Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Love Acid!

Luke Vibert- Yoseph (Warp)


James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Luke Vibert is gaining speed. The man with a million aliases is dropping hot new albums left and right. So lets see, he has a new glitchy/IDM album under the "Wagon Christ" moniker, he put out a 2cd drum and bass album as "Plug", and he released one of my favorite albums of 2004, Kerrier District, which is mid-tempo acid disco funk. Kerrier District is a must-have album and I will add something from it in the future. Late last year he released his homage to the famed Roland TB-303 with his album, Yoseph, on WARP. (See the Da Damn Phreak Noiz Phunk post below for a picture of a TB-303) I love the album and there is a really cool video for the hypnotic track- "I Love Acid". Easily my favorite song on the LP and Spencer used the track on his award winning downtempo mix "Land Of Nod" which you can download from

...the way it makes me move...



Anonymous said...

trippin' buuuuudyyy.

Anonymous said...

this is a sick song..polo