Saturday, November 27, 2004

LIVE VIDEOS: Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Steve Bug

Squarepusher and Kraftwerk live in Rome Videos

Steve Bug live at GOA Video

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I managed to eat a plate at 3 in the morning that was the same size as the plate I had with the actual dinner. Since I am away from home and have no access to my records or the capability to upload to my server I thought I would give you a little sweet apple pie for desert. Not only does this site give you mp3's, but also rare videos for you to check out.

The first video is a live clip of Kraftwerk doing their thing with a crazy wall of images projected over them. They look like four German robots sent from the future to rock the crowd with their mechanical music. Another video is of Squarepusher assualting the crowd with his bass virtousity and nasty experimental beats. Also links to a techy three part live set by DJ/Producer Steve Bug. Bug started two of my favorite record labels- Poker Flat and also Dessous Recordings. Three great artists and now your chance to witness them live with your own eyes rather than just ears.


Anonymous said...

squarepusher is nutty

James said...

THAT is some crazy crazy shit. Nice find!

Anonymous said...

Hi man, i'm Mat, the webmaster and creator of
we insert more videos and coming soon more kraftwerk and squarepusher videos...stay tuned..

Anonymous said...

Wat can i do to have full Live video: Kraftwerk@rome????