Friday, November 05, 2004

Is your name Michael Diamond?...nah I'm Clarence

So I am still drunk from the Beastie Boys show I saw tonight. The show was fantastic and after 20+ years as a band, the beastie can still drop the funky k-nowledge. Mix Master Mike was absolutely on fire scratching like Rush Limbaugh on a cloud of vicodins and mashing beats all night long. Just about every song was flipped towards the end and everything from RUN DMC to DMX beats were mixed in. They played a lot from Paul's Boutique and Check your Head which was a nice treat. They also picked up their instruments and funked out some of their instrumentals with Money Mark on keys. The highlight for me was when they came out into the crowd for Intergalactic and they happened to appear only a few feet in front of us. I could literally reach out and touch MCA as he growled into the mic. Being 6 feet from 3 guys I have worshipped almost my entire life was an incredible experience. I have been in the front row for countless concerts and have met many of my musical idols, but seeing the King Ad-Rock, Mike D (no, he is not related to Screech) and MCA spitting rhymes that close to me was truly something else.

You can thank me later for these goodies:

This first track is some of the funkiest beastie boys I have heard:

Pauls Boutique Show Vinyl "Untitled Track" MP3

Paul's Boutique Show Vinyl "High Plains Drifter"

Check Your Head Show Vinyl "Untitled 1"

De La Soul - Squat (Scratch Perverts Remix)

I would also suggest checking out this website HERE
It lists every sample that they used making Paul's Boutique. Pretty insane how many samples were used for that album.


Ben Silver said...

the pauls B "untitled" is some of the funkiest shit I have heard by them

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to tape the show?

- Sevvy the Sevla