Saturday, January 28, 2006

Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp- "Rap Tight" (Hefty Records)

Eliot Lipp is about to blow up. I saw him do a live pa last year and loved his sound but I had not heard any of his work until I got this track on my XLR8R comp cd. His new album is coming out on Chicago's Hefty Records label and I have seen him in a few different music magazine's lately. This talented keyboard player/producer is putting out quality instrumental hiphop that is well outside the box. If you like Blockhead and RJD2's latest albums you will love Eliot Lipp.

Soul Seduction said:
Los Angeles hip-hop/electronica producer, ELIOT LIPP, is back with his second EP release for HEFTY Records. "Rap Tight" is the very first song culled from ELIOT LIPP's 2006 sophomore, full-length masterpiece, Tacoma Mockingbird [HEFTY050]. The Rap Tight EP follows hot on the heels of LIPP's other hotly tipped EP, Immediate Action #010 [HEFTY048], which nearly sold-out on pre-orders alone and is well on it's way to becoming a collector's item. Rap Tight EP is destined for the same exact attention. Rap Tight EP also comes with two brand new, exclusive cuts ("The Shade" & "Nokia") that are unavailable elsewhere and only found on this release. "Rap Tight" is an absolute scorcher, offering a hint of the great music just waiting to be heard on Tacoma Mockingbird. LIPP's sound is straight up timeless instrumental hip-hop that screams "classic" with each and every snare hit and kick that drops within. This hip-hop/electronic sound contains a sense of organic, raw playfulness - incorporating classic synths, electronics and dusty jazz nods throughout. MCs are clamoring to get all over LIPP's beats, but they simply don't require vocals. Journalists and fans have described ELIOT's beats as "Golden Era-style", referring to legends like DJ SHADOW, DJ KRUSH, PREMIER, TRIBE CALLED QUEST, HEIROGLYPHICS, RZA, as well as jazz heroes like HERBIE HANCOCK, CHICK CORREA. Other references include contemporary greats like MADLIB, RJD2, PREFUSE 73, DABRYE, TORTOISE, etc. On "Rap Tight", a classic break hits hard with a euphoric deluge of layered synth arpeggios and melodies that weave in and out of the psychedelic mix - not to mention the sick song break, complete with old skool 808 funk that is guaranteed to make you melt! ELIOT LIPP has created the perfect formula for rockin' at home, at the club and in your car.

Friday, January 13, 2006

TUNE IN to the radio/music player version of this site!!!!

The Silver's Boogaloo Music Player

I just did a major update to my Silver's Boogaloo music player with some hot new tracks. Heavy is the site that put this together and it gave me an oppurtunity to create a radio station and edit the programming. Check their site out..I love it. This streaming site is the audio equivalent to this mp3blog site. This time around I dropped the tempo and created a much more mellow and experimental soundscape. Downtempo, IDM, instrumental hiphop, some cool jammed out tracks, and then on to some more minimal housey stuff towards the end. 30 tracks all in all.

Now playing:
The Avalanches
Ulrich Schnauss
Metro Area
Telefon Telaviv (the track on there is mindblowing)
Erlend Oye
Juan Maclean (who I have been LOVING lately!)
Gus Gus
Money Mark


I have always had a love radio (and worked in radio for a little while) and now with Sirius radio also, I think radio is coming back in a big way. It has always been a dream of mine to have a real radio show, either over the airwaves or online, but I never have had my own real show. If you are reading this and know of any openings anywhere OR if you run an online streaming site and would like another DJ, PLEASE contact me. I would be so grateful and would put in a valiant effort to make it dope!

This is also a contest to see who can run the best radio station so I appreciate you checking it out, and if you like what you hear, spread the word.
Here is the text link that can be passed on:

Last but not least, I produced a new track with my friend David Hammond who I have posted about in the past. It is a glitchy IDM track and you can hear it RIGHT HERE

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pigna People

Pigna People- Let Em Talk (Pigna 2005)
"mixoff" MP3

I have been bumping this album fact it is playing as I type this. If you have been digging the Get Physical Music label, you will like this. Three great producers teamed up for the album and it also comes with a second disc which is a nice mix of tracks from the label.
....and after you listen to this should click over here: Silver's Boogaloo Radio
Here is a long winded blurb I found about Pigna People:

"Some do, other's talk and Pigna records' Marco Passarani, Francesco de Bellis and Mario Pierro are firmly placed in the former. As Pigna People this album represents the definition of the sound built by these three esteemed Roman DJ/producers: a unique mixture of electro, old school techno, acid house, funk and italo disco that has seen previous releases supported by the likes of Miss Kittin, I-f, Ralph Lawson, DJ Hell, Ivan Smagghe, M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T, Freestyle Man and so on. Featuring 6 brand new tracks, 6 classics picked from the previous Pigna catalogue and a bonus CD with a super Pigna medley including more than 20 tracks, Let Em Talk will certainly be living up to its name this autumn.
Pigna is the dancefloor label from the Finalfrontier collective based in Rome. Originally established by Marco Passarani in 1993 the nucleus now remains tightly hooked around the three Pigna producers. Marco himself should now need little introduction. Releasing his first 12" on Alan Oldham's Generator label in 1993, Marco has gone on to release for I-f's Inter-ferred, Rephlex, Skam, Antzen, Plasmek and his own Nature and Pigna imprints. This year Marco released a new studio album for Peacefrog (Sullen Look) which contained the dancefloor cover version of Alexander O'Neal's 'Critisize' featuring Erlend Oye on vocals and the much sought after re-rub of The Jungle Brother's 'I House U'. However he has also found time to set up a new label this year (Final Frontier) in conjunction with Detroit's Submerge which has seen him release under the name of 'Analog Fingerprints' as well as producing killer dance tracks for Pigna and remixng the likes of Miss Kittin, Munk all in between his hectic international DJ schedule.
Francesco de Bellis is one half of the DJ/production duo Jolly Music and Mat101. As Jolly Music the pair's love of psychedelic house, magpie folk and disco-funk caught the world's imagination with the Nature released album 'Jolly Bar' and series of singles for Sony off-shoot, Illustrious. However, also known as 'Mr. Cisco' he has released three Pigna EP's, 12s on Nature, an EP for esteemed Dutch label Klakson (run by Dexter) and will soon be releasing a series of EP's for Ralph Lawson's 20/20 Vision imprint prior to his debut solo artist album for Nature Records; 'Music Business' under the name Francisco.
Mario Pierro is the taller half of the Jolly Music/Mat101 production team as well as being the singular mind behind Raiders of the Lost ARP who released the Detroit techno and electro influenced album '4' on Nature last year. As well as continued releases on Pigna (as highlighted on this album/compilation) Raiders of the lost ARP will be releasing a new single on Finalfrontier featuring remixes by Underground Resistance and Los Hermanos.
Now Pigna prepare to expand the Roman Empire once again with 'Let Em Talk'. Three foot soldiers ready to take the world's dancefloors by storm as the Pigna sound of twisted Chicago house, classic techno, disco, funk and of course a healthy dose of Italo hit our hearts, mind and feet. As the Pigna collective would say, it's time to let the music do the talking ... ("