Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kevin Yost

Kevin Yost- One Starry Night

"Outa Space" MP3

Kevin Yost is a rare breed- Jazz musician, house producer, and amazing DJ. There are many producers who also DJ but are not very good it, Yost is not one of them. Every time I have seen him play his mixing is beyond belief and that is because he has been DJ'ing since he was a little kid. Another reason I respect him is because when he plays out he can fill an entire set with original tracks and remixes he has done. Some of his tracks are borderline jazz with a house beat, others are on the techy side with nice keyboard riffs throughout. Don't be fooled by the jazz however, Yost can bang out the main room like the best of them.

When the producer is an accomplished musician it makes the sound so nice and rich. You can hear his musical talent oozing out of every drum beat and piano solo. In a time when anybody can make beats on their computer it is nice to hear someone like Kevin Yost who is a true musician recording the old fashioned way.
Check out his website, for more info and make sure to pick up his albums. "One Starry Night" and "Road Less Traveled" are two of my all time favorite house albums.

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