Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Charge Me Up

Chris Price- Charge Me Up

Well, I broke my iRiver mp3 recorder so I am unable to rip any of my records to mp3 to put on the site until it is repaired. However, since setting up this website I have been contacted by many musicians and labels who have been sending me music over email which is great. Chris Price is an independent electronic/synthpop artist from the D.C. area who contacted me after grabbing some of my DJ mixes from this site. This track is on his forthcoming EP, The Identity Crisis.

Washington Post said:
"Chris Price is a local artist with a wide spectrum of musical influences. His latest offering combines 1980’s electronic and new wave with elements of modern pop. Synth layers and driving beats provide a showcase for Price’s unique vocal styling.
Inspired by the forward-thinking artists and producers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Price delivers a sound that spans genres and timelines. Fans have compared Price’s work to the likes of The Cars, New Order, Gary Numan, and Devo.
Keep your eye on this innovative composer, producer, and performer."

Check out his website HERE


R. Piggy said...

Get an imic. I'm gonna look into this iriver recorder.

Ben Silver said...

The iRiver is amazing! I have the 40gig mp3 recorder (iHP-140) and it records as mp3 or Wave files. Highly recomended but I don't recommend plugging your phone charger into it.

svenghalee said...

Silver... sounds like your iRiver got Vaporized! LOL. I still want to get an ipod. Is an iRiver really worth it if all you want to do is digitize your music into one mp3 player?