Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar

Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones-
Introducing The Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar Of Joe Jones (Prestige) 1968

"Light My Fire" MP3

I received quite a few emails from people who liked the "sweetback" mp3 I posted last week so I thought I would add another by my main man, Boogaloo Joe. It is too bad Boogaloo Joe was never a full time musician. He only plays in church now and I know that there have been obsessed fans who have tried hard to get him to play another show. He only released a handful of albums in his brief career and every album is fantastic. His solos are light speed yet extremely precise and full of soul. This one is dedicated to O-Dub over at Soul Sides because he dropped his own deep cover of "Light My Fire" on his site about a week ago. It is such a great song, and Boogaloo Joe kicks it up a few notches by ripping into the solo.

In 1967 Boogaloo Joe Jones released his first album as a band leader. "Introducing The Psychdelic Soul Jazz Guitar of Joe Jones" is actually two seperate albums, "Mindbender" and "My Fire" released in 1967 and 1968 respectively. They were later packaged together as an LP and he proves he not only can play jazz standards but also can rock out with the best of them. "St. James Infirmary" and "Ivan The Terrible" are also quality tracks from this album. It is a tough piece of vinyl to find but you may get lucky in a shop somewhere if somebody was crazy enough to sell this one.


Anonymous said...

Just found this site today while looking for music for my restaraunt. Thanks for the Ivan Jones. This song was the shizznite. I want cool instrumental music and this certainly fits the bill. Thanks again.

Ben Silver said...

if you want cool music for you restaurant make sure to download all 3 of the downtempo mixes on the orchardlouge.com page.
Perfect ambience