Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Kraftwerk still rules

Kraftwerk LIVE- Minimum Maximum 2cd set 2005

"Planet Of Visions" (Ljubljana) MP3

A couple weeks ago I had my mind blown by Kraftwerk again in Chicago. The show was absolutely unbelievable musically and also visually. The men who are machines do as much as possible to look like they are doing nothing. They stand on stage, motionless and expressionless, as the beats peak and the visuals mesmerized the crowd. At one point a screen came down and when it went back up there were four actual robots on stage playing instead of humans. What I loved about the show is how every song was remixed to sound fresh. Some of the songs are 30+ years old so to hear a modern techno edge was cool. Kraftwerk are the originators, the grandfathers, the dinosaurs of electronic music. If it wasn't for them, the early 1980's in Detroit would have sounded a lot different.

Odd that they have been around forever and had not released an official live album until now but here it is- the double LIVE cd set- "Minimum Maximum". The cd's are packed full of songs taken from various venues on their 2004 World Tour. All of the songs are here in their full, tweaked out glory. I read that a double DVD set is also coming but I could not find a release date. That will be huge!

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