Friday, June 22, 2007

From The Dancefloor To The Couch

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Pro-Shot Live Daft Punk=best lights ever!

There isn't much I can say as the clips speak for themselves. Daft Punk has the best stage set up and visual display that any act in the past or present has ever created. It is a complete audio/visual mindblower and they are finally playing more than just a couple dates in the US! I am seeing them in Seattle and then again at Lollapalooza.

To top that off, we are DJ'ing right before the Robot Rockin' French filter house masters at the Camp Bisco festival.... OK, not really, but our friends Future Rock are playing a set under the name "DAFT ROCK" at Camp Bisco this August in New York and we are DJ'ing right before them!!! Last year Future Rock did a set as "Aphex Rock" which was all Aphex Twin tracks and this year they are playing an entire set of Daft Punk tunes. We are sandwiched between Juan Maclean and Daft Rock so we are very, very excited to be playing this fantastic festival for the third year in a row. I am also extremely excited to finally get to see The Bays live as they are also playing Camp Bisco as well as countless other bands, DJs, and electronic acts.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The role of the opening DJ

DJ INC- Warm Up Set for Lee Burridge

This DJ mix is one of my favorite DJ mixes ever and a major factor in that is the high level of respect I have for the understanding of the opening act's role. In this case it is DJ INC and this is the second time I have posted about this particular mix (which I heard again today for the first time in ages). What to play, how to play, when to play it, these are questions that we (Orchard Lounge) often ask ourselves when asked to open for somebody. There are many DJs (and bands as well, but I am taking the DJ's stance this time...nawmsayin?) who do not alter their sound or take into account their role for the night when asked to warm up.

I guess I just do not personally see the need to bang it out as hard as you can when the doors open and the headliner doesn't start for a good 3 hours, but that's just me (or is it?) In my opinion, and yes, this is all personal opinion, the opening DJ that understands their role should set the tone for the evening. I personally think it is best when the vibe starts out slow and mellow and gradually picks up pace. As the room begins to fill and the drinks are flowing, the music gains momentum. Those first few hours of the night make a huge difference if played properly and the crowd is properly prepped for the headlining act to hit the decks. There is no need to overpower the headliner when you are booked to warm up for them and that also can annoy the crowd who may not want to listen to 3 hours of heaviness early on. I could insert some sort of sex analogy right here but I will spare you.

This set by Atlanta local, DJ INC, is a perfectly programmed and flawlessly mixed warm up set for Lee Burridge. I think the set is from 10/24/04 but I may have the dates confused. This is the first hour of the night so it is on the minimal, dubby side, a few hours before getting heavy. He uses one of my favorite Big Bud tracks which is not something you hear often in this style. This mix has always inspired me and influenced me in how I think when opening for a DJ or band.

Tempo ATL