Friday, January 13, 2006

TUNE IN to the radio/music player version of this site!!!!

The Silver's Boogaloo Music Player

I just did a major update to my Silver's Boogaloo music player with some hot new tracks. Heavy is the site that put this together and it gave me an oppurtunity to create a radio station and edit the programming. Check their site out..I love it. This streaming site is the audio equivalent to this mp3blog site. This time around I dropped the tempo and created a much more mellow and experimental soundscape. Downtempo, IDM, instrumental hiphop, some cool jammed out tracks, and then on to some more minimal housey stuff towards the end. 30 tracks all in all.

Now playing:
The Avalanches
Ulrich Schnauss
Metro Area
Telefon Telaviv (the track on there is mindblowing)
Erlend Oye
Juan Maclean (who I have been LOVING lately!)
Gus Gus
Money Mark


I have always had a love radio (and worked in radio for a little while) and now with Sirius radio also, I think radio is coming back in a big way. It has always been a dream of mine to have a real radio show, either over the airwaves or online, but I never have had my own real show. If you are reading this and know of any openings anywhere OR if you run an online streaming site and would like another DJ, PLEASE contact me. I would be so grateful and would put in a valiant effort to make it dope!

This is also a contest to see who can run the best radio station so I appreciate you checking it out, and if you like what you hear, spread the word.
Here is the text link that can be passed on:

Last but not least, I produced a new track with my friend David Hammond who I have posted about in the past. It is a glitchy IDM track and you can hear it RIGHT HERE


Anonymous said...

great stuff ben!!

is there anyway to fast forward to check out other tracks??


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great stuff ben!!

is there anyway to fast forward to check out other tracks??

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