Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Numb Project

The Numb Project – Soundbridge Sessions (2 Discs)
Hexagon Records 92016

"Submarine" MP3
"Visions Of Ions" MP3

My favorite thing about having this website is when people read the site and turn me on to music that I dig. The Numb Project is Chris Calarco, an extremely talented producer who's tracks are right up my alley. I highly suggest buying his music and below are the links to do so. Some of the tracks remind me of Bonobo, others have a slightly Luke Vibert acid feel, but all have a very unique and original sound. "Submarine" will be a perfect addition to a future downtempo/IDM DJ set and I can't wait to play it.

"Boasting 21 tracks and over 2 hours and 20 minutes of hypnotic, downbeat electronica The Numb Project was released in 2002 on Pittsburgh’s Hexagon Records. A double disc, Soundbridge Sessions, is an alternatingly accessible and cryptic ride through downtempo breaks, rhythmic hypnosis, idm tingles and even some pop/funk-styled electronica. Ripe with heavy, dark beats that recall DJ Krush or Ninja Tune, The Numb Project creates an atmosphere where haunting melodies slip between the throbbing, pulsing grooves. Samples melt into white noise and tonal washes before easing back into structured, electro rhythms. Disc one runs 12 tracks and is more accessible to the casual electronic listener than the second disc’s more enigmatic and paced textures. Disc 2 is highlighted by some delightful dub a la Bill Laswell. Fans of Canada’s Interchill label will recognize a familiar, numb aesthetic.
Influenced by all forms of electronic and organic music, producer Chris Calarco, lives in Portland, OR and can be reached by email. - buy it!

Monday, June 27, 2005

DJ T live set

DJ T - Clubnight 06.18.05 (YOUFM)

Found this live set from the Get Physical Music man, DJ T. It is a 2 hour mix with some incredible tracks. Here is the tracklisting exactly as it is posted on the 4four site:

21:00 / 0:35 Uhr Animal Magic (DJ T. Rmx) - Will Saul (Simple - Promo)
21:06 / 0:41 Uhr El Capitan (Anja Schneider Rmx) - Mambotur (Multicolor - MCR 141.0)
21:10 / 0:45 Uhr Angel (As Rough As A Diamond Rmx) - Samim & Michal feat. Lil' Dirty Ghetto Bastard (Tuning Spork - SPORK 14)
21:15 / 0:50 Uhr Funky Voodoo Mama - Bearback (Tuning Spork Family Affair - TUNINGSFA 001)
21:20 / 0:55 Uhr Rising - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 028-6)
21:30 / 1:05 Uhr Laboratory - Märtini Brös (Promo)
21:34 / 1:09 Uhr I Feel Space - Lindstrom (Feedelity - FEED 004)
21:37 / 1:12 Uhr Our House (Papa) - International Pony (Columbia - 828 766 90 471)
21:44 / 1:19 Uhr Swap (Carsten Jost Dub) - Lawrence (NovaMute - 12 NOMU 152)
21:50 / 1:25 Uhr Glitter - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 004-3)
21:54 / 1:29 Uhr Esplanade 97 (Instrumental) - Francisco feat. Adam Bourke (Nature - NAT 2131)
21:58 / 1:33 Uhr Too Hot - Sebo K (Mobilee - 1)
22:03 / 1:38 Uhr Jack My Body - Hell (Cocoon - COR LP 010)
22:07 / 1:42 Uhr Partymakers - Hugg & Pepp (Cocoon - COR LP 010)
22:10 / 1:45 Uhr Triple Identity - Booka Shade (Get Physical Music - GPM 029)
22:15 / 1:50 Uhr Picadilly Circus - Willzoid (Get Physical Music - Promo)
22:20 / 1:55 Uhr The Big Mean Machine - Richard Bartz vs. Steril (Kurbel - 34)
22:25 / 2:00 Uhr Move Your Body - Savas Pascalidis (International Deejay Gigolos - GIGOLO 143)
22:32 / 2:07 Uhr Promo - Afrilounge (Get Physical Music - Promo)
22:33 / 2:08 Uhr A Guy Called Jack - DJ T. (Get Physical Music - GPM 004-3)
22:37 / 2:12 Uhr Muscle Cars (DJ T. Rmx) - Mylo (Breastfed - Promo)
22:44 / 2:19 Uhr Cosmic Sandwich (Domink Eulberg Rmx) - Steve Barnes (MBF - LTD 12006)
22:49 / 2:24 Uhr I Can Feel That (Wighnomy's & Robag Wruhme's Kisslekk Rekks) - Pascal Feos (Omychron - OMY 002-6)
22:54 / 2:29 Uhr Audiomaut - Audio Werner (Hartchef - HCF 05)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jazz Influenced Electronic Music

Kevin Yost- Future Flashback CD

"truth be told" MP3

I just got the new Kevin Yost cd in the mail and it is REALLY good. If you don't know who Yost is, check him out. He is one of my favorite house producers with an extensive jazz background which shines through on his records. He also is an amazing DJ and has been dj'ing since he was like 11 or 12 years old. Some of his tracks have a jazzy sound packed with live instrumentation, others are dark and techy dancefloor burners impeccably produced. He also just finished a tour with a live band where they played live jazz and house.

