Thursday, November 18, 2004

bangers and mash

Justin Sloe- Not For Chinstrokers MP3

The whole DJ "mash up" craze has died down considerably since everyone and their mother made a mediocre mash using the accapela's from Jay-Z's "Black Album". Danger Mouse brought it to the mainstream with his mashup of The Beatles "White Album" and Jay-Z's "Black Album" creating his own "Grey Album". This video that somebody made with tracks from the Grey Album is great:GreyVideo

Long before Danger Mouse and the zillion other bootleggers on the internet were making mashup's, DJ Z-Trip was pulling it off impeccably live. He owned the first Scratch tour with his impressive blends of rock, hiphop, scratching, and more, sometimes playing up to 3 tracks at once and 100% on the fly. It may be a bit old now, but Z-Trip and DJ P's mash-up masterpiece, "Uneasy Listening" is a great party jam.

I hadn't heard a mix of mash-ups that has impressed me in a long time until I heard this new mix by DJ Justin Sloe. He really nailed the blends and he uses a nice mix of hiphop, downtempo, and rock. MJ (the billie jean demo!), Biggie, Hall and Oates, Chic, Fat Boys...even Khia is up on this piece! The whole Blondie>The Doors>Method Man segment is incredible. This is one of the most creative dj mixes of the year.


Anonymous said...



2 thumbs way up

Anonymous said...

nice website and nice dj mix picks

The DJ Inc and the hip-hop mix you had last week also were tops.

Anonymous said...

fantastic! - but i lost the download, and now the link says bandwidth exceeded, maybe later... :: what was that firstsong?? "... and my crack ..." dum dum

Paul Irish said...

If someone can get this song back online, I'd love to get my paws on it... lookin sexy.

Anonymous said...

Khia - My Neck, My Back, (Lick It) - is the accapella from the first track

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