialect of the imagination. Perry surrounds Gerrard in a gothic architecture of synthesizers, strings, the Chinese hammered dulcimer called the yang ch'in (played by Gerrard), bouzoukis, and hurdy-gurdys. As ancient as its sources, Dead Can Dance is as modern as the end of time, which is where a lot of this music still sounds like it's headed. 1981-1998 follows the pair from their beginnings in Australia to their final studio album, the African-Indian derived Spiritchaser. Among the gems are their last song together, "The Lotus Eaters," recorded just before their final split, and a Gerrard composition called "Bylar." Performed here by Dead Can Dance, this rapturous piece was previously available only on The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 2, in a version by Gerrard. In concert, Dead Can Dance was almost a religious experience and that aspect is nearly captured on the final disc of this box in a DVD of their live concert film, Toward the Within. Also included are some videos."
-John Diliberto