Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Smells like drum and bass?


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" MP3
"The Saw" MP3

Five years ago in Madison I picked up a cd by an artist I had never heard of. The cover said, "Ethereal Drum 'N' Bass", which jumped out at me so I checked it out. I had no idea know what ethereal dnb meant, but it sounded like something I would like. Nonex consists of keyboardists/programmers El Topo and Volker Bertelmann, drummer/programmer Piid and vocalists La Trek and Sam Leigh Brown. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1999 by Shadow Records.

The album is darker than the majority of "atmospheric dnb" releases of the late '90's/ early '00's. Some of the tracks have a glitchy, IDM feel which at times resembles Squarepusher or Amon Tobin. I used the song "Something For Your Mind" on a downtempo DJ mix I made and I decided to put up two more for you to check out. I couldn't pass on their Nirvana cover with the female vocalist but I don't feel it is a good representation of what the LP is like so I chose two.


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