Saturday, November 20, 2004

You've Been Spiked

Chris Joss- You've Been Spiked (cristal)

"You've Been Spiked" MP3

Thievery Corporation and their Eighteenth Street Lounge label definetely know how to make the olive rattle inside of your martini. Always a fine blend of tasteful, loungey beats with a nice moody ambience. Chris Joss is one of the artists on the label and the Frenchman is a multi-instrumentalist who is also an autonomous studio producer. His new album, "You've Been Spiked", originally released on Cristal Recordings, has not left my stereo in days and is steadily climbing the ranks of my "best of 2004" list.

ESL said:
"With its thick funky bass lines, wah-wah guitars, and Rhodes and Hammond riffs pulsating overtop rootsy drums, this album is a vibrant tribute to 1960's and 1970's dance music. Obscure samples, turntable scratching, retro-futuristic ambience, and the lush vocals of the enigmatic Cosmika join in to complete a resolutely cinematic soundscape.

Now Chris Joss' You've Been Spiked is re-released by ESL Music as an enhanced-multimedia disc that includes two bonus tracks selected from The Man With The Suitcase and the video for the raucous keyboard infected breakbeat swinger "Discothèque Dancing." With You've Been Spiked Chris Joss realizes a brilliant mix between old school and new school. Vintage psychedelic 60's boogie, Blaxploitation funk, car chase soundtracks, atmospheric easy listening, and hip-hop breakbeats combine seamlessly to create an unforgettable sonic experience."



Anonymous said...

excelent track! this song makes me wannna pick up the bass and start playing again.

mrdantefontana said...


Anonymous said...

another fantastic selection ben
keep it up man

Deep Soul Junkie said...

Gret tune, thanks for turning me onto this one.

Anonymous said...

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Steve Westphal said...

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