Monday, April 25, 2005


De-Phazz- "Detunized Gravity" MP3

Jazzy, electronic, downtempo, trip hop....whatever you want to call it, De-Phazz is quality. German musician Pit Baumgartner is the center of De-Phazz and Pit has done it all. Started off Dj'ing, has done remixes for everyone from Kool & the Gang feat. Lauryn Hill, Boy George, Kurtis Blow, A-ha, to Ella Fitzgerald (Verve USA). He owns record labels including Phazz-A-Delic records and he has been releasing great music with De-Phazz for years. De-Phazz is a proper balance of live instruments, dubby production techniques, and always features great guest musicians. All of their albums are worth checking out and there also is a "best of" out.

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Poet & Guitarist Wanna Be said...

Sweet deal on this one man. Sounds good for business.

Anonymous said...

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nick said...

de-phazz are wonderful. you should hear the phazz-a-delic uppercuts vol. 1 compilation. it's better than the albums!