Thursday, October 28, 2004

Putsch 79 (Clone Records)

Putsch 79 "Man Enough" MP3:

So some people call it "the metro area" sound, some say disco and others swear it is electro. At any rate, the late 70's/early 80's sound is back and asses are-a shaking. I was turned on to Putsch 79 just a few weeks ago and the album hasn't left my car since. I choose the track titled "Man Enough" to wet your mouth.


Putsch '79 is Sami Liuski and Pauli JylhÀnkangas. They were born in eastern Finland in year… Yeah you guessed it, 1979. Nowadays Sami lives up north near the arctic circle in Rovaniemi and Pauli lives in Tampere. Sami and Pauli have known each other since high school where they both got interested in electronic music. They started their musical careers by playing guitar and toying around with computer music software. Pauli has also played in various bands as a guitarist.

Despite the cold surroundings Pauli and Sami live in, Putsch '79 is all about warm grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines and smooth chords with occasional influences from techno and house. Combining old and new they try to create layers and layers of depth to their music with lots of references to good old disco and funk. Some of the contemporary artists Putsch '79 is influenced by one can mention Chicken Lips, Metro Area, Daniel Wang, Kelley Polar Quartet and Legowelt.

To create the distinctive Putsch '79 groove, a lot of the synthesizers are played live. The bleeps coming from vintage analogue synthesizers and effects boxes are the thing for Putsch '79 music and the boys are not afraid to use real live instruments in their music either, mostly sampling Pauli's guitar and bass playing. Of course computer editing and plug-ins are inevitable for Putsch '79 sound in todays digital world. Putsch '79 records are released on Clone Records, also coming from Holland. So far there have been three 12” ep's: 1300, Asian Girls and a limited (200 copies) release cx14. The Putsch ’79 full length album PUTSCH (2x12” and cd) is coming out in February 2004. Gigs will follow soon, but the dates are to be settled.

Here you can read an interview with Putsch 79:


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