Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Hip Bop"

DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo- Ki Oku

Sun Is Shining MP3

I was just relaxing on this fine Sunday to the mellow sounds of one of my favorite albums, Ki-Oku. It had been a while since I had listened to it and it was every bit as good as I remembered. The album, a fusion of hiphop and jazz, features DJ Krush's stylized hiphop-ish beats and Kondo layering Miles Davis sounding jazz trumpet riffs on top. The pair complement each other perfectly and this album is a fantastic blend of mellow, downtempo beats with a psychedelic jazzy feel. All of DJ Krush's albums sounds different, with some featuring guest vocalists supplying rhymes and other's with guest musicians but none set the mood like this one. Highly recomended listening.

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R. Piggy said...

Thank you. That guy looks HAAWD!