Friday, May 20, 2005

People Places and Things

Slide Five- People Places and Things

"Polestar" MP3

I just downloaded this album from after a long hiatus. I have always dug these guys ever since I picked up their funky first album almost 10 years ago. "People Places and Things" is an amazing album and those basslines stick in my head for days after listening to them. This album is all live instruments and Dave Warrin is AMAZING on that Juno bass and keys.

allmusic said:
Like so many groups that started with the "acid jazz" sound, Slide Five moved into the electronic realm. This album mixes the live sound of the first album with electronics, creating trance-like, danceable tracks. Some of the standout material on the album comes from the previously unreleased EP Flash, namely the gumption-filled track "Heavy Rotation." Dave Warrin's keys and Guy Gershoni's subtle percussion work on "11 O'Clock" would make Herbie Hancock proud. Smooth drum'n'bass tracks like "Inhaler" and the space jazz of "KC Doppler" keep the listener hooked. Sometimes sacrificing groove for experimentation, it remains a vital and innovative soundtrack for space-age hipsters.

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