Sunday, October 31, 2004

"from dub til dawn"

DJ INC- Sittin Here Chillin (From Dub Til Dawn)

You gotta love free online dj mixes that are really, really good. I know I love making mixes and sharing online as well hoping to turn someone on to new music. One DJ who has put some absolutely brilliant mixes online is DJ INC out of Atlanta. Check out his site:
TempoATL for more info.

He recently put up a 2 cd mix inspired by the Back To Mine Series. The first disc appropriately titled, "dub" features everything from Kruder and Dorfmeister to Pink Floyd. The second disc, "Dawn" picks up the tempo a bit with some nice minimal techy beats. Great album to have on while working. Keep up the good work mr. inc!


Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk- "Take Off Da Hot Sweater" (Combination) 2002

"Fireresistant Swimmingtrunks" MP3

One of the most popular and well-known German techno artists, Hardfloor is comprised of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker. Their slamming acid squelches from the TB-303 give Hardfloor their signature acid sound. After years of techno releases and extensive touring as Hardfloor, Oliver and Ramon created a new sound for themselves. A side project under the alias "Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk" created a different vibe with elements of hiphop, downtempo, and deep, acid breaks.

The 1999 album "Electric Crate Digger" has always been one of my favorites. The beats are funky and the songs build and climax with some serious TB-303 squelching. In 2002 they dropped "Take Off Da Sweater" which follows the same formula of acid break goodness.

You can purchase both albums from amazon or check their website: DDPNP

I have used tracks from Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk on two different downtempo DJ mixes that I am hosting online on
You can download both "Ethereal World" and "Lucid Lessons" which are part of the Orchard Lounge Downtempo Series.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rocker's Hifi "Sexy Selector"

Rocker's Hifi "Sexy Selector" (Different Drummer)

Sexy Selector Mp3

Yes, I am a Kruder and Dorfmeister addict. I don't think there are two more important figures in the world of downtempo than K+D. Not only have they released some of best albums of their genre as "K+D", they have also collaborated with other artists. Tosca and Peace Orchestra are both side projects you need to check out if you haven't already. They are masters in the studio and also behind the decks.

Richard Dorfmeister released a solo album last year titled "Richard Dorfmeister Presents...A Different Drummer Selection". The Different Drummer label celebrated its 10th birthday with Richard Dorfmeister mixing modern dub tracks from the label roster, spanning 1992-2002. This album is a masterpiece and the track that really sticks out in my mind is "sexy selector" by the Rockers Hifi. The bassline rumbles and the washed out synths produce a nice brain massaging dub workout.

online DJ mix of the week:

Highskool2 mix mp3

I don't know much about this one other than it is early 90's hiphop....I mean rap and the mix is DOPE!

High Skool ClassiksVolume 2

Wake Up Intro
Nas-It Aint Hard To Tell(Danger Mouse Remix)
Run DMC-Ooh Watcha Gonna Do
Masta Ace-Music Man
Mobb Deep-Hit It From The Back
Jamalski-Jump Spread Out
Das Efx-Jussusmen(Pete Rock Remix)
Cypress Hill-Hand On The Glock
KRS-One-I Cant Wake Up
Black Moon-Who Got The Props
Special Ed-The Mission
Jamalski-Put It On(EPMD Remix)
Ice Cube-Givin Up The Nappy Dug Out
House Of Pain-Jump Around(Pete Rock Remix)
Stezo-It's My Turn
Eazy E-Gimmie That Nutt
KRS-One-HipHop Vs. Rap(Spinbad Remix)
Beastie Boys-Finger Lickin Good
Kwest Tha Madd Ladd-101 Things To Do While Im With Your Girl
Stetsasonic-Talkin All That Jazz
Ice Cube-Wicked
Ice Cube-No Vaseline
Nice and Smooth-Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
UMC's-Blue Cheese
Tim Dog and KRS-One-I Get Wrecked
Ice-T-New Jack Hustler
Cypress Hill-Lick A Shot
Ultramagnetic MC's-Poppa Large
UMC's-One To Grow On
Naughty By Nature-Scuffin Those Knees
X-Clan-Funkin' Lesson
RBL Posse-Dont Give Me No Bammer Weed
Eric B and Rakim-No Omega
Organized Konfusion-Releasing Hypnotical Gases

Ivan "Boogaloo Jones"- Sweetback

Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones- Sweetback (Luv N Haight) 1975

"Sweetback" MP3

***I just uploaded the mp3 again so if you only have the 3 minute version that was up previously, get the full track that is up now!! This song rocks****

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I am obsessed with this guy. I picked this up on cd in college when I was really getting into jazz guitar. I love stuff released in the mid to late 70's especially. This album truly changed my life. I liked it so much I went out and bought a guitar and started taking lessons hoping that someday, maybe, I could play as funky Boogaloo Joe. The entire album rips- the first track, "Confusion", has an insanely fast and furious guitar solo that could make any jamband kids' head float away. The last song is a stellar cover of Stevie Wonder's "You Got it Bad, Girl".

The crown jewel, for me at least, is "Sweetback". Literally my favorite song of all time. Nothing beats the guitar solo he drops in the middle. Also, DJ Greyboy just put out a remix.



Putsch 79 (Clone Records)

Putsch 79 "Man Enough" MP3:

So some people call it "the metro area" sound, some say disco and others swear it is electro. At any rate, the late 70's/early 80's sound is back and asses are-a shaking. I was turned on to Putsch 79 just a few weeks ago and the album hasn't left my car since. I choose the track titled "Man Enough" to wet your mouth.


Putsch '79 is Sami Liuski and Pauli JylhÀnkangas. They were born in eastern Finland in year… Yeah you guessed it, 1979. Nowadays Sami lives up north near the arctic circle in Rovaniemi and Pauli lives in Tampere. Sami and Pauli have known each other since high school where they both got interested in electronic music. They started their musical careers by playing guitar and toying around with computer music software. Pauli has also played in various bands as a guitarist.

Despite the cold surroundings Pauli and Sami live in, Putsch '79 is all about warm grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines and smooth chords with occasional influences from techno and house. Combining old and new they try to create layers and layers of depth to their music with lots of references to good old disco and funk. Some of the contemporary artists Putsch '79 is influenced by one can mention Chicken Lips, Metro Area, Daniel Wang, Kelley Polar Quartet and Legowelt.

To create the distinctive Putsch '79 groove, a lot of the synthesizers are played live. The bleeps coming from vintage analogue synthesizers and effects boxes are the thing for Putsch '79 music and the boys are not afraid to use real live instruments in their music either, mostly sampling Pauli's guitar and bass playing. Of course computer editing and plug-ins are inevitable for Putsch '79 sound in todays digital world. Putsch '79 records are released on Clone Records, also coming from Holland. So far there have been three 12” ep's: 1300, Asian Girls and a limited (200 copies) release cx14. The Putsch ’79 full length album PUTSCH (2x12” and cd) is coming out in February 2004. Gigs will follow soon, but the dates are to be settled.

Here you can read an interview with Putsch 79: