Thursday, December 22, 2005

Get Minimal

Ferik-12/5/05 MicroMix

Thanks to Travis Williams for passing this one on. Some nice minimal tracks on this mix hosted on the archive.
Also- I changed the link to the music player I posted below. It is now a direct link so check it out.

Parte - A (00:00 > 33:55)
01a) Marco Nega - Muse (addicted & lost) [Mixomat]
02a) Fax - Desierto [Interdisco]
03a) Lusine - Flat
04a) Peter F. Spiess - Chirico [Textone]
05a) Sascha Dive present KeBT - Die schönheit (tis rmx) [Dive]
06a) Dubjack - Trebol 3 [Groovear]
07a) Ferik® - Ghost to ghost
08a) Omar Salgado - Rio Gallegos [Audio 808]

Parte - B (33:56 > 74:10)
01b) SCSI-9 - Sound gestretcht [Fragment]
02b) Killahertz - Official pillow [Fragment]
03b) psyCodEd - Chemtrails (Igor O. Vlasov rmx) [Zimmer]
04b) sgnl fltr - mikro 9 [AABTEK]
05b) Studio 1 Green (side B1 - 1996)
06b) Studio 1 Yellow (side B1 - 1996)
07b) GummiHz - Mood control [After Dinner]
08b) Jan Jalinek - Music to interrogate
09b) Leonel Castillo - Nebulosa [Groovear]