his new artist album is labeled as "Jazz Influenced Electronic Music" which instantly made me want to buy it. What surprised me, in a good way, is that it is not just "jazzy house" like so much of the jazz influenced stuff out there. This is REAL jazz with great solos and a lot of improvisation. Some parts have a Miles Davis-esque solo, other parts Chick Corea style riffs, all of which played by Yost. Many tracks have a clasic, straight ahead jazz sound which you don't hear quite as much in electronic music. The result is classic jazz instrumentation and arrangements combined with modern production techniques. He says in the liner notes that he wanted to evolve as a musician and producing a jazz album as a one-man band is the proof. says:
"Kevin Yost spent the past year in intense musical reflection, juxtaposing the modern sounds of electronica with classic jazz (his original passion). "Future Flashback" is the next level of this brilliant fusion created by Kevin. His first full length album since the 2000 release of "Road Less Traveled" this 14 track album will feature live orchestration as well as a wide variety of studio collaborations. Kevin has promised to make this his best yet and it is expected to be an undoubted masterpiece. Sax & Flute - Howard Burns Vocals - Kristen Mountz"

Buy this album direct from (and pick up some other stuff too!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kraftwerk still rules

Kraftwerk LIVE- Minimum Maximum 2cd set 2005

"Planet Of Visions" (Ljubljana) MP3

A couple weeks ago I had my mind blown by Kraftwerk again in Chicago. The show was absolutely unbelievable musically and also visually. The men who are machines do as much as possible to look like they are doing nothing. They stand on stage, motionless and expressionless, as the beats peak and the visuals mesmerized the crowd. At one point a screen came down and when it went back up there were four actual robots on stage playing instead of humans. What I loved about the show is how every song was remixed to sound fresh. Some of the songs are 30+ years old so to hear a modern techno edge was cool. Kraftwerk are the originators, the grandfathers, the dinosaurs of electronic music. If it wasn't for them, the early 1980's in Detroit would have sounded a lot different.

Odd that they have been around forever and had not released an official live album until now but here it is- the double LIVE cd set- "Minimum Maximum". The cd's are packed full of songs taken from various venues on their 2004 World Tour. All of the songs are here in their full, tweaked out glory. I read that a double DVD set is also coming but I could not find a release date. That will be huge!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shpongle Live

Shpongle Live -Eilat Desert Israel 10/24/2002

This one won't be up very long so grab it right away. The man, the myth, the legend Simon Posford along with Raja Ram are Shpongle. If you have never heard Shpongle, I highly suggest checking out their albums. The first, "Are You Shpongled?" is an album I consider to be one of the best electronic albums ever produced. It is an extremely influential album and it doesn't sound like anything that has ever been recorded. There is so much going on that when listening with headphones your brain feels like it is on a roller coaster. "Tales of the Inexpressible" had a much more tribal and ethnic vibe to it with many live instruments but still with all of the crazy studio trickery the first album had. The new album is "Nothing Lasts...but Nothing is Lost" and it is coming shortly. This live set is great and it is different than the studio albums with a stripped down, dubby sound.



Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hustlin' Spirit

Spencer Lokken- Hustlin' Spirit
(The mix is in the MIXES section of the site)

We just added a new house mix to the Orchard Lounge site. Spencer dropped another electro techy masterpiece and I have been playing it while working the last few weeks and I really dig the mix. I love that Tiefschwarz remix at the end especially. Nice work spencer! Also he was featured in UR magazine this month and you can read a shortened version HERE and the full length article on the newstands.

01.bebel gilberto - tanto tempo (kruder's bebel i'm nebel rmx)
02.booka shade - vertigo
03.bgb - a crack in the glass
04.jori hulkkonen - you're my excuse for being me
05.cpen - follow the shine
06.john dahlback - wonder
07.jersey devil social club - italo bassline
08.dubious - afterhours
09.alan braxe & fred falke - chrystal city
10.daniel wang - echo by midnight
11.luke vibert - let's dance and freak
12.unit 4 - body dub (tiefschwarz rmx)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

United States of Audio

United States of Audio MIX

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro 3" (BTTB 2005)
Southside Break Crew - "Time To Rock The Party" (Swedish Brandy 2003)
Boca 45 - "Air Drums" (Hombre 2001)
EPMD - "So Watcha Sayin'" (Fresh 1989)
Steinski + Mass Media - "It's Up To You (Instrumental)" (Ninja Tune 1992)
Young Holt Trio - "Wack Wack" (Brunswick 1967)
Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental)" (Sleeping Bag 1988)
Edan - "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme (acapella)" (Lewis 2004)
The Orb - "Perpetual Dawn" (Island 1991)
Original Concept - "Can U Feel It? 88!" (Def Jam 1988)
Coldcut - "Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life" (Ninja Tune 1998)
Martin Brew - "Sand Steppin" (Fat City 1999)
The Nilsmen - "The Sandstep" (RJR 196x)
Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 2)" (Stax 1971)
Selectah - "Wede Man" (Hoody 1993)
James Brown - "Good Foot (Part 1)" (Polydor 1972)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Super Rappin'" (Enjoy 1979)
DJ Dren - "Old Skoolin Part 2" (33Throwdown 2004)
De La Soul - "A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday (Disco Fever Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1991)
Jackie Wilson - "Light My Fire" (Brunswick 1969)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "Creator (Instrumental)" (Elektra 1991)
LL Cool J - "Illegal Search" (Def Jam 1989)
Young MC - "Know How (Instrumental)" (Delicious Vinyl 1989)
Time Zone - "The Wildstyle" (Celluloid 1983)
The Ballistic Brothers - "Peckings" (Junior Boys Own 1995)
Sugarloaf Gangsters - "Samba Swat" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Food - "Importance Of Body Rhythm" (Ninja Tune 1992)
DJ Prao-D + Boogie B - "Breaks Seminar pt. 6" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Revolution - "Juggle Me (Part 2)" (Ground Control 2000)
Bonobo - "Pick Up" (Ninja Tune 2003)