Sunday, May 15, 2005


Lee Foss- Underdrive

I have been digging this new mix by my friend Lee Foss who has great, eclectic taste in music and is awesome DJ. Enjoy!

1) The Paul Simpson Connection – Treat Me (Pablova Raban Dubmental Mix) (Easy Streat Records)
2) BGB – A Crack In the Glass (Dessous Recordings)
3) Phonique – For the Time Being (AlexKid’s Cold Mix) (Dessous Recordings)
4) Putsch 79 – Asian Girls (Clone)
5) Pauli Jylhankagas – Clutz (Klakson)
6) Bangkok Impact – Bounce Baby (Vynalogica)
7) Justus Kohncke – Jet (Kompakt)
8) Mathew Jonson – Folding Spaces (Substatic)
9) Sasse – Soul Sounds (Dirt Crew Solid Diamond Remix) (Mood Music Records)
10) Mr. Cisco – Mixage (Klakson)
11) Dieter Schmidt – Morse Code From the Cold War (Kitsune Music)
12) Dole & Kom – The Ultimate (Neuton Music)
13) Agoria – al 11eme marche (rollercoaster mix) (Pias Recordings)
14) Marco Passarani – Criticize (Instrumental) (Peacefrog)
15) Dominik Eulberg – Gasthof “Zum Satten Bass” (Fruhshopper mix) (Trapez)
16) Dave DK – Rave Your Mind (Dirt Crew Remix) (Television Records)
17) Analord – Crying in Your Face (Rephlex)

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Anonymous said...

LeeFoss is the God damn man! Silver you never seize to amaze me. Thank you, this guy is great. I'd highly rec. checkin' "Ain't No 1/2 Steepin" and "New Jack Bling" too...both sheer essentials in my book. --rideATW