Friday, October 14, 2005


video for "sister"

When I saw the name JUSTIN WARFIELD in my URB I nearly lost it. I used to be love his rap album "My Field Trip To Planet 9" in the early '90's and I recently posted a few mp3's from that album on this site. On that post I wondered what happened to the guy since he hadn't released anything in so long. So Justin is back with Adam12 to form their new group She Wants Revenge. The album isn't out yet so I posted the link to their new video. These guys are going to be HUGE! There are at least 6 songs that could be hit singles. Joy Division, DepecheMode, Happy Mondays, The Smith's, and New Order obviously are influences on the two of them. They fall in the same category as modern bands like Interpol, The Killers, and The Bravery and I am enjoying what I have heard by S.W.R. as much or more as the other modern bands I listed. You need their album. Yes, NEED.

She Wants Revenge

Justin Warfield says:

"Our music is a modern extension of a time in the late 70’s and early 80’s when music was colliding in ways it never had before. We’re talking about New Order hearing what Arthur Baker and Bambatta were doing in New York and what was going on with Chicago house, then taking that back to the UK and incorporating that into their dark Northern view of punk rock. Then there’s the birth of early hip-hop in NYC coinciding with the club music coming out of Danceteria, Nels, The Palladium, The Latin Quarter, and The Mudd Club. You had Madonna, Basquiat, Blondie, John Lurie, the New York City Breakers and the Rock Steady Crew. Liquid Liquid, James Black and ESG all in the same time and place - it’s unheralded. There’s been no other time in the culture of art and music where you could you be dancing to a Nile Rogers disco classic at Studio 54, then hop in a cab and ten minutes later be watching The Voidoids at Max’s Kansas City with Warhol, Bowie and Schnabel in attendance. This is what we are doing today - only there are no flashing camera’s or Legs Mc Neil’s following us around documenting the shit we’re doing"….Not yet maybe, not yet.


Anonymous said...

If JW ain't rapping, it's just a new version of the Justin Warfield Supernaught. I'm glad the guy is up to something, but I think he seriously needs to start penning "Live From The Opium Den Part Two."

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this news while I was searching for Justin Warfield with google and I was really happy to read about "she wants revenge" as "tao of the one inch punch" is one of my all-time favourite albums. Thank you very much for the blog article !

Dominik said...

Justin Warfield, One Inch Punch = good, original, innovative stuff

Justin Warfield Supernaught = Lenny Kravitz (poo)

Tape = poo

She wants revenge = Joy Division/Interpol (poo)

...sad but true. I miss old Justin.