Sunday, March 18, 2007

Exclusive 2020 SoundSystem live video!

Exclusive video for Silver's Boogaloo!

2020 SoundSystem LIVE Video MP4

This is a clip of the 2020 Soundsystem set from Sonar which is included as the second disc of the "No Order" LP. 2020 SoundSystem is a live act comprised of producers off of the highly regarded electronic/house label, 2020 Vision Recordings. Label head and insanely good DJ, Ralph Lawson, along with Silver City and Dubble D are 2020 SoundSystem.

This is what it's all about. I have been a lover of the 20:20 Vision label for as long as I have been being records. Always been one of my favorites and I highly respect all of the producers on that label. Random Factor's "Convergence" was my #1 LP of the year in 2004, Spirit Catcher has a hot new one out, and the countless 12" blazers that they contantly put out. Now the ball is rolling with having their live act, 2020 SoundSystem, hit the US. They play for gigantic crowds overseas at some of the world's finest festivals and the dancefloors will explode when they come this way. I was given some live footage that I will be sharing on this site in multiple installments. I will add some to youtube but what I have linked is an mp4 clip that can be upped to a video ipod.

Ralph Lawson, 2020 Vision label head and dj/keys in 2020ss also just mixed the latest Fabric mix, Fabric 33. I can't stop listening to it and I think it is one of the series best mixes. for more info

Purchase the 2cd set "No Order" which includes the full live at sonar set.

Disco Biscuits with Matisyahu=dub techno Sh'ma?

The Disco Biscuits "Orch Theme">Jam+Smema Yisreal w/ Matisyahu" MP3

As soon as I heard this I wanted to send this link to a few of you in particular! The Disco Biscuits have always played interesting cover songs. From Coltrane to Zappa and the Beastie Boys but I don't think any band would, has, or ever even thought of....playing a vitual Bar-Mitzvah techno jam.

Well, sort of

What happened was the band was playing a festival called Langerado which took place recently in Florida. Matisyahu, who is possibly better known for being a hasidic jew than a reggae singer, was also on the bill. The Biscuits dropped into a dub style jam which apparently drew Matisyahu in and ask if he could sit in.

He said:
"My friends and I walked over to the Disco Biscuits set and I just felt the fire. The music sounded so good I just wanted to rock it. I made my way up to the front and asked to sit-in. It was a magical moment, the band was on fire and I was on fire. It was super cool."

They ended up playing a dubby electronic sounding jam and Matisyahu freestyled over it all. He sounded great with the band and I can only imagine how the crowd must have felt. The interesting part of his improvisational vocal stylings was his hook....SHEMA YISSSSSSSSSSSSRAEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saying those words in the same paragraph as "techno", "jamband", and of course "disco biscuits" is something that just wouldn't happen, let alone seeing it live.

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