Sunday, January 16, 2005

King Tut

Paul Hardcastle- King Tut MP3

One of my all time favorite styles of music is the old school electrofunk. I can still recite most of the lines from both of the Breakin' movies and I made a DJ mix titled "Linoleum Streets" which is all breakdance/electro tracks from 1982-1985. You can download it HERE Of all of the artists of that era, my favorite has got to be Paul Hardcastle. The keyboard master and producer from London dropped some of the best early 80's dance tracks to ever burn up the roller rinks. "19", "Rainforest", "Forest Fire", "Central Park", "Sound Chaser", and "King Tut" are all JAMS! I added "King Tut" which is a track I did not use on my "Linoleum Streets" mix. "King Tut" was a 12" and also is on his fantastic self titled LP from 1985.

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