Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shpongle Live

Shpongle Live -Eilat Desert Israel 10/24/2002

This one won't be up very long so grab it right away. The man, the myth, the legend Simon Posford along with Raja Ram are Shpongle. If you have never heard Shpongle, I highly suggest checking out their albums. The first, "Are You Shpongled?" is an album I consider to be one of the best electronic albums ever produced. It is an extremely influential album and it doesn't sound like anything that has ever been recorded. There is so much going on that when listening with headphones your brain feels like it is on a roller coaster. "Tales of the Inexpressible" had a much more tribal and ethnic vibe to it with many live instruments but still with all of the crazy studio trickery the first album had. The new album is "Nothing Lasts...but Nothing is Lost" and it is coming shortly. This live set is great and it is different than the studio albums with a stripped down, dubby sound.




chris calarco said...

ben -
this is a 3:51 track or did my download not work?

Anonymous said...

I got a chance to see Simon (as Hallucnogen) at an awesome festival last year. The man makes good music.

Anonymous said...

aahh, i missed it, get it back up....pleaseeeeeeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance this can be put up again ? Its the #1 hit on google for "shpongle live" :)

Anonymous said...

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