Thursday, December 02, 2004

Secret Frequency Crew

Secret Frequency Crew- Forest Of The Echo Downs (Schematic)

"Neon Bridge" MP3

One of the best downtempo/IDM albums I have all year is the debut album by Secret Frequency Crew (thanks for the recomendation sk8s) They have just the right blend of organic, analog sounds and mechanical, glitchy madness. The album is very Shpongle-esque (I bet a few people know what that means) This track is featured on my new, new downtempo dj mix that I haven't uploaded yet.

Boomkat Says:
DJs Matthew Brown, Matt Friedman, and Adrian Michna have been operating under the Secret Frequency Crew banner for some time, taking in deep, atmospheric instrumental electronica with a love of 80's melodies and a crafted blend of guitars, trombones, bass and piano thrown in for widescreen listening. "Forest Of The Echo Downs" also at times delves into more complex, heavily percussive territory and reduced digital territory, sizzling into the twilight.

Available at most shops.


Anonymous said...

I love shpongle!

One of the best

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