Friday, November 19, 2004

Plant Life funk

Plant Life – The Return of Jack Splash (counterfeit)

Plant Life- Luv 4 The World (Why They Gotta Hate?) MP3

I only have a few minutes as I get ready to go out to see Tortured Soul play but I wanted to flip a quick bit o funk for you. Plant Life just dropped a new album "Return of Jack Splash" which is a great dose of new funk. Usually when I get funky it is with older records from the '70's so it is nice to hear some fresh new grooves. The album has been getting great feedback from everybody so make sure to pick it up.
The promo said:
"Plant Life set out to break down the barriers between hip hop, soul, rock and good old fashioned funk music. In the tradition of legendary funk and soul godfathers like James Brown, George Clinton, Sly Stone & Prince, Plant Life serves up a healthy dose of sensuality and politics while providing a groove strong enough to shake the system to its core. With a heavy funk influence, The Return, has traces of 70's funk, 80's electro, 90's b-boy aesthetics and futuristic ideals."

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