Sunday, November 21, 2004

old school shuggie

Shuggie Otis Plays The Blues (Songs from 1969-1971)

"Me and My Woman" MP3

David Byrne and his fantastic Luaka Bop label brought an obscure gem back to life when he re-released the Shuggie Otis masterpiece, "Inspiration Information". Fans of all styles of music embraced the album and it was hailed a long, lost classic. Shuggie Otis, son of blues legend Johnny Otis, was introduced to the world on his father's comeback album in 1968 when Shuggie was only 13 years old. He quickly gained media attention and Rolling Stone called him a new guitar hero. Unfortunately Shuggie's career was a short one, and after releasing only a couple albums and then later playing with Frank Zappa, he retired from music at the age of 22. Inspiration Information, with the top 5 hit "Strawberry Letter #23", is what Shuggie is best known for, however he was ripping blues numbers for years before he released his solo albums. "Shuggie Otis Plays The Blues" is a collection of blues numbers that Shuggie recorded between 1969-1971, starting when he was only 15 years old. He was a true multi-instrumental musical prodigy and a master of the guitar. The song I chose features some his best vocals and rockin' guitar solo.

Support your favorite local music shop and buy this album. It should be available everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pic. Someone I worked with a few years ago dropped Inspiration Information on me and I was quickly hooked on the power of Shuggie. This disc is no joke either. Maybe one of the best artists who never got the acclaim he deserved.

Paul Irish said...

Absolutely fantastic posts recently.
This, the Christ Joss, the Plantlife. Z-Trip of course; did you hear the motown mix of his? It's incredible. I call dibs. :)

Ben Silver said...

thanks a lot paul!
I have been reading your site for a while and always dig your choices as well. The motown Z is all you!