Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gill T Pleasure

Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone- Circle Circle Dot Dot MP3

Rollin' With Saget MP3

Rollin' With Saget VIDEO

Is it 2 Live Jews for 2006? Another white comedy rapper? PopoZao?!???!
Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone are putting out a comedy rap album that I think will actually be a great album musically. For the last month they have successfully made me laugh with the new show on MTV "Blowin Up". The show has been on following the Real World (another show I am hopelessly addicted to) and it details the struggle of an actor trying to be a rapper. Everybody knows that all rappers are actors, but when you flip it, it is hard to be taken seriously. Jamie Kennedy is so funny that he doesn't necessarily want to be taken seriously, but along with Stu The Jew, kick out the rhymes that not only make people laugh, but sound good too. Call it a Gill T Pleasure...I love it and can't wait for the album.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Power, Corruption, and Lies Part 2

Brad Owen- Power, Corruption, and Lies (LIVE from Smartbar 6/20/06)

(3 hours, 30 minutes approximately...192kbps MP3)

This is the second PCL mix I have posted by Brad Owen. "Just can't get enough, I just can't get enough". As always, tasteful selections from the way way back of the crate.

echo and the bunnymen - over the shoulder
jesus and mary chain - april skies
house of love - road
northside - my rising star
arctic monkeys - no buses
stills - lola stars and stripes
ian brown - solarized
the books - be good to them always
thom yorke - analyse
jimi tenor - can't stay with you baby
gorillaz - spitting out demons
primal scream - we go down slowly rising
arcade fire - rebellions (lies)
charlatans - i don't want to see the sights
dandy warhols - we used to be friends
stone roses - sally cinnamon
happy mondays - mad cyril
broken social scene - handjobs for the holidays
doves - the cedar room
new order - thieves like us
psychedelic furs - president gas
the clash - guns of brixton
gorillaz - hong kong
kasabian - lost souls forever
interpol - take you on a cruise
serena maneesh - drain cosmetics
my bloody valentine - map ref 41n 93 w
inspiral carpets - this is how it feels
swervedriver - how does it feel to look like candy
ride - sennen
lush - sweetness & light
love and rockets - if there's a heaven above
morrissey - everyday is like sunday
joy division - digital
magazine - shot by both sides
buzzcocks - boredom
sonic youth - i got a catholic block
franz ferdinand - sexy boy
the stills - in the beginning
velocity girl - i can't stop smiling
the breeders - cannonball
fugazi - burning
echo and the bunnymen - all that jazz
gang of four - damaged goods
husker du - whatever
naked raygun - gear
minutemen - i felt like a gringo
firehose - whisperin while hollerin
jane's addiction - pigs in zen
jesus and mary chain - you trip me up
stooges - i wanna be your dog
velvet underground - sister ray
munk - kick out the chairs
a certain ratio - shack up

Monday, June 05, 2006

Shpongle DJ Set 2002

Simon Posford (Shpongle DJ Mix) 10-24-02 Eilat Desert, Israel-MP3

This is a re-post from last year but quite a few people were asking about Shpongle DJ sets and I happen to love this mix.

"This one won't be up very long so grab it right away. The man, the myth, the legend Simon Posford along with Raja Ram are Shpongle. If you have never heard Shpongle, I highly suggest checking out their albums. The first, "Are You Shpongled?" is an album I consider to be one of the best electronic albums ever produced. It is an extremely influential album and it doesn't sound like anything that has ever been recorded. There is so much going on that when listening with headphones your brain feels like it is on a roller coaster. "Tales of the Inexpressible" had a much more tribal and ethnic vibe to it with many live instruments but still with all of the crazy studio trickery the first album had. The new album is "Nothing Lasts...but Nothing is Lost" and it is coming shortly. This set is great and it is different than the studio albums with a stripped down, dubby sound."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Robot Rock (Updated Files!)

Audio Files:

Daft Punk- Live at Coachella 2006 Part 1

(Note-The set starts about 3:00 minutes in to part 1)

Daft Punk- Live at Coachella 2006 Part 2

(great quality recording!)

...and a special bonus...
DVD/Video HERE is a link that contains a torrent of a DVD of the set. It is the handheld camcorder shot that has been floating around with this audio synched. THE DVD IS AWESOME!


Never in a million years did I think any set of music could ever top the sequence of acts that I saw at Coachella in a few years ago. The return of the Pixies followed by Radiohead (who I think is the greatest live band in the world) and then Kraftwerk live in the DJ tent to cap it off. I walked away with my brain blown to shreds. The lineup for Coachella 2006 was fantastic but I was not able to make it out this year. One act that I was very curious about is Daft Punk since they hadn't played in the US for close to 8 years. The reclusive and extremely mysterious duo does not play live much at all but always has had a focus on the visual side of the music as well as the audio. Starting with their groundbreaking music videos for "Da Funk" and "Around The World" 10 years ago, the duo has never been limited by boundaries. They later went on to release a Japanese Anime film Interstella 555 to accompany an LP and have recently completed a feature length film to accompany their last album.

Since the visuals are as important as the music to them, I had a feeling they would do something visually stunning for their live set at Coachella. What they pulled off is one of the greatest displays of lights and visuals I have ever seen anyone do (and I have only seen the videos!!) There are numerous video clips of the set on youtube.com as well as multiple torrents of the set shot with camcorders. Hopefully they will release the set as a professional DVD at some point...it is THAT good. The screen opens up to show a gigantic Pyramid and the duo with full space suits and helmets on and the craziest light show perfectly synched up to the music. The lights rotate in all directions and seem not only shine on all of the huge cubes but actually shine through the cubes from the inside out as well giving the stage a crazy 3D effect. Lasers and smoke pulsate to the beat and the stage makes you feel like you are living out a TRON fantasy. I have a lot of respect for Daft Punk for truly putting on a SHOW and raising the bar as to what can be done in a festival setting to make people walk out of the place blown away.