Monday, November 29, 2004

Undiscovered, Unreleased, Untitled

David Hammond- "Untitled" MP3 (UNRELEASED)

For every famous musician there are thousands who work hard but will
never get their big break. Sometimes it is not knowing the right
people, other times not having the right resources to create the
masterpiece that will put them on the map. In the world of electronic
music there are so many important producers out there who may never be household names, but still supply quality tracks on a regular basis. Now, with the rise of computer sofware and home editing tools, anybody can be a bedroom producer and send their favorite dj tracks to rock in the clubs.

The quantity may be increasing but quality is still the most important
factor. A good friend of mine, David Hammond, stopped by the other
day with some new tracks he has been working on. If there is one
person I know that should be signed to multiple labels and have many
records out it is David. He has been producing electronic music for
many years before any of the computer based software was even around
and he is an amazing bassist, guitarist, and keyboard player.

There are so many unsigned, unnoticed producers out there who need to
be heard. The MP3 I uploaded is an untitled, unfinished demo David
gave me to play out when I DJ.
If you own a label and are looking for new talent, email David: HERE


Anonymous said...

this track IS quality.

builds from a simple break-y beat to a great, sophisticated finish. i love the bassline, such a groove.

sign david hammond!


Anonymous said...

I would play this if I had the white label


Anonymous said...

this track takes you on a dream-like journey through the depths of the unknown - simple, yet musically crafted to take the listener from point a to point b almost effortlessly.

this is one bedroom dj that definitely deserves to get his big break soon....listen and judge for yourself.

much love

Anonymous said...

This is the voice of MDEX Recordings. Very groovy tune! Looking forward to hearing more of your work with live instruments. And looking forward to a finished Peace Offering.

Best Always