Monday, May 02, 2005

Pirate Radio Bootlegs

Mastermix-Rare Pirate Radio Bootlegs

Well, as you can see I am obsessed with the Old School and I have been scouring the online world to find sites like this Mastermix site. Sites filled with loads of mixes, videos, and other rare items from the parachute pant days are like the holy grail to me. I have already watched the BBC documentary on hiphop from 1984 enough times to memorize lines. As of 4:00 I am still the highest bidder on Uncle Rico's Time Machine which I am planning on using to zap back to 1982 so I can rock out at Planet Rock. In the meantime, relive the glory by downloading all of these rare radio mixes from the early '80's. Some are from NYC radio, a few are DMC battle sets, and the rest are misc. artifacts from a great period in American history. The music is all over the place and they don't discriminate when it comes to styles. Late disco, Mann Parrish style electro breaks, rock, jazz, and more. I wish the full live Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince live from Union Square was still available but it isn't(and yes, this is the same show used on "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" although this is the full 21 minutes so you havent heard it!)


(and if you want more Breakin' style beats, don't sleep on the "Linoleum Streets" mix you can download from OrchardLounge in the mixes section)


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"Linol. Streets" is fantastic

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