Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"if you like'll love The Egg"

The Egg- Forwards LP (2004)

"Funky Dube" MP3

Since I have posted about a few bands already that I like that play electronic-style music I thought I would post about the band that started it all for me, The Egg. Not only are they of my favorite bands, but they are a band that really got me into electronic music. I picked up their extremely funky album "Albumen" in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. I personally think this is one of the greatest electronic albums ever put out by a live band. Two years later they released "Travelator" which sounds even less like a band, and more like a full scale electronic artist production. By this time I was convinced that I was the biggest fan of this band in all of the US and I was literally force-feeding it to anybody who would listen. I was lucky enough to see them live when I was in London and their live show was an audio visual extravaganza. They wear all white and project films that they made over them while they play and everything is in synch. $$$$

Their sound has matured a bit over the years and they dropped one of the best downtempo tracks I have ever heard, "venice beach" on Twisted's wonderful "Backroom Beats" compilation. This lead to a downtempo ep titled "mellowmania" which is also very good. This year the band released their LP "Forwards" which is my pick for most underrated album of the year. If you liked AIR's "Talkie Walkie", you will LOVE this. It ranges from moody, well produced instrumentals, to New Order style vocals, to some light, Indie rock vocal tracks, and a few fast and funky tracks that put them map.

Buy their albums, watch clips, and learn more about this great UK band: HERE


deus|diabolus said...

One of my favorite things to play when I DJ is a remix of "Get Some Money To Get Her" (the naffmed with large salad and triplane mix). It's a gorgeous number, generously washed with strings and a woman's voice whispering "Hey...". And THEN the break comes in, a light amen-type roller that carries the mix along like a kite on a sunny, windy day.

Ben Silver said...


All of the albumen and travelator remixes are great. I also am a HUGE fan of the Fila Brazilia remix...although I can't remember the song but it is on Brazilification. Also The Egg has a cd called "Get some mixes together" which is a good, yet tough album to find. I love the egg!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

I found The Egg by simple confusion. I was looking for "Don't Postpone Joy " by "Egg" , which is Minimal/Tech House. Everywhere I looked around people seemed to have confused The Egg and Egg as being the same group. So I bought Albumen thinking I would get some more Minimal Techno/Tech House and I was pissed at first but then I began to dig the album, it's hard not to. The Egg is a great band and highly underrated. I would have to disagree about the remixes, some are ok and then others are just annoying. They seem to keep getting better with each release so I can't wait for the next album.